The threatening irrespectable Sartre.

Discussion in 'Existentialism' started by Anaximenes, Sep 5, 2013.

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    If there really was such a thing as honourable, then the one with honour would have no sense or need for being born again. Once dead as the world around him may appear to be, the birth should belong to the new child, for thus the World could have it's own eternal meaning. But being born again unto oneself now seems to become in all irrationality a blasphemy at thinking the superiority to belong over the other's mind as opposed to one's own thoughtful state.

    If there really was such a thing as sacred and solemn then the off spring should be in the capacity to already explain their dying as much as you; and the eternal meaning for the World would contain the Re-incarnation: one without honour existing compulsively at the world; just offering respect. :afro::sultan::indian_chief::angel:
  2. thedope

    thedope glad attention Lifetime Supporter

    I like my friends saying life yields only to more life. I don't how that puts me with sartre but I heard sinatra or maybe crosby singing do be do be do.
  3. Anaximenes

    Anaximenes Senior Member

    You're right. The realism is abused for the communication by the means of the days of socialist propaganda. But the revolution will always refuse the old means of communication.:sunny:
  4. thedope

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    To think, even though we share our thoughts over all!

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