'The Stupid Gun!'

Discussion in 'Mind Games' started by Brain_Drain!, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Brain_Drain!

    Brain_Drain! Member

    Hey all,

    New here..and into many alternative ideas..and LSD and Trippin one of em!!

    Being imaginative, I always though that Acid would be an amazing weapon to use on someone..not sure if thread like this has been started?

    Anyway this story really captivated me years ago as a kid when I read this sci-fi comic..Judge Dredd.. The 22nd ctry NYC cop..so a weird n wonderful hi-tech city he lived in!

    This story was called 'The Stupid Gun!'..it was about 2 ruthless crims who steal a ray gun that could completely wipe clean a persons brain..reducing them into the mental age of a baby..happy, drooling, real GOO-GOO stuff!

    So perfect for crime..no witness..only those than can smile and utter 'Duuuhhh!'...but even at that age reading it I thought 'wow' perfect to dominate and humilate someone as well...ie reducing a once normal persons IQ to that of a mindless idiot!..So much fun haha!

    In one scene the wonderful crims decide to 'stupe' an entire futuristic Monorail train full of passengers....can you imagine dozens and dozens of mindless men, women and kids all crawling and clambering around..obliviously happy to thier previous identity!

    The idea of bizarre n weird weapons..that dont kill ppl..but 'screw' their minds amazes me!

    What effect would spraying someone with LSD.. a very potent liquid form..or a crowd of ppl have?

    So would you want a Stupid Gun or be on it's receiving end lol? :p

    Brain Drain!
  2. autophobe2e

    autophobe2e Senior Member

    lol, check this out, seems like your kinda thing:


    i also seem to remember a plot by the CIA to fill Fidel Castro's recording studio with lsd while he was making a speech, so that people lose confidence in his sanity, so it was considered as a kind of weapon before.
  3. Brain_Drain!

    Brain_Drain! Member

    Haha awesome!

    Now imagine a whole bank including staff and customers tripping heavily?

    You could tell em where going to do some 'money laundering' in the washing machine and theyd happily oblige..handing over there hard earned cash!

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