The View From the Beast

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Share the Warmth, May 12, 2007.

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    I'm clinging to a strand of hair, ontop the back of a beast
    It ravenously needs to eat the world, devour it as a feast

    Beneath its feet it tramples in haste
    Food spoiled below it, rotted by waste

    While my neighbors sit, va-cant, empty, content
    Or hard at work, suffering, to pay the rent

    The price of blood, the loss of youth, and always of life
    And thoughts imagined, when seperate from strife

    So at home on eaches personal hair
    They live tiny lives, of nothing aware
    So rooted in there, unable to care

    And so, the world runs out
    beast starves
    the ride ends... what will it feel like,
    there at the end?

    Just came up with this now. Getting it down as I write it, then I'll edit it later.
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    cool poem :)

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