The Responsible Drug User's Oath

Discussion in 'Psychedelics' started by EllisDTripp, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. I'd call you a pilgrim.
  2. Didymus Doppelgänger

    Didymus Doppelgänger Misfit Lover

    Post that on the wall in my school health class.
  3. shiva_master

    shiva_master Member

    A responsible drug use does not let their friend overdose. If they are their friend, they will take em to the hospital as i have done.....i dunno if that will be allowed in your class though...
  4. shiva_master

    shiva_master Member

    A very interesting and relevant post. Many people do not take any of these into consideration.
  5. I follow all all of those rules except having a sitter and starting with low doses.

    I find sitter's extremely off-putting and they can often put a negative spin on my trip because I really hate the thought of people watching me while I trip for some reason. I find I can pretty much act as my own sitter these days anyway.

    And as for low doses, I don't dive straight in at the deep end but I don't see the point in wading around knee deep in the water when you're a proficient swimmer.
  6. Skankzor

    Skankzor Member

    That is an amazingly well put set of rules to sum up, what I think many of us try to live by.
    I agree with this point. Sometimes it actually isn't best to have an "experienced" sitter or they often seem to dictate your trip or experience. I find it more pleasant just to do with with a mate and then you can look after each other, even if he is sober ;)
  7. I have always followed those rules,, except the babysitter. I may not be experienced with that chemical, but I have taken enough psychedelics to do research and I have very good control. I personally don't know anyone anymore who does this stuff. Just me :) So I sit myself.
  8. goldfishboot

    goldfishboot Member

    Most of this is just common sense... but I think we'd all be surprised by how many people don't have that.
  9. 52~unknown~52

    52~unknown~52 Member

    good rule set, when i get to a printer... it shall be printed
  10. happydude_60

    happydude_60 Senior Member

    Well, so much for my plans of climbing Everest on acid.
  11. lennylemons

    lennylemons Member

    I love it. This is how I have been going about using drugs for a year or two now.
  12. I agree with that 12 step more than the other 12 step stuff
  13. Well why are we still just talking about this. We need to show that we can do this and that they wrong from illegalizing something that makes people happy. NOWHERE in the WORLD can you go and legally do drugs, which to many of us is a right that we should have. How can there be NOWHERE for us? We need to unite and stand against the DEA and they're anti-drug views, against the government and they're propaganda to put it in our minds that drugs are so horrible. They need to see that WE have the RIGHT!! Just think...NOWHERE in the WORLD are we truley FREE...
  14. You should make a poster out of that.
  15. lunarverse

    lunarverse The Living End

    This is the only one I have an issue with;

    9. 'I shall not allow my drug use to overshadow or disrupt the other important aspects of my life, including social interaction, employment or even other personal pursuits.'

    What if one wants to use drugs with abandon (not at the expense or ill-treatment of others) but in a way that overshadows all else in their life. Who has the authority or right to tell them they can't or shouldn't do so. I understand this is a guide to "responsible" use, but who's to say that living one's life the way they choose (as long as others aren't harmed) is irresponsible? What if one chooses to always be alone with their drugs and not partake in "social interaction", who's to say they should or should not do this and that it is irresponsible?

    If I'd like to take up painting but I keep putting it off to get high, that's my prerogative and my right to do so as a human being.
  16. RooRshack

    RooRshack On Sabbatical

    Close to my rules, though I am more elastic about animals, driving and the like with caution, and time. I'm fascinated with drugs, they ARE one of those other interests that that oath tries to protect from my drug use :p
  17. Altered Ego

    Altered Ego Member

    Cool find!
  18. I've seen my fair share of irresponsible drug use and I'm glad to see that there are people out there that are advocates of safe, researched experimentation. The only thing that is going to change attitudes about the drug using community is adopting a more responsible platform.
  19. Voyage

    Voyage Noam Sayin

  20. Fisticuffs

    Fisticuffs Member

    Good stuff. If only they were always done this way. Good stuff nonetheless.

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