The US and The Koreas

Discussion in 'Politics' started by wrat1, Apr 27, 2023.

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    with the recent biden admin meeting and bidens strong WORDS for N,Korea the question is do we (the US) have the fortitude to back up the words with actual action?
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    It is a frightening thought as it could tip us over in to a full scale nuclear holocaust.

    The scales are heavily out of balance, and with the astrology of May being so problematic for egotists there are bound to be problems ahead.

    It really is stupid on Biden's part to go provoking beasts and bears.
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    You just made me laugh.
    I always tell Jane that if she saw a lion asleep in the jungle, she would poke it with a stick to check that it was not dead. :):(
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    N. Korea has provoked us for decades. A lot of what that country does is perceive the image of being a potential threat, to pose as if they are a relevant and dominant power to be dealt with. They are starving over there and have resorted to cannibalism, and it’s been that way for quite awhile. This last missile launch that actually hit Japan’s northern most island- well, that requires a response from the US, whose responsible for protecting Japan, since we took their right to retaliate away from them, for their actions in WW2. That is another way that N. Korea provokes the US, which is by being a persistent threat to Japan.
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    Loved the movie: The Interview,

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