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Discussion in 'Music' started by peacegal, May 10, 2004.

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    Does anyone else here like the Vines? The Vines song that everyone tends to know, "Get Free", I actually consider one of their worst. That song appeared on their first album, which is rather uneven.
    Their new album, in my opinion, is excellent. The songs on Winning Days veer from psychedelia to garage rock to grunge to mellow acoustic, but oddly enough, it works. :D Just curious if anyone else has heard the Winning Days album, and what they think of it.
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    i haven't gotten around to getting their Winning Days album, the one time i looked for it somewhere, all i could find was the edited version, or whatever, i have their album Highly Evolved though, actually i think i just listened to the title track of that this morning or last night, or somewhere in there, yeah, it's an album i like, i think i listen to the first five or six tracks & Ain't No Room the most...
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    I have their first album. It's great but strangley enough for most contemporary artists, there's no love songs. Well maybe his love for sweet old mary jane!

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