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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by batman_42333, May 11, 2004.

  1. batman_42333

    batman_42333 Member

    Hey Everyone-
    I'm writing this cause I want everyones opinion on the truth about pot. Theres lots of facts surrounding the herb, some are true, some are bullshit. Most of all I want to know about motivation. Everyones seen the anti smoke movies in junior High of some High School kid that has enough motivation to sit in bed and watch Dcooby Doo all day. I'd always thought that was bullshit but it seems lately im having alot of trouble getting schoolwork done. I've always been a pretty lazy guy but im at the point where I'll have an important essay due the next day and yet I sit on the couch and watch a movie. I only smoke about once a week during the school year cause Ill only smoke on the weekends. But during the summer I do a lot more. I'm a little worried that if I'm already starting to feel affects a summer of drugs is gonna fuck me up. So post what you think. Anything from motivation to affect on lungs.

    - Batman
  2. TheFallenOne

    TheFallenOne Member

    As do all drugs, pot effects everyone in different ways. I've been smoking for only a few years now, and I never smoked when I was in school, so I can't tell you about how it effected me there, but I used to smoke every day before I went into work, sometimes on the clock, and so on. I was a manager and had stuff I needed to get done, I'd get it done, but depending on how much I smoked, somtimes it just got done a little later than what it should have. I can function just fine and be motivated when I'm buzzed, it's when I get really stoned I don't feel like doing anything but watching movies or playing video games.
  3. EllisDTripp

    EllisDTripp Green Secessionist

    It all depends on the individual, the particular grass being smoked, and the task you need to do.

    Sometimes I will smoke in order to GET motivated to do something....
  4. luckyalder

    luckyalder Member

    yeah totally i find myself smoking to go do something else that isnt going to class, getting gas, whatev.
    smoking definitely adds another dimension onto things but you can also have that when youre sober.

    Id like to smoke right now actually.... i gotta go to work....
  5. Eugene

    Eugene Senior Member

    Cannabis is a recreational drug. I do not feel it opens your mind up in, and is not beneficial for psychoactive investigation of your psyche. I do find, however that it is alot of fun to get high, too fun perhaps. Me and my friends have been smoking pot for 2 years now, and I am coming to the conclusion (screaming and kicking) that maybe not all of what they told you is bullshit.
    Pot is addictive, psychologically, but still it is addictive, I know many people (myself perhaps included) that cannot function as a normal human being if they are forcibly removed from cannabis. However, as far as drugs go this is by far the easiest to give up that I have ever encountered. Pot does make me pretty damned lazy (who would want to clean there room when you could sit downstairs and zone out to scooby and the gang) but I find this does not effect you after you come down.
    The side effects are pretty negligable, but not pleasant. Dry mouth and the munchies can be a bitch if you just spent your last 20$ getting high. There is no real hangover the next day, aside from thirst and a difficulty getting up.
    All in all, if you are going to choose a drug to abuse, this is by far the best, but that is not to say that there is nothing wrong are harmful about it.
  6. LuciferSam

    LuciferSam Member

    Pot's probably the most benign drug out there. I've smoked it off and on for a couple years without any ill consequences. It's just for having a fun time, and I've occasionally smoked it when I work on some art project. I also kick ass in video games when high, it was like my video game 'roids. It didn't affect my grades in school, I always did pretty well (graduated with a 4.89/5 GPA), so I don't believe all that stuff about pot causing brain damage. It's just a matter of how well you can control it, like with any other habit. It's a matter of willpower - whether there can be any probems depends on the person more than the drug itself.
  7. I agree, sometimes I use the bud to motivate me. I will use smoke breaks as rewards when I'm pulling an allnighter studying.
  8. Velouria

    Velouria Member

    If anything, pot motivates me more than I am already motivated. Like the person before me said, I will just think "hey if I do all this work now, I can go smoke afterwards and have fun"
  9. KBlaze

    KBlaze Member

    Here's my truth about pot, and I'd say I'm the average stoner. I started toking up sophmore year, but didn't do it at school till my senior year, and I got the best GPA I ever got in high school during my pothead days (which, apparently, are still going on). The worst effect smoking bud can have on you is the smoking of it, because smoking anything is bad. But I've never heard of anyone getting ill from it, if they did you think they'd show that on the anit-pot commercials instead of shit like going through a drive-thru. Latley (but rarely) I get a little wheeze here and there, my friend's always hocking fat loogies, I think it makes some phlemy stuff in your throat. The brain effects aren't too bad, sometimes after a day of smoking I'll feel a little cloudy and slow, and like I don't want to go to work or talk to anybody, but those feelings go away if I don't smoke for a day or two. My advice is, if you can't motivate yourself, use weed as a reward, like, do your homework and treat yourself to a nice bowl. and when summer rolls around you can smoke all day everyday because it's summe. After a while of smoking daily I felt like I had to kick it down a notch and do it every other day cuz my head was getting so foggy. But there are no permanent long term effects from smoking herb; just be responsible and keep it under control and you'll be fine.

  10. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311

    i do the whole weed as a reward this too sometimes. actually i just did today, but i wasn't planning on it. i wroted a paper all day today, and when i was done, i ended up getting high.

    oh yeah lucifersam, don't gpa's only go up to 4.0? i dunno, where do you live?
  11. madcrappie

    madcrappie crazy fish

    yeah, I agree with you there. Most people that I know (and thats including myself) tend to get unmotivated and lazy after smoking pot. Thats one of the major reasons why I dont do it much anymore. I just hate the thought of me being unmotivated. I do get a slight paranoia at times too, and that is not good. That is reason #2 for me quitting. Yes, I do think it has psychological addictions, alot of people cant wake up in the morning without smoking a bowl. Pot IS a recreational drug, which should be done away from work. Ive seen many people come to work high on reefer, and it does affect their performance considerably. It makes you slower, and you cant comprehend things as easily. Plus it makes you lack motor skills, causing you to drop things. Its just like most other drugs, really. You wouldnt go to work drunk, wouldya?? shouldnt go to work stoned either.
  12. madcrappie

    madcrappie crazy fish

    another thing about pot is it makes people think they do things much better while they are high. According to their point of view, it may make things seem so much better for them, but from the third party perspective, its not the same opinion. See, alot of you claim that pot makes you do a better job at work, or a better job at school, or it calms your nerves and helps with your stress level. That is what drugs do, it makes you think you NEED it in order to perform tasks better, in all reality, you do just as good, or even better without the weed.
  13. KBlaze

    KBlaze Member

    yeah, madcrappie speaks the truth
  14. LuciferSam

    LuciferSam Member

    Hehe yea I know it looks wierd... here in downstate Illinois they seem to like the 5.0 gpa scale. Doesn't make a real difference.
  15. TreePhiend

    TreePhiend Member

    As it has been said before, everyone reacts differently to different drugs. Based on my experiences I would say that weed only interferes with work, if you are always hanging out and smoking with people. Personally, I can smoke everyday and still do work, Just not smoke a lot. I many not feel like working when I'm high but its not like I can't, but I never really feel like it, that’s why its work.
  16. LivingLegends

    LivingLegends Senior Member

    yeah GPAs only go up to 4.0... if you live under a rock:p lol sorry porkstock but it like goes up to 5 or something maybe just 4.99
  17. I wonder how the GPA works these days. Seems like a rigged game.

    [Challenge, accepted!]
  18. I'm a troll

    I'm a troll Banned

    it depends on the level. i think college still only goes up to 4.0. but they basically give you a 3.0 or better just for being there, because then you'll keep giving them money. if they actually made you earn grades, then people would end up dropping out and their customer base would drop like a rock.

    in high school, since there's no real governing body other than the local school board who is usually more concerned with athletics than academics anyway, they can basically just do whatever they want. in my school an A+ in certain classes was worth 5.33.
  19. Adamskiffle

    Adamskiffle Members

    Like with any drug their are potential risks and negatives.....a lot really depends on how much you smake and at what age you started as I understand it.
  20. Grandeur

    Grandeur Banned

    It is better than alcohol, I think.

    Alcohol makes you out of control and you put yourself in danger without remembering anything. You may get beaten up terribly when you are drunk.

    But weed doesnt make out of control. And you dont have memory loss like you do with alcohol either.

    The negative effect with weed is, it makes your stomach feel bad. But you dont put yourself in ranger like you are drunk.

    Also weed is illegal and a lot of people wont take it nice if they learn that you smoke weed. You can say you drink alcohol or you smoke cigarette but you cant mention about weed. Many people could stop talking to you when they learn. At least in Turkey.

    But still, it is not seen as bad as synthetic weed. There is still difference in the eyes of people. But it is not normalised like alcohol or tobacco either.

    In Turkey, synthetic is seen worse than anything. Synthetic weed smokers would even have less prestige than heroin users, which is because of Media.

    Synthetic weed addiction is nowhere near heroin addiction. Lol.
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