The Smiths

Discussion in 'UK Music Forum' started by Loki84, Jan 15, 2005.

  1. Loki84

    Loki84 Member

    I can't be the only one! there must be some other people here who like the smiths!
  2. nimh

    nimh ~foodie~

    the boy with a thorn in his side, behind the hatred there lies a murderous desire for lo-ove

    yeah, i grew up on the smiths. good times, memories...
  3. showmet

    showmet olen tomppeli

    "and if a double-decker bus crashes into us
    to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die
    and if a ten ton truck kills the both of us
    to die by your side, well, the pleasure, the privelege is mine"

    makes me cry every time...:confused:
  4. Dandelion_Blood

    Dandelion_Blood Gremlin

    Your not the only one, no no not by a long shot..

    "Sing me to sleep
    Sing me to sleep
    I don’t want to wake up
    On my own anymore"


    "Some girls are bigger than others
    Some girls are bigger than others
    Some girl’s mothers are bigger than
    Other girl’s mothers"

    Most excellent, brilliant, splendid song really love singing to it!
  5. Loki84

    Loki84 Member

    That is most definitely my favourite smiths song! The lyrics are beautiful!
  6. The Smiths are the second best band of all time after the Beatles and it is nice that they decent from this very country. Morrissey is a national treasure like Stephen Fry and Noel Coward
  7. Jaz Delorean

    Jaz Delorean Senior Member

    jon i was going to write that lyric too - it is so poignant and beautiful.
    it says SO much, just those lines. i never forget them.
  8. Ginglymus

    Ginglymus Member

    The Smiths are cool, I'm loving morrissey's new album as well.
  9. To be honest, I really love The Smiths but do not like Morrisey without the band.
    They are lots of band getting togheter (for money) and wish, they could start a tour in UK.
    Watching The Smiths live, would be like a dream.
  10. Morrissey's solo stuff is fantastic, it is just as good as the Smiths but people hold the band in high affection. Viva Hate is brilliant.
  11. Spyder

    Spyder La dah de dah


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