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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by deviate, Sep 3, 2013.

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    I am annoyed because people gossip. I am really not that interesting.
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    I hope things are better today deviate!

    I'm in a pretty good mood today but I'm sure I'll return to this thread to vent soon.

    why did 3 people thumbs down Piaf's post? its a pretty neutral post.
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    Omg! :eek:
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    I cut my fingers on some Duct work bending.. :p
  6. No, I don't think Hannah killed her family.

    This is MUCH closer to what I do think.

    Have you heard about how many texts and calls (etc) between Hannah and DiMaggio?
    And how she used to go on overnight trips and stuff w him a lot?
    (or at least a decent amount...)
    and how he used to pick her up at school and stuff?

    I know DiMaggio killed Hannah's family... HOWEVER, I do think there had been something going on between him and Hannah- something consensual---- from that point on though, I do not know exactly how far involved Hannah was in the deaths of her two family members... whether she encouraged him to do it or just knew it was going to happen or what exactly- but I do think something does square up correctly with that whole story and I do not believe Hannah was just an "innocent victim"....
  7. Lynnbrown

    Lynnbrown Firecracker

    I agree with that...

    YES to all that ^ about the texting and what I consider to be a rather strange amount of time spent between a teenager and a grown man that was NOT related to her. Up until this event, she even said that all the time they had spent together was consensual. Well, she may not have used that word but it amounts to the same thing. I don't think anybody ever made that young woman do anything she didn't want to do, including her mother.

    I saw some tv show (60 Minutes or similar) with her being interviewed. To me, something strange and devious was up with her. She was praised for "being so composed". FGS! She's a teenager and constantly on these internet media web sites...composed?! Nah...she had a LOT more to do with all that than she's been given credit for. Well, come to think of it she probably is more composed than your average teenager...(see below :) )

    I tend to think she orchestrated it.
  8. Lynnbrown

    Lynnbrown Firecracker

    and now, I'm going to use this thread for the reason it was intended vent...

    I've already related this in another thread (a chat thread) but it STILL just burns my ass up and I just can't seem to get it out of my mind.

    Last week I interviewed for a minimum wage position with a convenience store. The interview went GREAT! The woman wanted to set me up for training in another location since this store is scheduled to open this coming week. THEN...the ran a State Law Enforcement Divison background check on me. :(

    Even though every bit of trouble I've been in was either simple possession(s) or alcohol related AND in the last century, with the last time being in 4/1997...that was just too damn much for this piddly ass miniumum wage position. She called up this other woman that is to be the asst mgr of the store and together they made me feel worse than dog shit on the bottom of your shoe.

    They never even mentioned a drug test - which I would have passed...and can still pass. Even though I'm fairly determined that I'm going to "unfix" that! :)

    I could see their problem if #1 - I had ever been in any kind of trouble for ANY kind of stealing, writing bad checks, or similar and #2 - if I had been in any trouble within the last 10 years.

    I really feel like just giving up...but I'm not sure how to do that. :p

    When I left there I bought a bottle of liquor.
  9. prissbaby

    prissbaby creepy

    Hope you feel better, deviate. When I'm pissed off I put my head phones in and go for a loonnnggg walk. Usually I day dream about fun stuff, listen to some of my favorite songs, and come home feeling a lot better. (you could also get some beer/smoke some bud to help get your mind off of things temporarily.)
  10. NoxiousGas

    NoxiousGas Old Fart

    that's fucked up. Seriously, nothing in the last 15 years and that ignorant bitch had to make something of it!?

    I guess I'm glad I live in Calihorny. When you fill out an application there is always a big note or separate paper or such telling you to NOT list any marijuana related misdemeanors, they just don't want to hear about because by state law they can't deny employment because of it or even ASK about it.

    Then the interviewer calling in another person is questionable unless she had to double check something.
    But really, denying employment based on crap from over a decade ago is silly, especially if they were all misdemeanors.

    I would look into the labor laws there and see if the were in violation of any laws by denying employment on that basis. I know here in California it would be rather questionable, but sadly, unless you have it writing they can claim any number of other reasons for not hiring.

    Did you get anything, a printout of the background check or something.
    In Ca. if they perform a background check, you can request a copy of everything they get, I always did that every time so I could see for myself what they were seeing.

    Sorry they did that to you.
  11. *Yogi*

    *Yogi* Resident Racist

    Then some sit and wonder why people don't want to work. Something that happened 15+ years ago has nothing to do with 'today'. IMHO That's reason enough to sit and milk the government tit if you can. When people are trying to get jobs and it takes a clean record, That only leaves the illegals who get fresh print papers. Another win for America:2thumbsup:
  12. Lynnbrown

    Lynnbrown Firecracker

    Thanks NGas...:)

    lol...nothing in the last 16 years!

    Here in SC they can fire you for anything (called a no-fault state) and not hire you just because. Although in this case, I'm about 1000% certain it was the all important background check.

    No, they didn't give me a copy of anything...and she held those 2 pages like she was holding the keys to the kingdom.

    This is one of the worse/hardest states to find work and then, when you get a job they literally can let you go because one day the boss decides he doesn't like you. (I know all about that, too.) Of course you get unemployment - if you have worked long enough, but that runs out.

    I guess I'm supposed to look at it like there is a "better job" out there. :rolleyes:
  13. Lynnbrown

    Lynnbrown Firecracker


    Since I don't have any dependents, I don't have anything to milk the gubmint with. lol

    If the Mental Health place would even accept new clients, which they WON'T in this state, I could probably get some kind of help that way. ;) All I would have to do would be to tell them the truth! :)

    I wonder how many people are out there that will be responsible and have a pure clean record AND will do the job for minimum wage. We'll see.

  14. I agree... I think she very well may have orchestrated it.

    And yeah, it's not only her talking on tv and how "composed" she was... but what about her going online, very shortly after it all happened, and answering people's questions and talking about it... I heard ppl in the media say "yea, it seems strange to US but that is how teenagers are"... okay, you know what? in a way, sure.. BUT after her mother and brother were just murdered? and after she just got away from her kidnapper who murdered them? I don't freaking think so. Uh oh. No way.

    Soo... what I'm wondering is... (your opinion.... and that of hotwater's as well!)- do you think she'll end up getting away with it forever??

  15. Awww, sweetie, that really, really sucks...
    and I feel for you and feel your pain.
    Honestly, I know what it's like.
    All I can tell you (and it's easier said than done! Much more so!), is to try not to let it get to you... that's one job and yea, some places will be like that and some won't. You'll find something better anyway!
    Something like that happened to me at a convenient store in the past couple years...the place is right down the road from me and was hiring for $9.75 an hour to start and would have let me work just 10 hours a week so basically, I could still be home most of the time w my two year old but also be earning a little bit of extra (spending) money for our family...they were def. gonna hire me and....then came the background check. Granted I've never been arrested for stealing either or anything violent... and my charge that screwed me (and always screws me!) is from 11 years ago...

    but see, my situation sucks even worse... I was one class away from getting a degree in psychology and realized, OOPS!- you won't even be able to USE this degree...ever. So, fuck it. Stopped going. But, hahaha.. I still owe on the student loans, which are in default.
    Yea... my situation sucks more though because when I was 20 years old I was arrested on a felony possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance... Basically because when I was 19 and 20 years old me and my husband (who was my boyfriend back then), sold ecstasy to, basically what amounted to, just a few people that we knew from going to parties (raves).... so, yea, got a felony drug charge from when I was 20 years old- over ten years ago.... But you know.. it's gonna prevent me from getting jobs my whole entire life.
    Fuck that shit.

  16. Yep.

    The whole thing pisses me off...

    Her situation, my situation...ANY situation like that...

    I spent much time going to college and thoroughly enjoyed it and had a 3.95 GPA... arrgh, it pisses me off.
    We sold ecstasy to a handful of friends that went to raves with us and were doing ecstasy anyways... and I don't even think MDMA is that bad... fucking bullshit.
    And I was 20 years old... lots of 20 year olds do stuff like that.. but to fuck up someone's life when they're much older- an adult- have a family, etc... aggravating!

    Not only that, but the stuff I have TRIED to do in my life and have been unable to... just one example, I spent over 50 hours in training to volunteer for a local hospice. I wanted to be a home hospice specialist but I would have gone into various other areas... I get to the end of the book learning part, and then the background check stuff comes out... I go and talk to a lady there w hospice and talked to her about and asked her about my situation and she told me "nope, you won't be able to do it"... makes me mad because I would not have been paid for the position and I truly had wanted to help. When I thought I was going to be doing that it gave me a great sense of purpose.... but, nope couldn't even do that...

    I could name countless other examples, but I won't even bother.

    The best advice I've been given is to... well, basically you WILL find a decent job if you keep looking. Not every place will say no... you just gotta keep looking.

    Also, I've been told I could use my schooling in psych (and my interest in the area) to work in the drug and alcohol field.... like being a counselor at a rehab or D&A counseling office, etc.--- which is something I really MIGHT do someday. Basically, in those places it's an asset to have drug charges... they want people who can understand on a personal level and not just have learned by books... but I have reasons I do want to do that someday, but also reasons I don't..

    Really I think I want to go into nutrition... Don't know how it would look in that field?
  17. skitzo child

    skitzo child PEACEFUL LIBRA

    Mental health is the way to go
  18. deviate

    deviate Senior Member

    Thanks everyone, I'm doing better haha.. Took care of that business today. Deviate don't do drama. Enough said.

    Lynn, I'm really sorry to hear that. That's total bullshit. But look at it this way, do you really want to work for such a petty and judgmental organization? I know principles don't keep the lights on but keep your head up and I am sure you will find something soon that will be a much better fit than that place would've been. What are you interested in doing?

    If anyone else vented I will try to reply tomorrow. Crazy week and I'm drunk again. Oh Piaf they are gossiping because you're hot as hell and resolved in what you want, can come across as stuck up. Not a bad thing per se, just could be a factor there. You're the hot girl nobody can get.

    I get cocky quite a bit, it comes along with ambition. I tell myself constantly grind hard, stay humble. Humility with confidence is key.
  19. *Yogi*

    *Yogi* Resident Racist


    If you go into nutrition you have many options. Private, Silver spoon familys that thinks joey is the next Derek Jeter and pay good $ for a 'personal' nutritionist.

    If there is a time gap, No problems in between and are cleanish, I wouldn't think that it would matter. Just be honest and share it up front, So they cant ever say you 'hid' it. But I don't know why if you were guilty by association since there was more than one person(s), Should be a mark on you're record.

    That's one reason I quit cold turkey and knock on wood, Never had a problem except deadbeats who still owe lol. If I would have 'asked' for help, It would have went against my background. I don't care, Today, But maybe down the road its a different situation.

    One main reason stores/companies/industries are going hard on background checks, Is for the fact they need 50 people. In this economy it will net 500 applications in my area.
    You start with 1/3 of the best, Then the people you question and then the ones who at most will cost us X$ or they will pick two, Hire both, train both, Work one and lay off, Call the back and do the same thing. It helps in this area, And it throws a fucking to nobamacare.

    They will do what 'they' can to make money and still provide employment. Even when you claim unemployment its the money you paid anyway, That's why you get worked 90-120 days and qualify if they 'like' you.
    We outsourced too many American jobs to 'save a buck' and to 'roll back prices' and we are all guilty of it.
  20. Lynnbrown

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    American Terrorist: I DO think that "composed" young lady will get away with whatever she may have (probably!) done...and anything in the future, too! The word sociopath comes to mind. :eek:

    We have a LOT in common. I did get a degree in psychology, graduated with a 3.78. I worked for the state for years as an evaluator and quit...having no doubt that I'd get another job in the field, in spite of being told by my Hitler-like boss he was going to blackball me if I went through with quitting. LOL...He was right! (yay for bastids and their influence ;) )I couldn't even get an interview anywhere so I certainly never got another "professional" job.

    I'm thinking I wouldn't be all that great in drug rehab counseling since deep in my soul I don't think there is a DAMN THING WRONG WITH WEED. Around here weed will most probably always be viewed as the devil's very tool. :rolleyes:

    Anyway, for the past 20 some odd years I've mostly worked in restaurants, with a few retail jobs sprinkled in.

    WOW! I'm finding this to be a great thread to vent (whine) about shit I can't change. :)

    In regards to your situation, that is just AWFUL to have to go through all of that when the charge you got was so long ago and you weren't even considered "legal" at 20! I totally understand about having a purpose in a job...and then having none. I decided to use whatever skill I had to help those around me, be it at work or at leisure. Sometimes it works. lol

    I know your son will benefit from not only your education but from your life experience.

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