the road to enlightenment and others...

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    the road to enilightenment

    i have started this journey

    to follow the road to enlightenment

    whatever it may be

    "if you don't know where you're going

    any road will take you there"

    i have taken the road to enlightenment

    to see what i can see

    recording what was

    living what is

    hoping for what can be

    one foot in front of the other knowing only what i am

    learning what i can

    before you start this journey

    reject all you thought you were

    see the world with open eyes

    even that you wish you could avoid

    i have taken the road to enlightenment

    a road i do not know

    a road that doesn't end in my dreams

    i won't allow it to do so

    not while i can learn what i really am

    i have traveled the road to enlightenment

    just to reach this point

    and though i can reflect

    i can never turn back

    [font=DS_Mysticora] [/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora]Steal me away[/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora]To a place[/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora]Where I can be me[/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora] [/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora]No longer listening[/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora]To all I see[/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora]On my own[/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora]Free to be[/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora] [/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora]Lift me up[/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora]Find me hope[/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora]Maybe love[/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora] [/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora]An escape for now I have[/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora]To eventually leave[/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora]Though I will return [/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora]Return again[/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora] [/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora]And time will stop for the day[/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora]And I will be free to do it my way[/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora]The world keeps turning round and round[/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora]Except here[/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora]I am still[/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora] [/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora]My shadowlands[/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora]Where I can escape[/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora]You are holding me[/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora]From the outside world today[/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora] [/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora]One day I may [/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora]Fit in[/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora]But not today[/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora]I will stay[/font]
    [font=DS_Mysticora]In my shadowlands[/font]​
    [font=DS_Mysticora] [/font]
    Grounds for Sculpture

    Shaded trees
    Keep us cool by the water
    Seen nature's daughter
    Sitting by the frozen mind

    Shades of green
    Surround us
    The wind caresses
    The disressed figure
    Amongst the stones

    Hiden child
    Geometry calls you in an unnatural, non-ridged sort of way
    Cool metal on your finger tips
    Dropping water sweeps your lips
    Calling you to follow

    Society doesn't want you today
    Dear flower-girl go outside and play
    Don't worry about it all, it's OK
    Amongst the trees we wish we could stay

    Well we can...
    ...But only today
    My Feet Just Want to be Free

    My feet just want to be free
    They're boxed in and suffering
    The want to run in the grass

    My feet just want to be free
    From that which contains them
    They want to feel the wind between their toes

    My feet just want to be free
    From all this materialism
    But where can they go in this material world?

    My feet just want to be free
    From all the rules of society
    But its so hard to do that
    What society does all it can to keep them bound
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    i loved these pieces

    that last one filled me with
    a fond feeling that all who see past
    what we are shown...share their journeys
    with others..............

    thank you for this moment of reading
    to reflect upon yourselves heal a moment to come.

    love n peace from saff
    keep writing ......
  3. SvgGrdnBeauty

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    You've just made my day...

    ...most people don't get it. Thanks so much for that :D

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