The slow agonising death of the right

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Balbus, Feb 26, 2019.

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    What are you going on about?

    Again can you actually explain your thinking in a rational and coherent way?
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    Well tribalism can run deep especially in rural and more isolated communities, urbanisation has a tendency to throw people together that might not mix or know about each other in other places. It is easier to be with ‘your own kind’ (be that class, religion, sexuality or race) in a rural community rather than in a city. I was watching a documentary on Vietnam and it had a guy a white guy from a rural community who got drafted and admitted that until he fought alongside them he had never talked to a black person and made comments that he had the realisation that they were just like him.

    What I’m saying is that things change, have changed, and that many on the right seem to be still clinging to a past that is fading.
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    We need an entirely new system, one that isn't just two corrupt parties playing tug of war all day long. (with our tax money) I'd even take a libertarian, at this point. An independent would be ideal, but it's hard to build a strong enough base.
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    The people who grew up in the 2008 crash, went to school with all types of people, deal with shootings, and don't know a world without 9/11 are going to be conservative? I doubt it. That is why people are so stressed. They say the young people don't remember the USSR which is of course all socialism ever is.

    There are many articals that say the opposite of what this ones does. I guess we will see when they vote. It's the dream of anyone to bring kids into their life. To see them take on our morals.
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    There's a ton of articles out there about how gen z is shaping up to be even more progressive than millenials. Lolz
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    Not to worry. The survey cited in 6-eyed's link is bogus. The findings were based on an open internet survey, with no filter questions to determine eligibility for the sample, no way to prevent taking the survey over again multiple times, and complex questions asking agreement or disagreement with multiple matters like same sex marriage, transgender rights and marijuana.
    The study was written up in Forbes, Daily Mail, and The Telegraph which have clear right wing objectives.Why Generation Z is not more conservative - After The Millennials
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    That’s alright

    I prefer the left remains cocky and blissfully ignorant
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    Statistics are funny like that 6. Ask the right question and get any result you want.
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    LOL this from the person that thought alt-rightism was the way of the future (just before jumping that particular ship) and has shown their ignorance on many subjects, very clear, many times.

    What I’m asking is what does the right stand for what is their vision for the future?

    Their free market ideology is looking increasingly flawed if not actually dangerous to the wider society and the image of the US been a beacon and shining city on a hill seems to be replaced with a mean, nasty and divisive forms of nationalism that is seemingly even getting the support of white supremacists (it’s never a good sign when you have neo-Nazis on your side).

    The right look craven and desperate whose cries of ‘freedom’ ring hollow when the reality is voter suppression, gerrymandering and the seeming wish to trample political checks and balances.

    Think about it - has any right wing that has come here been able to defend their right wing views from the valid criticisms of their opponents?

    If you are honest you would have to admit the answer is no.
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  13. lode

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    But they don't make any conservatives feel good. Fake news.

  14. So, in other words, the right is stronger than ever
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    Biological traditional conservatism should supplant-and-supersede both christian traditional conservatism and muslim/islamic traditional conservatism, so biological science, which is a hard science, can-and-will have to prevail, if blue-collar personalities-and-psychologies/mind-set's/mentalities/world-view's-and-values/culture's/collective consciousnesses could be "eradicated" by re-telling, re-teaching and re-training, which can't be done with open border's, boundaries and barriers and un-restricted re-production/pro-creation/breeding/mating/sporing in blue-collar area's, then education for the sake of education, not education for the sake of qualification/credential would be necessary to educate-and-inform other-wise stupid people/persons, hard science would be widely-known and commonly-referred to, disease, death and destruction, division, disorder and dysfunction or disorganisation will be drastically reduced, curbed
    The right isn't going away until blue-collar personalities-and-psychologies/mind-set's/mentalities/world-view's-and-values/culture's/collective consciousnesses go away, when many-and-most lower segment's/stratas of society think/reason/rationalise/logic as right-wing/rightist conservatives, no positive progress/change/movement/regress can occur, having an under-educated-and-under-informed or un-educated-and-un-informed general public is trouble, "true-and-through", especially in the anglo-west, where no independent thinking/reasoning/rationalising/logic exist's, so no in-depth critical thinking/reasoning/rationalising/logic exists, no joining the dot's/connecting the dot's and no cross-referencing/cross-sourcing, so the telling's, teachings and trainings are the same, specifically in anglo-america, where there are plenty of mindless-meandering, dumb-and-docile yabbering/yackering/yammering yobbo's/yahoos with their boisterous bumbling babbling, dopey-and-dogmatic, plenty of fiend's to prey on fool's or predator's to prey on the weak-minded and ill-willed prey
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    It cost them the 2016 election, and many many more to come.

    Their only hope now is to reverse the Supreme Court's decision of voter ID laws. So they can let illegals, foreigners, minors, and felons vote without ID so they can cheat elections in their favor
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    No, all we have to do is remove the electoral college which is happening now. Without that there is no Trump or Bush. We don't need a conspiracy we just need the majority of Americans which is why you have this conspiracy.
  18. Okiefreak

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    How is removal of the electoral college happening now? Without a constitutional amendment, the best we can do is change the "winner take all" provisions in state law. The catch there is that states willing to do that are probably blue states, which aren't the problem.
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    That's true, none of these small population red states will do it. They have the attitude of this main governor and the attitude of Trump. They say white people are forgotten

    Ex-Maine GOP gov: White people won't get 'anything to say' if Electoral College is eliminated
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    Like the 2018 election where the blue team won by 8 points nationally?

    Like how the only voter fraud in 2018 was committed by a Republican, who's district had to call for a new election, and Mark Harris, the GOP candidate refused to run in it?

    North Carolina election fraud latest: Political operative indicted - CNNPolitics

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