The Simple Feeling of Being

Discussion in 'COOL Books' started by shaman sun, Jul 30, 2006.

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    An excellent book. It is more of a conscious meditation than a passive read.

    "As you look deeply into your own awareness, and relax the self-contraction, and dissolve into the empty ground of your own primordial experience, the simple feeling of being, right now, right here, is it not obvious all at once? Were you not present from the start? Did you not have a hand to play in all that was to follow? Did not the dream itself begin when you got bored with being God? Was it not fun to get lost in the productions of your own wondrous imagination, and pretend it all was other? Did you not write this book, and countless others like it, to simply remind you who you are?"
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  2. skip

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    Sounds COOL! ;)

    So I guess it starts with the premise that we are all God. I like that!
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  3. Scholar_Warrior

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    Very good words! I also really dig the Alex Grey!
  4. OleFlowerMan

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    Think im gettin this one...i believe that our true nature is perfection -Love
    We are looking for that. It's there in us all whether we believe it our. We are getting closer and closer...
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    "In Spirit I am not a whole/part, but the infinite in which all whole/parts arise, reimain a bit, and pass. And thus, by developing from nature to mind to Spirit, I can embrace the entire Kosmos in a free and complete fashion, for I-I am that Kosmos for all eternity; which is to say: right now, when seen in the eye of Spirit, for which both mind and nature are simply integral chapters in my own continuing story.

    United in Spirit without erasing differences - there is the One-in the-Many as my truest Self (the ultimate I or Buddha), and as the highest Truth (the ultimate It or Dharma), and as the all-encompassing Community of all sentient beings (the ultimate We or Sangha).

    Further, according to the Idealists (and nondual sages everywhere), the extraordinary and altogether paradoxical secret is that the Final Release is always already accomplished. The "last step" is to step off the cycle of time altogether and find the Timeless there from the start, ever-present from the very beginning and at every point along the way. The great far-off spectacular climax . . . is right now. "The Good" says Hegel, "the absolutely Good, is eternally accomplishing itself in the world; and the result is that it need not wait upon us, but is already in full actuality accomplished."

    CW 6: Sex, Ecology, Spirituality, 535-536
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    Ken Wilber is great! Thanks for posting this, I had not seen this one.

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