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Discussion in 'U.K.' started by island dweller, May 26, 2004.

  1. island dweller

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    Have you ever gone into a room, forgotten why your there, then walked out again, only to dicover that infact u did want something in that room afterall?

    Have you ever looked in your purse or wallet and see a £10 note and then go into a shop to by a new hat or something and then discover it was actually a £5 note, so u act all embarassed at the checkout and hand them ur card instead?

    Have you ever checked all your pockets before putting a pair of trousers in the washing machine only to discover that somehow a £20 note has ended up in one of the pockets?

    These things in life are meant to try our patience... AND ITS BLOOMIN WORKING!
  2. butterfly

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    ALL THE TIME!!!!

    I walk into rooms, stop, and realise I know there's a reason I'm there but I've NO idea what it is.

    Or I'll set off on a mission to get something, forget what it was half way there, absentmindedly wander into a different room and have to stand there for about 5 minutes before I remember where I actually should be.

    Or I'll go into a room to get something, get completely distracted for half an hour, finally go back into the room I was before and remember there was a purpose of going and I realise all I wanted was a spoon or something.....

    It's very worrying.
  3. Dandelion_Blood

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    I knowww... i had a £2 coin in my hand and got to the counter and i was like... wait where'd it go and i was searching in all my pockets and i couldn't find it anywhere so i had to break into a £10 note. Then as about 2 hours later i was searching in my pockets from change i put there and came across the 2 pound coin from earlyer which was just hidden in one of the pockets.. i swear it wasn't there before... i was so sure i check loads
  4. flowerchild17

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    I always do that! I'll walk into a room... Knowing I was oging there for something... then I'll lose it and just freak! Then I'll come back in 5 minutes later and do the exact same thing...
  5. Jetblack

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    i hate wen that happenes i always walk into my room and im like wtf why am i here then 10 minutes later i will remember its annoying :0

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