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Discussion in 'TV' started by dabla, Nov 1, 2010.

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    How many opportunties did they have to kill Negan? Of course they're not going to kill Negan in the first episode.

    All these flashforwards(?) seem to indicate to me that this might be the final season?
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    Funny that Rick is such a bad shot, considering he was a cop! and his girlfriend, she did practice shooting to become a good shot but it seems it didn't help at all.
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  3. This was the first season where I was actually more interested in Fear the walking Dead (season 3) vs The Walking Dead ( season 8)

    Fear the Walking Dead was actually pretty awesome this season just finished.

    This current season of TWD, ugh, I'm getting so sick of Rick and Maggies bullshit speeches, I miss Glen, and there is no where near enough Carol or Daryl

    And this storyline is getting stupid, a season and a half ago they couldnt scratch themselves without the saviours knowing, now all of a sudden they can organize a surprise seige and seem to be evenly matched number wise.....and yes a dozen chances to shoot Negan thus far.....who also seems to do nothing but rant

    I so want Rick to just shut the fuck up and die
  4. Oh no, not the cgi tiger
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    Well he's out of it!

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