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Discussion in 'Astrology' started by Thethirdbenjamin, May 10, 2004.

  1. ssrikant

    ssrikant Member

    i have changed my major from Electrical Engineering -Computer Engineering-Mathematics-Biomedical Engineering(currently) damn that was damn ride...
    lol.Any ways this year has been a decent year till now complains what so ever.


  2. Enonemouse

    Enonemouse Happy Wanderer

    Well guys I am tempting fate again here. I have placed an offer on a house and it has been excepted now we are just waiting for the report to say it is all hunky dory and I have a house finally. It is in the same place as the one I was beat to the punch on but no basement and about $20,000+ less so cool. Nice place. Once it is mine for sure I will post a picture Oh hell I will post one of it from the front now!!! Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!!

    Love & Laughter
  3. Enonemouse

    Enonemouse Happy Wanderer

  4. Enonemouse

    Enonemouse Happy Wanderer

    Well I have done it again. It was so close I thought it was safe but it wasn't yet another house lost!!!! I guess I should learn never to say anything uintil it is 100% finished and certain. I guess I am doomed to be homeless when I arrive in Canada I guess. Problem is there are two children that will be homeless as well. I am not leavig then here with HIM!!!!!!!

    Tears & Great Sadness
  5. you didn't make a offer on the house did you??? i know how you feel,

    its unfair because someone made an offer for my old house and they where pretty damed tick off when they got outbided.

    that plus the price, according to me was sorta riddicules $330,000 it wasn't even in toronto, it was within the Greater toronto Area.

    but not in downtown, homes in the city are so riddiculesly priced.
    Toronto, Montreal,Vancouver and i beleive Edmonton have expensive properties.

    I didn't actually expect someone to pay that amount, but someone ended up doing so,

    ya finding a house is kinda hard first you have to find one in your price range, then you have to see if its just right, then you make an offer and if some one makes a higher offer then you, you lose.

    good luck finding a home, stay away from big cities $$$$
  6. asickchick

    asickchick Member

    I'm Gemini! May I'm on the cusp of Taurus.....I happen to be one of those really stable Geminis.....and I hate it! I talk in spurts....I like being a loner sometimes and then the next minute around people....
  7. Enonemouse

    Enonemouse Happy Wanderer

    OK I have to say I have had enough crap in the last year for a bloody life time. Now on top of everything else my eldest tried to kill himself last weekend. I am due to move out of the country in weeks and now this. How do I go to Canada now and leave him here? He refuses to come with me as well. He is nearly 20 so I know I should be letting him live his own life but he is my son no matter how old he gets and now this horrible girlsfriend he had that I never liked (3 1/2 years) has dumped him and he has gone off the rails completely. I have no house bought yet but I do have wheels. I will attach a photo. My dad bought this for me. I have a rented house now to go to but I still need to find one to buy. Now I just need the job and I am sorted. Well I think I feel a bit better egtting this off my chest so I had better go back to packing as the guys come to quote the move on Friday and I am nowhere ready for them.

    Love & Insanity
  8. Enonemouse

    Enonemouse Happy Wanderer

    I have been busting my chops for months here getting everything packed only for the guy to come give me a quote today and say they will have to unpack it all and re-pack as since 9/11 they will not move anything someone else has packed. I am so seriously pissed off it is unreal. I have literally hurt myslef a number of times trying to get this all done for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just want to kill someone. I guess my husband would do as he has waited until 3 weeks before I was due to leave to book the movers, being Army I couldn't do it. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo angry right now it is unimaginable. Roll on September when I WILL be in Canada and hopefully starting to settle.

    Love & Hell no love here
  9. dasiy

    dasiy Member

    I'm the same!! June 16th!!!! I love to talk to other people who are Gems,it seems like you can cary on a conversation forever. But I get long with Leibra guys really well. When I'm around alot of people I love to be the center of attion. I like to goof off and talk alot. But then I have my times when I don't want to be around anyone.
  10. I prefer aquarian girls over libra girls
    just my prefrence,

    But i have a good freind who is a libra, he doesn't know how to spend his money. Other then that he's alright. The only problem is he's several towns down.

    Libra and gemini, either end into finacial problems or it doesn't last long, like something happens.

    another thing with libras are they can be vary guilebale, and scammed into something , until i intervenned he was about to invest money in a thing called quixstar(online grocery) his older sister alos intervenned she's a gemini also.

    If you ever endup working and having a libra girl/boy as a boss you will be vary vary thankfull. Two of my managers are libras two guys one girls, there vary freindly and try to be peacefull.

    The girl libra she smiles and i can communicate and talk with her, which is great because if i don't say anything nothing will be done, she also smiles at me, its almost like having a second mother, the only problem is she can be a little gurly sometimes.

    Aquarian girls on the other hand shake you up a bit, listen and talk, they are more like good long lasting friends,

    theres one aquarian at work who's trying to get me to spend more time with her, its funny beacuse well never be lovers, but will always be good freinds.

    Aries whould be second after aquarious.

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