The Responsible Drug User's Oath

Discussion in 'Psychedelics' started by EllisDTripp, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. well i'm down with that. erowid is a true modern pioneer of distributing important information for all psychonauts, and that oath sounds reasonable as it sums up their mission.
  2. chaos

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    feckin A.
  3. these are pretty much my guidelines. i only do drugs once a week tops, only on the weekend, i make sure homework is done before i smoke.

    just be responsible an use your common sense!
  4. digital 3.0

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    While that may be a very good oath. It also asks you to do things, that you while high, are probably gonna say fuck it oh well. All depends on how crazy you wanna get with drugs or people, and if you can handle it.

    In other words, to pull off some insane wacky twisted cool ass shit and still not fuck up means you the shit.
  5. zodiacflower

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    great stoned minds think alike........
  6. :) great guidelines. I think if everyone followed such suggstions, drug users would'nt get such a bad rap.
  7. Tsubasa

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    I think drug users would get exactly what they have now. People are afraid of things that are different. It's how it's always been. How many cases of genocide can be attributed to fear of differences? How many persecutions? How many discriminations? You can be as responsible or irresponsible as you like, but the view most people have of drug users won't change. The only thing that changes with responsible use is that drug use becomes less visible to popular culture. Without accidents or deaths that can be touted by the media, drug use will drift under the radar to a large degree. But we won't ever be accepted.
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  9. The Flow

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    ... favorite quote of Dr.Shulgin... :sunglasse
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    there is a site that comes from a small community called Elphinstone.
    I feel there is a high tripster factor out there and they are highly activated.

    So the site is part of an online presence related to the Elfintome Book Store in Robert's Creek. This store has a huge library of Psychadelic Art and a great Entheogens section.

    Perhaps this is a good place to look for Facts and the art to compliment it.

    Fae Raquel
  11. Fabulous. I couldn't agree more. :)
  12. bellringer

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    Just printed this out and posted it in my garage. My garage is pretty much that 70's show set up and where all the fun takes place. Gonna make sure everyone who comes over reads it over.
  13. Posthumous

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    We are all gods. But you have to be karmically pure to face the central godhead and survive with your sanity, because it will rip great holes in you otherwise.

    INSANEPOOKIE Prancing Dragon

    I've been living by that ethos even before I accepted my first cup of coffee to keep me awake!

    It's great to see something as this posted. This should be read required reading in middle school :)
  15. Stand.

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    They should make drugs legal, signable by that document, it's a good one!
  16. LetLovinTakeHold

    LetLovinTakeHold Cuz it will if you let it

    I wish people weren't able to get drugs unless they had the common sense to follow those guidelines without ever reading them......Or you could use the "Jim Morrison technique": Close eyes and take whatever is in your pocket. Try and guess what you took.

    And to whoever was having an issue on finding a sitter for a mushroom trip.......It all depends on you. I think if you love pot and have been toking a while, mushrooms won't be on the level of requiring a sitter. I for one can eat a couple grams and still be in the right state of mind to take care of a first timer. Now if I'm on a mushroom mission thats another story. For some people shroomies are an intense psychedelic experience. I for one don't halucinate, I illuminate. Even when on a "mission" I simply dance and smile at EVERYTHING. And I tend to think I'm a poet. Other than that they don't really hit me that hard....but thats me.
  17. stickinote07

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    great post.
    i follow these laws to the t as it is. good to see other's do to.
  18. ryan_pills

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    dude im gonna totaly try to start following that whenever possible
  19. stoney-man ky

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    in re:rules for resposible drug use...good job ellis.makes a lot of sense to me..sign me up.
  20. akatweak

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    totaly dig it! whish i was smart enough when i was younger to obey such a concept!
    it should be posted up all over the town maybe someone will print out thousands of copies and post it up all over!!!

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