The Startling 9/11 Timeline

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    Every one of you should read this if you want a greater understanding of the world before and after 9/11.
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    Shortly after 911 the government claims they could never imagine terrorists hijacking US Airliners and using them as missiles, and yet the contents of the briefcase they confiscated from Ramsi Youssef included plans calling for the training of pilots in order to crash hijacked airliners into civilian targets.
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    Hard to imagine government intelligence trying to cover their own ass after such a serious oversight, eh?
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    They were involved, as they are always involved in things nefarious.

    The science is unequivocal - the three towers were brought down by US government/military NANOTHERMITE, a new generation of supper explosive developed by US military scientists in the 1990.

    It and the by products of these nanothermite explosions were found in WTC dust in large volumes.

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    If you ignore everything ask yourself how a commercial airplane is able to go off course in American air space as long as those planes did. What kind of defense force would the US Air Force be then?
    The threat of a guerilla nuclear attack was terrifying during the cold war. Our satellites can pick up launched nukes so what if the Soviets just hijacked a commercial plane or hid it in a briefcase or something like that. For this reason the Air Force has always checks on planes that go off course.

    They attempt to radio and let them know they are off course but they will shoot if the course is not corrected. Plenty of commercial pilots have stories of this. They had a long day and were not paying attention for a few minutes. Even a few degrees off course for a few minutes was enough to have an F-16 on his wing. The US Air Force will sacrifice a plane of 200 Americans so that millions don't die in a nuclear or biological attack.

    If they don't get the responses they need which they would not have on 9/11 they would have shot those planes down. They would have understood what had happened. In the year 2000 there were 18 drills where the Air Force was told an attack over an American city from off course or military aircraft was happening. The Pilots did not know it was a drill until they got there. All 18 times the Air Force had planes the city within minutes. The same alarm system went off on 9/11 for them.

    Yet that day they were instantly told it was a drill. It just sort of went down the chain of command which everyone followed. It was unusual but it was an order. For that to happen it requires people with very high levels of security and goverment clearances to conspire.
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    A good reply!!!!!!

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