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Discussion in 'Politics' started by MaxPower, May 25, 2004.

  1. MaxPower

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    This was posted on another forum that I belong to. I found it quite disgusting. Here's a little tidbit of what you can find inside Camp 22:

    His testimony is backed up by Soon Ok-lee, who was imprisoned for seven years. 'An officer ordered me to select 50 healthy female prisoners,' she said. 'One of the guards handed me a basket full of soaked cabbage, told me not to eat it but to give it to the 50 women. I gave them out and heard a scream from those who had eaten them. They were all screaming and vomiting blood. All who ate the cabbage leaves started violently vomiting blood and screaming with pain. It was hell. In less than 20 minutes they were quite dead.'

    MMMMmmm I could go for some cabbage right about now. Looks like someone took a page out of Hitler's book, gassing children as "political dissidents" is pretty low even for ruthless dictators.
  2. NaykidApe

    NaykidApe Bomb the Ban

    To bad they don't have any oil in Korea. If they did you can bet we'd be over there trying to "put an end to these atrocitys".
  3. mynameiskc

    mynameiskc way to go noogs!

    *snort* surely they have something...(shifty eyes)
  4. booshnoogs

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    Nay makes a good point. While from a humanitarian standpoint, I'm glad Saddam is out of power, I don't understand how the Bush doctrine can be applied to Iraq who may have had WMD's but not N Korea who is boasting loudly of them.

    It really backs the argument that Iraq is about Bush's personal beef and not really about principle.
  5. China has the worst human-rights record in the history of the world yet we the USA have no plans of invading them.

    There are a countries with atrocious things happening.

    Saddam is gone but anyone who thinks that the line would end with him is quite silly.Someone as bad or worse is waiting to step up.

    I think the lie that Bush is spreading about how this war was for humanitarian reasons is beyond sickening.

    Yeah..Saddam sucked..but as we beat up on Iraq....China is forcing more abortions and sterilizations every minute.

    Right now in China...athletes are being forced to train on injuries so that they can compete in the upcoming Olympics.

    Right now in China...people are being beaten and killed by police for practicing free speech.

    North Korea has nukes aimed right at us ontop of their horrid violations against humanity.

    I too stick by the theory that the Iraq war was about finishing Daddy's work and the nice oil supply.nothing more.
  6. mynameiskc

    mynameiskc way to go noogs!

    obviously, i don't think invading iraq had much of anything to do with wmds or human rights abuses. i think it was for something entirely different, oil would be only one part of it. there's lots of states over there with oil that we're not invading. i think it's because iraq was the weakest of the set, the most easily brought down. establish a base there and then you have an easier time going after all the others.

    china is just too strong. that's why we're treating them differently, and why we're treating n. korea differently. i think he's got a staged plan of attack. i honestly think that he'll be re-elected, kerry's a very weak candidate, and there's not enough independent voters to split bush's vote. at the same time, since kerry's such a weak candidate, and i think a rather weak man, he'll probably be puppetted along by the military and other people in power, so basically nothing will change at all.
  7. Invading China would be suicide.

    We have an army of a couple million. they would force-create an army of hundreds of millions.They have nuclear capabilities and with their human rights and environmental records...I have no doubt that they would easily use them.

    If we invaded ten years we'd be speaking Chinese.
  8. MaxPower

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    I'm not sure China could (efficiently) get enough men across the Pacific to successfully take over the U.S. Remember that we could force create a sizeable, well armed and better coordinated army than China could. Invading China though, that's suicide.

    Back to the topic at hand though, this shows that Bush really dosen't care about human rights or humanitarianism, he just wanted to finish up things in Iraq. The war obviously wasn't for oil, because I'm still paying up to 2 bucks + for gas (and if there is a surefire way to get elected, it's by reducing gas prices). Shit like this though, it really shows you how weak the UN really is. They sit by and watch while similar things go on all over Africa, the Middle East, South America and Asia. Hell, I'd be the first to say that Bush even needs a bitchslap or two.

    But since that aint happeninng anytime soon, how about a slurpee from 7-11?
  9. LaughinWillow

    LaughinWillow Member

    For once, I completely agree with Otter. Go figure :p .

    Not only are we not invading China, we are supporting China by giving them billions and billions in trade every year. The Clinton administration gave China the title of "most favored nation" - China, which is arguably the biggest human rights violator on the planet right now. Bush took it further, admitting China to the WTO (I still recall the report I heard on this - it was shortly after 9/11 - they said Bush "quietly" admitted China - while people were distracted by 9/11) In fact, just a few months ago, the Bush administration also blocked a plan that would investigate Chinese worker's conditions.

    It's really terrible. I've said before, if wars were REALLY about improving human rights, I could *almost* support the idea - but it's all such garbage political games all the time.
  10. MaxPower

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    Heh, and I agree with LauginWillow for once. Who knew? What pissed me off most though, is that nobody seems to care what goes on outside their little cubicle of reality. Human rights violations? Nuclear weapons buildup? Overpopulation? Bah, who needs to worry about that when there's a Memorial Day sale at Macy's! It's sad how ignorant most people are. They take everything they have for granted, as if it's their birthright to have the freedoms and libeties that they do while people in countries like China have dick shit. Makes me sick.
  11. Eugene

    Eugene Senior Member

    China, although clearly not a military pushover, is not so "strong" that they can bully us around militarily. However, China is the world's largest market with over a billion people and a burgening economy it is an economic goldmine. Think about it, there are prolly boeing executives going: shit 1,000,000,000 people! christ! If only 1/1,000,000 of them would buy a 767!
    It is almost essential in capitalism to open and expand new markets, and this one is the mother load. Once you have this amount of money out there, ideology and human rights abuses become less and less relevent.
  12. Rockman

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    China and North Korea have WMDs. Iraq didn't, and we knew it.

    It's a lot easier to pick fights with people who don't have a hope of inflicting damage.
  13. Jozak

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    China has over a million people in it's standing army. They defenintly are militarily strong enough to fight against us.
  14. MaxPower

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    They can defeat us, but only on their soil or soil close to them. America can take an army halfway across the world and win.
  15. Dilapidated

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    This world sickens me. I honestly hope that something is done about Camp 22 even though I know it's not the only place in the world where shit like that is going down. And oh dear... after reading this I understand why we're not "doing something about" China. I mean look what they did to Japan. ::shudder:: I wish people didn't suck.
  16. Megara

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    silly people

    Countries with nukes dont get invaded. There is really no feasible scenario where america would be invaded or china. It is death for the other is death pretty much for the whole world.

    Until there is a real way to stop nukes...any such situation is stupid even to contemplate...but holding down a billion chinese woudl be rough..even if they were packin only chopsticks(which is probably all they could afford for a billion people)

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