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Discussion in 'U.K.' started by lithium, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. lithium

    lithium frogboy

    We are a very welcoming little community here in the UK section of hipforums. It can be pretty slow at times but we are a real community of really nice people who meet up in real life and stuff. New here? Lurking? Thinking of getting involved? This is a thread for you to post and tell us a bit about yourself and for members old and new to say hello.


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  2. Nightwish666

    Nightwish666 Member

    well i guess im quite new-ish....what can i say about myself??? im 36, look and act alot younger tho, like a good laugh and sillyness, love the outdoors and animals. i have lots of them too. hahaha. 3 doggys and 4 kittees + 2 guenea pigs:O)
    im originally from germany, but have lived in the uk for over 15 years now, and love it here.
    i love bombing down the tow-path on my mountainbike, listen to all kinds of music, and prefer movies to tv. i have yet to figure out how to upload piccys on here, in the forums in mean, and am currentley studying level 1+2 in care. so howdy all ;o) :D
  3. lithium

    lithium frogboy

    Welcome Nightwish! Good to see you posting here:biggrin: How did you find us?
  4. Nightwish666

    Nightwish666 Member

    i put "hippy forums" into google....i have been lurking for some time, just a little....but i have been a bit shy posting, because the forum is pretty massive, but on the plus side, more chance then to meet more, and diffrent people :)
  5. opel diamond

    opel diamond burn out

  6. lithium

    lithium frogboy


    WOLF ANGEL Senior Member - A Fool on the Hill HipForums Supporter

    I pass and view though with fleeting glance more than studious attention still, Heart in the right place methinks.
    Time is a factor, work is a chore, Bills are a burden, and friends are memories as they abate into societies norm, oh for the carefree joy of youthful exuberance where anything is possible
    - Not bitter then :)
    Still conviction of conscience does come at a price, such it is for those who stand (sadly more) in isolation more often than in unity, ah but there are benefits in being, “The Fool on the hill” :biggrinjester:
    Or, as Helen Reddy sang "It's so nice to be insane, for no one asks you to explain" - Just me then - lol
    < Peace + Love ~ Save the Planet >
  8. lithium

    lithium frogboy

    Hullo Billy, nice to meet you even though you seem to have been around for quite a while! :party:
  9. Joshua Tree

    Joshua Tree Remain In Light

    Welcome lithium, please introduce yourself
  10. Fingermouse

    Fingermouse Helicase

    Welcome Billy and Nightwish:cheers2: Hope you enjoy the forums. I also find it rude you haven't even introduced yourself lithium
  11. ice-nine

    ice-nine Member

    Hello Everyone! :)

    I'm me, you are you; and at the moment that's all I have to say.

    Welcome to the forum, newbies! It's a bit mad around here.

    But it's ever so eggciting. ;)
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  12. lithium

    lithium frogboy

    Hullo I'm new it looks like a nice place around here. I'm into the whole hippy peace and love thing but I do hate foreigners and kids and the disabled and pensioners and dole cheats and I think the country's in a right state because of the health and safety brigade and I'm not racist but it's the immigrant welfare scroungers making this country an absolute shithole. Political correctness gone mad it is. But I do wear tie-dye and have dreadlocks so that's ok...
  13. opel diamond

    opel diamond burn out

    you and me are going to get on great guns!

    except i dont wear tye dye or have dreadlocks.....what the fuck are you thinking?
  14. etherea

    etherea mother of the idiot children

    Full of shit springs to mind! Hello everybody!
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  15. silverhippy

    silverhippy Comfortably Numb

    Hi there, I'm old and smell bad, I have cats, there useless, I got them to kill Birds but they don't, I might stop feeding em.. Who the hells lithium ???

    I can't find my socks :mad:

  16. ice-nine

    ice-nine Member

    Lithium is the drug we all take to calm our raging mood swings. :D

    Don't you hate it when you can't find socks? My cat runs off with mine, little bastard. :p

    On a somewhat serious note ... it's good to see so many people posting. I missed a day of popping in, and there's a lot of new posts! Yay! :)
  17. silverhippy

    silverhippy Comfortably Numb

    What people ??????

  18. The Imaginary Being

    The Imaginary Being PAIN IN ASS Lifetime Supporter

    Been here a while, but will post a hello anyways.

    Am representing team Wales here :D Somebody has to eh? lol
  19. thedope

    thedope glad attention Lifetime Supporter

    Hello lithium, I have one of your relatives imprisoned in my camera.
  20. I've decided to participate in this section in the hope that there will be some other UK members in my age range. :D I'm 14 so finding fellow hippies isn't as easy as I wish it was.

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