The Responsible Drug User's Oath

Discussion in 'Psychedelics' started by EllisDTripp, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. Salem Blair

    Salem Blair Member

    excellent post man. glad u bought it to our attention
  2. kempoblack

    kempoblack Member

    Great post, copied and pasted lol
  3. HT2a-portal

    HT2a-portal Member

    yes great post, and definitly good rules to live by... ..I still like to swim high tho.. hehehe.. of course my eversober gf can always save me... :p
  4. motokop88

    motokop88 Member

    very nice. to bad not all people follow these rules
  5. alright, i have a better idea

    this is a much better oath

    "i hereby swear not to take a drug oath because doing drugs is used to open up my mind and look beyond such things as the government or dumb stupid contract"

    now, thats an oath
  6. dixie_pixy

    dixie_pixy HighMandi

    most definitely agree.
  7. autophobe2e

    autophobe2e Senior Member

    nice, those are all good rules!

    cept, i dunno where to get anything chemically tested. i just steer clear of dodgy goods.
  8. damn man you just wrote the unspoken stoner rules in my group... nice going man.
    whenever someone who's new to phycs in are group takes some theres always i unspoken rule of when the dutchys past to the left one of us passes to look after the noob. i really like the if drug use gets out of control talk to the person cus my mate talked to me when i was smoking pot like 4 times a day, and i realy appreciated it (well not at first).
  9. rint

    rint Member

    Print that on a blotter sheet
  10. daphnejain

    daphnejain Ink is forever

    Wow. That has been my basic idea for years and trying to explain it to others is sooooo difficult.

    I wanna print it small, laminate it and keep it in my wallet. Or my pipe bag.
  11. jeff420420420

    jeff420420420 Member

    Wow, that is sooo true. If only everyone was so wise.. ::::sigh::::
  12. Gormur

    Gormur Member

    I use drugs for all kinds of reasons..even irresponsible ones.

    Funny how someone gets criticized for getting high on pot off their ass and nothing for being drunk out of their mind. Fuck that.

    There is no such thing as responsible drug use. People who use drugs use them for a variety of reasons...none of which would be considered responsible or logical by anti-drug advocates. So why make lists like that? I have nothing to prove. I know I'm not a self-destructive idiot. Narrow-minded fascists don't deserve my time anyway...they are simply brainwashed to react negatively to the word drug, and that's all they'll hear.

    The important thing is to have common sense to be able to say no to a drug whenever you feel like it, know it isn't the right time/place for it, don't have the cash for it, etc.. (IOW, the drug doesn't have control over you, but vice versa). If you don't have that, you're not responsible by nature..people will influence you to do dumb shit, you'll get into trouble, you'll fuck up your life..then you'll end up on Intervention with everyone watching thinking that drugs are the cause (or only cause) of their problems...when in reality, it isn't so much the drugs as the people themselves, who always seem to have a lot of emotional issues they don't want to deal with. If they didn't do drugs, they'd do something else in a self-destructive manner to deal with their issues.

    Drugs may amplify their problems..but they don't cause their problems.

    Here's some advice for responsible drug use: don't get caught by the cops.
  13. johndoe000

    johndoe000 Member

    i follow those anyway
  14. Severely stoned

    Severely stoned Senior Member

    I agree with them all.... for sure... now its just wirten not thought
  15. stratface

    stratface Member

    Good rules to follow, even if I've never done it perfectly.
  16. klondike_bar

    klondike_bar Senior Member

    cheers, Im putting my seal of approval upon this
  17. are you retarded?
    thats called "evidence" to the "authorities", especially if you plan on dealing.
  18. TheKitch

    TheKitch Member

  19. xTwitchx

    xTwitchx Member

    i think there r just two types of drug users:
    1) recreational (want to have some fun)
    2)habitual(can't help them selves-addicted-stupid)
  20. Good shit to abide by.

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