The times they are a-changin'?

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by BuddyBuds, May 8, 2004.

  1. seamonster66

    seamonster66 discount dracula

    Make no mistake, the Dead were 100% yuppie Californians. You can´t be so delusioned, they drove everything a rich person could get ahold of. They are not anyone to look to for guidance on leading a simple life. Better to look to that friend yo have who always surprises you by all the ways they are able to live, the person who has the life experinces to tell you that you might dismiss, but later you realize what they were talking about.
  2. olhippie54

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    My little hippie truck doesn't pollute. Goes from 0 to 60 mph in 15 minutes and gets over 300 mpg town driving.
  3. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    True. But you still see the irony in it, no?
  4. joe

    joe Banned

    Jetty Garcica Twas Tha Tryue Hippy, Wat Yur Spealking Es Blasphemy!!!!!!
  5. Just because you listen to pop radio and general pop culture does not mean if you look in the right places you find stuff just as evolutionarily lovely as way back. For exmaple, John Frusciante(x-RHCP guitarist) recently launched a solo career full-time and he does pop music that most of pop culture rejects because it is alot more raw and chaotic then other recorded stuff. He also won't play except in smaller crowds and the albums can be played online for free and does rad things like release internet albums and acoustic versions(downloadable off :) ) of the most recent solo album(when shadows collide with people); and at his live shows he mostly plays new improvs or stuff that has only been recently been jamming(when I saw him play about a 2 months ago he was with fugazi base player and everything they played was either a raw improv or something they had made within that week).

    Conclusion: all generic culture is just that: generic. LoL.
  6. seamonster66

    seamonster66 discount dracula

    Heh, I have a hard time imagining who can´t see that aged rich rock stars living in mansions with a mob of devotees wanting to live the simple life and following their every move is ironic.

    there are plenty of people doing interesting things NOW, there is no reason to fantasize about a time that has passed, especially a time when you or your friend might have been shipped off to the other side of the world and kille,,,,oh wait there are new times to create something, don´t be completely revisionist

    I admit I didn´t read this whole thread, but yes the times they are a changing. but a new Bob Dylan wouldn´t sound like Bob Dylan
  7. I am the new Bob Dylan. You can catch my live shows on paltalk. It is very exciting. jk. *grin* hehehe
  8. :rolleyes: Yeah you me and everyone else on this board, buddy.

    Just kidding. I hear ya.
  9. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    No, I am pretty sure he would sound like Dylan. But that's all.
  10. Ginge

    Ginge Ye Olde Member

    You are not "just kidding." :p

    But you are the new Robert Zimmerman. :D
  11. See, now you I agree with. You got the words I can agree with. Rap on my brotha.
  12. The statement is unjustified because people chose those outer symbols based upon who they are.
    Although not judging them is justified, because it might preclude your own ability to incite revolution/evolution away from the symbols, as opposed to towards them.
  13. Uh... that's one way to look at it. :confused:
  14. metro

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    Pretty much anyone driving an H2 wants you to be impressed by their status object. They want to be judged and I do, but not in the way they wish. A bunch of typical American followers trying to be cool like the cool rappers they see on MTV. Yeah!! Horsepower vs. brainpower.
  15. Ginge

    Ginge Ye Olde Member

    From my Bob Dylan stash o' crap:

  16. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    But there is a LIMIT to what superficialities can say about a person. When people resort to cliches, it only shows that they're not very original people, but they only want to appear that way. Often times the people who go out of their way to express themselves aesthetically are often the most boring in person. That's why they dress the way they dress, which is to make up for what they lack upstairs. That's how I feel anyway. There is little which can be conveyed through style.
  17. metro

    metro self-banned

  18. It was more likely about 3 ways of looking at it.
    When viewed from multiple perspectives simultaneously: would indeed be only one view; or even more specifically: no view.
  19. seamonster66

    seamonster66 discount dracula

    sorry, what they say is northerned lights/molson xxxed, but you can´t just look back, I mean even dylan said not to.

    You don´t sum up the mood of the current atmosphere by imitating, being influenced by it OK, but errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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