The Velvet Underground, The Stooges, Bob Dylan, Zappa, The New York Dolls

Discussion in 'Music' started by FemmeFatale, Jan 20, 2005.

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    Would you consider them to make "dark" music?

  2. Burbot

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    VU- not the happy fun giggly side of psych
    Dylan- yes, encoumpased by death, but not dark
    Zappa- humourous...
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    The Velvet Underground--Depends. They’re darker than many other bands in their genre, and the happy, light-sounding songs all have at least semi-depressing or strange lyrics…
    Bob Dylan--Not so much in sound as in content. I’m not sure I would call him dark, exactly…he did write songs that were depressing, but they were usually political too. He’s definitely darker than some other people in his genre/time period though, like Joan Baez or Peter, Paul, and Mary.
    Zappa--Not heavy compared to the dark music of today…but he tended to look at morbid-ish things in a humorous way
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    The VU - I'd say definitly, the emerging style they were using almost called for it. And their lyrics usually had a hint of the dark side.

    The Stooges - Yes... but in a... not a humorous way... but something of the same vein, and light-hearted is too.... not the stooges I guess.

    Dylan - Most definitly. I mean, yeah even the lyrics with the most down-trotten of messages seem slightly upbeat because of the style he uses. Folk and Country and Rock always seem to have a bit of an escape musically from the fate of their lyrics.

    Zappa - He defintly had a dark sense of humor.... so yes and no.

    Never listend to a lot of the NY dolls so I'm not gonna answer that I guess.

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