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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by AOFpunker, May 17, 2004.

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    Ok, so I want to start using the pill for several reasons. I get really bad cramps when I'm on my period and a friend says it totally relieves you of that pain. Plus, I think it would be a good thing just in case things get out of hand with my bf. Anyway, I just had a couple of questions. Do you have to go to a gynecologist, or can you just go to your regular doctor? And does most insurance cover at least part of the cost??? Thanks guys!!!!!
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    You can just go to the regular doctor!!
    And they will prescribe it to you, they'll go through what sort of pill you would like to go on, because there are alot of different ones and they are all different prices.
    The doctor will also ask you some questions about your health etc. to make sure the pill won't effect you in a bad way

    I think its a relaly good i dea to go on the pill, i'm on it now and althogh i don't really get cramps its helped my friends with it.

    Book in an appointment today!

    Love Amanda
    (by the way people call me Amanda Panda too)
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    I recommend going to a Planned Parenthood-type clinic where they provide low to no-cost birth control options. Seeing that you're located in Cali, you should have no problem finding a clinic near you. I first got prescribed birth control pills from one of these clinics, and i've had a great experience with them (both the pills and the clinic).

    But if money is absolutely not an issue for you, a couple different types of doctors will be able to prescribe to you an oral contraceptive. Hell, even dermatologists can do it.
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    it's a good idea to get on the pill or some kind of boyfriend and I just broke up, though, and I don't know if I still feel like shelling out $40 a month for something I'm not gonna need for a while... :)
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    i live in the uk and i went to my doctor because i was having problems with my periods (they were really heavy and i was getting really bad pains). i dont know how it works in the USA but i've had 1 and a half years of the pill prescribed to me, paid for by the national heath service. maybe you have a similar system in the states where you can get it for free...? im sure if you're going to be prescribed on the pill because of your periods you can get it for free. although saying that, i've told my doctor that im using the pill as a contraceptive as well, and i still get it free :)
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    my g/f is on the pill. its worked great for us and we dont really use condoms anymore. however, she gained weight from being on the pill, which bothers her a great deal. on the other hand, it cleared up her skin. i guess everyone has different reactions to it, but unless they're really serious adverse reactions, its better than being pregnant when you dont want to be. just a personal decision for you to make i guess.
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    Unfortunately, thanks to the ever-so-prudish Religious Right's allies in the Republican Party that controls the federal government, Medicaid will NOT cover the cost of contraceptives. I don't know about private insurers.

    As one who is a firm believer in shared responsibility, I strongly recommend that if you're going to use The Pill, your BF should also use condoms (If he doesn't already). The Pill can't protect you from sexually-transmitted diseases. Nor can it protect you from HIV.

    I'm not suggesting that your BF is infected, but in this age of HIV/AIDS and herpes, that extra protection is a must. After all, do you know where his "Richard Johnson" has been before he met you?


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