the mystery of the bacterial nano technology

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    Nature created a rotary motor with a diameter of 30 nm. Motility of bacteria, such as Salmonella and E. coli with a body size of 1 ~ 2 microns, is driven by rapid rotation of a helical propeller by such a tiny little motor at its base. This organelle is called the flagellum, made of a rotary motor and a thin helical filament that grows up to about 15 microns. It rotates at around 20,000 rpm, at energy consumption of only around 10-16 W and with energy conversion efficiency close to 100%. Prof. Namba’s research group is going to reveal the mechanism of this highly efficient flagellar motor that is far beyond the capabilities of artificial motors.
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    i would go in deeper, but those who care, know allready.
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    shoot, that shit is awesome.. I believe some how are souls are connected to bacteria. Idk, just a thought..
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    Ok, super long post on the way, if your baked, try and stay focused, your mindst should widen.

    forget religion, hopefully you went past the default guide to life, and can finally think for yourself and realise, its all on you.

    i have 2 theories of whats up... hahah

    one consists of just natural evolution. Atoms and dark matter etc, collisions, multiple big bangs throughout the universe constantly... finally on gets it with a somehwat contamination. A bacteria which will evolve into the human being. So as anything random, you get fail and you get win... almost like gambling.

    I think we could be the win scenario. An earth suitable for life, in a solar system providing that life. Im not sure how its looking with mars atm, but i have a feeling there may be alot more going under ground then over.

    All this talk of how we only use a small part of our brain, pointless hairy armpit etc, well, maybe the rest if for evolution, maybe that armpit will somewhat ferment c02, and provide us with some oxygen once anothe part of the brain develops a gland which releases a chemical which enables it do so. Maybe we will develop super powers, who knows. We are always getting better. World records are being broken.

    What freaks me out is, that as said in the matrix, we are a virus. We dont live in harmony, we just take and take, and think by recycling a can were giving soemthing back. fuck that. Natural selection is being cheated, people who wouldnt, and to sometimes argue shouldnt be alive are living on pills/machines etc.

    We have become spoiled. The moment the point of our lives stoped being actual survival, we began questioning it. Sure, thats good, but seriously, nowadays people are just taking the piss, shopping addictions, fat people claiming they have dissorders etc etc... its fucking too much.

    The fact that few carried on to question, and most just indulged in bs, has lead to a creation of the modern world. Ruled by a goverment, which doesnt give a fuck about you as an individual. Youre just live stock.

    I was very excited about the Particle collider, guess ill have to wait longer. Im not affraid of its capability, i welcome it, even it means my death. Science rox lol. But should it work, and we have access to become what most would call god. imagine, being able to select the right atoms, bash them together, acccelarate age them by bashing them some more, and there, you have pancakes, made from just air.

    so yeah, im psyched for the future. IMO this is very plausable.

    But theres also aliens.

    I am almost certain theres life out there, because i dont see a universe as just endless, i see it as a universe in a universe.

    I thought of it while high, and some time ago found out it was very similar to a real theory by Michio Kaku. Check out Parallel worlds (book) if interested.

    Its basically an idea, that our universe is just a bubble, floating, and theres more bubbles, of different sizes etc. For eg, a cell, with a nucleus can exist as a universe, the nucleus could work as our sun does... we may not see all there is to it, our microscope might work as a worm hole to see into this other dimension, but we may only see an outer layer.

    Think of it as a fish in a pond (best example heard of yet) sure, theres different fish, and different ponds. The fish can see to the sides. But it cannot see up. So to it exists, without seeing whats above the pond. We may not see some layer either. Maybe we will in time, maybe were not supposed to yet etc.

    So i reckon we might me engineered. Not by god, but by other life forms who might exist in other bubbles, or for all we know, even in ours. Look how a cell is to a seed, a seed is to an apple, an apple is our food, and also a tree which provided many other used. Our universe could be just an object in another universe, a fucking polluition dispenser for all you know.

    So were able to clone, grow ears on mice etc. Were able of making universes, if theres life out there, sure some may be more primitive, but chances are also its unimaginatively more advanced, so its plausible imo.

    Now comes the queston, why?

    Maybe we have a purpose, to just generate life force etc, to maybe power or make something work. Or maybe were an experiment, think sea people in south park. Maybe they wanted to figure out what would happen to a certain cell if it were left to survival. But we have perfect living conditions. Maybe all is artificial. Maybe were bred until were perfectly advanced for something, like a military force or someshit.

    Its a very interesting topic to me, and i just summed up the top layer of my belief on our existance, would love to get a good discusion going on it, but now im off to bed. btw, sorry for lame spelling, i dont intend to fix it now, im too tired.
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    There is so much evidence that aliens have been to earth its not even funny. Just google the disclosure project.
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    Man, read this I posted it last year.


    The universe offers a paradox too great for the finite mind to grasp. As the living brain cannot conceive of a nonliving brain - alothough it may think it can - the finite mind cannot understand the infinite. We maybe chip a few splinters from the great stone pillar or reality, even then it's a false sense of knownledge.

    Despite the increasing amount of avaible facts, there's remarkbly few insights. Few have grasped the Princple of Reality; New knownledge just leads too new mysteries.

    The greatest mystery the universe offers is not lfe but SIZE. Size compasses life. The child who is not at home says "Daddy, whats is above the sky?" And father says: "The darkness of space" The child: "What is beyond space?" The father: "The galaxy" The child" "Beyond the galaxy?" The father: "another galaxy" Child: " Beyond the other galaxies?" Father: Noone knows"

    You see? Size defeats us. For the fish in the lake in which he lives in a universe. What does the fish think when he is jerked up by the mouth through the silver limits of exssitence and into a new universe where the air drowns him and the light is blue? Where huge bipeds with no gills stuff him into a box to die?

    Or one might take the point of a pencil and magnify it. One reaches the point where a stunning realzation strikes home: The pencil point is not solid, it is composed of atom which whirl and revolve like a trillion demon planets on a loose net held together by gravitation. Shrunk to size the distances between these atoms might become aeons, light years away. The atoms themselfs are composed of revolving protons and electrons. One step down into sub-atomic particiles. And then what? Tachyons? Nothing?

    Of course not, Everything in the universe denies nothing. To suggest conclusions to things is on impossibility. If you fell outward to the limit of the universe would you find a fence that says dead end? No. You might find something hard and rounded as a chick might see the inside of an egg. If you should peck through the shell, what great torrentail light might shien through the shell? Might you look through and discover our whoel universe is but one atom on a blade of grass?... a blade of grass that might have only exsisted only a day or two in the realm?

    What if that blade of grass was cut? Would our universe start to die? would it rot? Turnign brown and yellow? Perhaps its allready bugun to happen? we say the world has moved on, maybe its begun to dry up.

    Think of how small such a concept of things makes us. If a God watches over it all, does He actually mete out justice for a race of nats amount an inifinitude of other nats? Does he's eye see a sparrow fall when the sparrow is really less than a speak of hydrogen floating disconnected in space? And if he does see.. what must be the nature of such a God? Where does he live? How is it possible to live past infinity?

    Imagine the sand in the desert, and imagine a trillion universes, - not worlds, universes, encased in each grain of sand, with each universe an infininy to others. We tower over the universes from our pitful blade of grass vantage point, with one swing of your shoe you may knock a billion worlds flying off into the darkness,in a chain never to be completed.

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    I think I commented on this too.. cant remember though..
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    I don't think so, I posted it in a thread a few months before you joined. So post your comment :D
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    I cant find it, all your post are stoner lounge.. :p I do remember the phrase. I may have posted in the thread with a different name..
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    fuck, up until you talk about aliens you have no idea how very nearly word for word i have thought the exact same thing. Disease is there for a reason, humans contract more diseases and virus's than anything. Its that way for a reason, millions of years of evolving have left us with no natural predators other than ourselves and sickness. I think that diseases are..or at least were a way of keeping everything balanced and in check, mother natures way of keeping the scales even.

    We're a tumour spreading rapidly, encompassing everything and twisting it to our benefits. The only thing that will stop us is us. Curiosity killed the cat and knowledge made it fat.

    As for aliens, well its ignorant to think that we're the only intelligent functioning race, when it comes to space we're still babies taking our first steps, we know nothing about that big black emptiness yet, theres far more to it than meets the human eye. There are signs on earth that cant be explained, things found dating thousands of years back which would have been impossible for humans at the time, look up The Antikythera Mechanism and The Baigong Pipes for a start.

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