The Sound

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by didge, Jan 2, 2005.

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    And he woke up then
    Looked around
    He remembered when
    He last heard that sound
    He listened closely
    And stood right up
    He shuttered to feel
    He shutted it up

    And he walked out then
    Once more alone
    He clenched his wrists
    He felt withdrawn

    And then he ran
    Afraid to look back
    Afraid to admit
    He was on the wrong track
    And then it rained
    And drenched him to the skin
    He denied the state he was in.

    Then he grew tired
    He grew tired of it all
    He ached to move,
    He ached to fall

    Misleading promises
    and broken truth
    Tempting lies
    and forgotten youth
    To his knees and then to the ground
    he tried to remember
    the sound the sound.

    - Deirdre Rusk
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    WOW!!! i didn't know that Deirdre (whoever he or she is :p) also writes poetry, i'm shock, and i have to say that i like what i've read.
    I think it's the same sound i hear, my lost youth, where has it gone? where is my fucking life that i cannot find.

    besos guapa

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