the moment of truth

Discussion in 'Islam' started by Idaho, May 18, 2004.

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    for some reason, i'm tired of putting my wife through this shit.

    i'm tired of reaching out to different levels of GODS that never have the desire to respond to my request for help, recommendations or anything else for that matter.
    i'm tired of believing that alone I can accomplish the impossible.

    all i can say is i'm sorry.
    i'm sorry if you hear something on the radio that reminds you of someone who issen't me.
    i'm sorry if you see something on the television in the months to come that you belive I could have somehow prevented or avoided happening.

    All we need is love.
    and this love cannot "execute" it's plan,,
    you'll never know how hard it is to throw a little switch untill you've considered how many lives are connected to the other end of it.

    as perfect as our bodies and universe was,
    all we needed was one thing, LOVE,
    well, you can't have it all.
    and maybe it's time Our Creator got just what he deserves for setting us up in this system,
    a once perfect world, where everything was meant to be broken.

    Do whatever you feel like you've gotta do, or keep waiting for me...
    cause one day I might be overwhelmed, by this heat, or theese frequencies.. and maybe i'll do it for you

    The Bitch in the box.
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    I don't understand Idaho whait is it you are trying to say?
  3. hitomi

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    I think he's trying to say, that he is sick og god not ansering his call.
    you just need to have a lil faith.

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