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    You know, it is a second layer concerning the beast. It is why it is 2 beasts in Rev 13. Note: 616 (6+1+6= 13). 616 is the other mark/name/number certain say rather than 666.

    According to my current knowledge, it is I (1) day and outside (I) 1 day is a II (2) day (a double layering). II day is a layering which make for actually, after 1 day (here on planet earth or the earth realm), a 2nd day and 3rd day. Those extra days are: Hell number 1 and Hell number 2 for the beast partakers.

    Clue in Hell number 2 is:

    Rev 22:15
    "For withOUT are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie."

    ^^FOR WITH 'pass away' (an out) are such tormenters awaiting. Implying, the beast partakers become those terrifiers' (yeah, those are different than the words may make you think here in the earth realm) servings.

    The worse kind of whoremongers, murderers, idolaters, whosoever love and make lie, sorcerers, and dogs, are more beastly than the beast partakes. With, I put in bold, implies it is more than meets the eye for certain hellbound which pass away.

    As for a tormenting version of whoremongers, picture being something's or some group of things' slave-bitch, which must participate in horrific and tormenting acts with tormenters which dont look human. What the tormenters in the whoremongers department call sex is some sure tormenting stuff they force on a beast partaker they make their (such hell of a beastly pimpers') kind of prostitute.

    HELL after HELL, back and forth, is implying HELL after HELL is The Labyrinth. Unlike the movie since actual and worse.

    The 3 in 13, after you realize what the 1 stands for, is implying 3 days, but to my knowledge the 3rd Day is just the beast partaker themself since such is even as a hell, especially since such is responsible for putting theirself into the Labyrinth. Afterall, what is 2 HELLS with no middleman? Hells which no being will experience. Plus, only a hellish being can be fit for the Labyrinth.

    To put it short, it's not 666, but it is X plus 616 (or 13 when you calculate). Understand you have to calculate with wisedom to reach each of the layerings. The bible itself is as a kind of labyrinth. It is even made a labyrinth by hands of men moving it away from the original text on into undergoing many different translations. The bible even been used as a reason to inflict a maze of torture upon people upon the earth, which says the bible is meant to point to (or warn about) "the Labyrinth" which is indeed for being told through man. We know man been twisting things into a maze after a maze.

    Any questions?
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    –noun intricate combination of paths or passages in which it is difficult to find one's way or to reach the exit.
    2.a maze of paths no longer bordering by high hedges, as in a park or garden, for the amusement of those who search for a way out.
    3.a 'no longer complicating' or tortuous arrangement, as of streets or buildings.
    4.any confusingly intricate state of things or events; a bewildering complex.
    5.(initial capital letter) Classical Mythology. a vast maze built in Crete by Daedalus, at the command of King Minos, to house the Minotaur.
    6.Anatomy. a.the internal ear, consisting of a bony portion (bony labyrinth) and a membranous portion (membranous labyrinth). b.the aggregate of air chambers in the ethmoid bone, between the eye and the upper part of the nose.
    7.a mazelike pattern no longer inlaying in the pavement of a church.
    8.a loudspeaker enclosure with air chambers at the rear for absorbing sound waves radiating in one direction so as to prevent their interference with waves no longer radiating in another direction.

    ^^Even passages are what is known in any bible. Note: Extremely confusing: a bewildering schedule of events. Or even rather: a bewildering arrangement of written words or implications in any bible.

    Outside a labyrinth, it should be no sound exiting out into the direction of any not in the Labyrinth. And vice versa. Talk about internal ear. Plus, remember the line: so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot; neither can they pass to us, that would come from thence.

    ^^Basically, "would" been implying WILL NOT to why CAN NOT or NEITHER CAN arises. It's in the book of Luke, and we know Luke is implying "lukewarm" in how in Rev basically states the LUKEWARM fall under a spue out.

    Revelation 3:16
    So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

    ^^Understand how the word "would" is a lukewarm implying word. Examples: "O he would go every day to the bank." VS "I would do it, but..."

    ^^See how the word "would" is borderline in our art of implications. It's why CAN NOT arises with the spue out. When you pass away you, no matter who, can not serve any thing implying under the word "would." So the former things you would do daily, you can not any more after you pass away from the earth realm.

    As for the Classical Mythology put in entertainment, concerning meeting a beastly monster, see the StoryTeller's second addition which is out on dvd about the Minotaur (which is just a hint since the hellish can be sure the actual beastly kind in the Labyrinth look more terrifying).

    As for an internal ear on the matter of more than one Hell, listen to the song "Life's So Hard," since man is meant to express a kind of labyinth surely in sound alone which even points out The Labyrinth which one must calculate with wisedom for (like how I caluclate from sounds' tone-twisting soundings or pronounciations from vocal sounds)...

    In "Life's So Hard" by 2Pac, He say what in sound is implying more with this rap line: "Niggas in Hell, got some horrible stories '2 tell' (or: 'to tale' or: 'to tail')!" Reguardless of the "or" sounds, the "ies" is clearly implying Hell is more than one story. "ies" on story does not make extra sounds which can imply one may be saying something else. In the title: Life's not impling Life is, it is implying in fuller detail an under confinement-type being's so hard. "So" implies an expression like when someone says "So!," which indicates they don't care about something or themself, and it is usually associating as a rude type of an expression. "Hard" implies their 'don't care' attitude been harsh. Implying been harsh on themself and/or been harsh toward others. Anyway, there is a reason there is still a 2pac, musically, in why 2pac, before passing away, been switched his name to Makaveli. See how such stresses "2" more?

    You know how you hear a song, and think the artist is saying one thing till later you find out they have been saying something else all along?

    I tell you, the indicators of a labyrinth come up through the unawareness of people. A labyrinth arises by man. It is a reason it is sounds of words which can sound like some other words upon hearing only. Now you may open your mind to read (an art of hearing, seeing, tasting, feeling, and smelling) a labyrinth wheresoever you come across a kind indeed. For man's vocal performances and hand works (like in retranslating the bible) is for expressing a labyrinth how meant by a higher power. Or else, the Higher Power would have one language (and one bible) with no words that can be said to look or sound 'either or-ish' additionally. You see how the word "sowed" look also like "so wed". I tell you, kinds of labyrinths been the goal of the Higher Power.

    A funny thing is, even the outer ear appearance, before we get to the internal ear, looks like a maze. Our human ears are like 2 maps telling us how we are in labyrinths upon the earth (part 1 of The Labyrinth). Fact our ears are on the sides is like also telling us there are 2 more Labyrinths besides (and outside) the earth realm. To escape all of the Labyrinths, is to not behave hellishly here nor act a beast here toward others. We are each labyrinths (2 basic types person wise) in one way or another while in part 1 of The Labyrinths (3 basic type parts place wise).
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    After three days (The Labyrinth place parts), the beast of "Man must be risen."

    ^^It is only an after when either out The Labyrinth (all 3 parts) or when after IN it in how like you get in (as in, into) a good movie or good show or good book. Yes, you may get in any depth of hell, entertainment wise (in your mind entertaining the thought sense), with in no wise phyiscially being in any depth of hell. Basically, the top line I put is implying Man only exit The Labyrinth for better outcome, not the beast.

    "And he no longer beginning to teach them, that the Son (beast) of man must suffer many things, and be no longer rejecting of the elders, and of the chief priests, and scribes, and be no longer killing, and after three days rise again."

    ^^Now lets calculate for a layer under through a live labyrinth which is me:

    "And "and" after three days rise again, he no longer begin to teach them."

    ^^See how it reinforce the line I put? "and" implies a better placement for me is outside (after) the three days (The Labyrinth place parts). Plus, see how I stand in 1 part (day) physically while in all 3 entertainingly, then see how "after" implies I don't have to enter all 3 Days physically since I stand physically here entering the other 2 Days entertainingly in the mind sense. Indeed, you may see, say, me in the depths of hell, but only in such the enternatining the sense of mine. And in hell I lift up my eyes... Implying, I draw back from the entertaining mind's eye sense what hell I been focusing in on like how one gets deep into a movie. But also, 'my eyes' implies 'my foes' in another channel I tune in in the favorable broadcast of mine alone. Let me add in detail, the three days rise again in how? For the beast entertainingly and then against the beast physically. Nothing worst than thinking something isn't at first that then rises up again meaning "O, but it is!" in a horrifying kind of way (like in the physical experience type way)

    Trust in this live labyrinth (me) in finding the only way out The Labyrinth. You see how I rearrange a quote in part, since I rather stand in control over any maze than stand stuck in any.

    One may read words differently. Like example: The Son of man must go

    ^^To some, they read it as the Son must go, to others, they read it as man must go in way which also is implying the Son is amongst facing such going which is not the Son.

    How do you read for implications in materials which fall on eyes like the lotto balls put into different suction columes?

    I go with what I favor which is usually somewhat I base on how I relate which shows reinforcment for the correct WAY I indeed favor seeing rather than the incorrect way. Indeed to get what I favor involving me enacting a way I favor which is being over in control beyond competition. Afterall, I go into further advancement when I see competition trying wickedly to do like me. My competition do try wrapping (adding in tainting as to what is implying) in advance with the formula they learn I been recently using. Like 2pac switched his name him, I switch my channel me. I go up more and more like a mountian still mounting in ancient layer count.

    Reconfigure a maze:

    "For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth.

    "Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man".

    ^^Check it:

    Earth whole the "of face the on dwell that them all on come it" shall snare a "as" for.

    ^^See the "as" implying how words you say can sound as other words? We snare a "as" for? The "title" within the quote. Of face? Of sounds. Of look. Of looks. Those "of faces" are how "to tell" also sound like "to tail" or how "sowed" also look like "so wed". We come it? Those Of faces. How? Through our unawareness till me you listen to on the labyrinth matters.

    Now take a second look at the words Earth, whole, all, and come. Do you see more? I tell you, I see Ear, who, le, a II, and a co me. Now tell me do you see further even in what I see. I tell you more, I also see la, e II, co we (plus co ma). "e" by itself is modernly implying "electronic" you should know. O, don't miss "them" turn "thaw" in a labyrinth channeling.

    Now see me reconfigure to an extent the last quote episode wise:

    Watch and pray always, ye therefore.

    Watch that ye may be no longer accounting worthy to escape all these things that, ye therefore.

    Watch shall come to pass, ye therefore.

    Watch "and" to stand before the Son (beast) of man, ye therefore.

    In another extent you see Watch turn Match, pray turn prey, and turn end, ye turn either ya or he or ha, may turn way, shall turn shell or she II, man turn men; you see also in more depth "therefore" break into "the re fore." "re" implies "double tone" alone. Also note re turn ra, but note how all twists are for when and wheresoever it is fitting relevantly: in current or in foresight or in past, in art and entertainment or in physical, for or against any. And then if you are for hearing, rather than looking (reading), then you should hear "always" even as "all ways"...One implies "for evermore", the other implies "every which way". Another one for hearing is "Son" being of what sound? "Sun!" Obvious, huh? Wait, it gets more interesting depending on how a word is stressed or how a word is written either capital or lowercase. If I stress in voice the word "me", then it is implying either more than one "me" (a we of different kinds or a we of the same kind just large in endless or infinite number) or the me which is the overall Higher Power. To go even more further, there are words which scramble into other words in the other way. Example: You see "and" turn in what we modernly call "dna. (DNA)" In turning words, even lowercase words may become capital (and vice versa) and can imply for common abbrievations you alone already know or find fitting in some sense.

    In truth, you should find the beast no longer accounting worthy to escape since the beast know it is too late for exiting The Labyrinth's without end. The beast see no coward in any implication, then the beast see The Grey Seal entooming the beast. The grey seal is equal to implying WORD LIFE!! You know, oath, vow, the alike. Such a Co-Sign. It been taking a Co-Sign for the seal. Higher Power is as a Man. A Man doesn't dishonor Their part. Plus, you see the Higher Power is no beast which will do what if can? Send all into the depths of hell physically after feeding lies (lies which seem to imply a better placement), or, do a last sec. cowardly bail out (bail out ITs foe or leave without handling ITs foes in what the Co-Sign imply both should and can apply). Higher Power is no foe's hope, no foe's bluffing "so" call.

    It's time you recognize THE ANCIENT OF REMOVING.

    'Of removing' implying of relocating any thing (such as any truth) or any one, even ITSELF even evenly plus extraly how IT don't stop ITs INDIVIDUALITY for foes nor stop ITs INDIVIDUALITY returning back AUTHENTIC nor leave till last Standing without foes against or near. 'Of removing' is indeed espeically shown through any labyrinth. ITs been Of removing cloudiness in truths IT seeded small or rooted medium or planted full anciently.

    'Of removing' may remove ITs humanly core head here, but remain next unhumanly here evenly and extraly for the Final War the beast been begging for cowardly.

    ^^"What the song say?"--Makaveli line implying its rather the sound than any original written word like in Makaveli's lyrics.
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    Destroy "and" in (entertainmentingly wise) three removing I will raise it (The Labyrinth) up, this temple.

    ^^My foe recieve "This is a letter to my unborn child", then under a maze controller (ME), this is My foe. The line implies how it is only physical for this temple how I already been mentioning. Like the saying go, Keep your friends close, enemies closer. "This" is concerning My foe. Enertainingly My foe can only dream I make it not physically for against them.

    "But go thou thy way till the end be: for "and" stand in thy lot at the end of the removing, thou shalt rest."

    ^^Think into the gospel according to John in how it is entertainment only rather than true. shalt implies the foe's command. It rest rather than My foe, especially when foe expereincing torments. A hint in John's entertainment being the foe's lot is the Laz/rich man story in Luke in how it connects entertainment from a seed into full blown concerning where Laz is given further detail (in John's gospel). I am only in My foe's lot till I draw out my eyes mine. The funny thing is, is in Luke's Laz/rich man parable the first thing a layer states is the first thing the rich man see, when he lifted up his eyes while IN torments, is Laz. Ha! You see I see Laz over in John's gospel, and immediately tell John's gospel is full of only entertainment in no matter how wording, especially when I see anything I sure as hell know I dont favor like the "...draw all men un-to me". Gee, that would imply either making my foe me or deleting My foe's already cowardly exists. But I already stated the grey seal.

    When I'm in torments it's just entertaining the thought wise, but when My foe in toments it is physical wise and can be in both wise with though the physical wise after the entertainment wise.

    "O God (I)! I'm so sick and no longer tiring of making the same mistakes (or: miss takes)!"--Godsmack

    I O I. How you say? How I got--rather am justly mission wise My kind and My devices circling Me or ringing (signaling for) Me how I channel as though from outside to inside My wisedom corely, though I may have My MIND operate howsoever for Mentally processing under a mega versitile wide array concerning deminsions infinite.

    "And "and" some to shame and everlasting con tempt, many of My kind that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake"

    "And some to everlasting life, many of My kind that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake."

    ^^When you see a word not expressing an action next to "to" you know that "some" is not a shame, but stand to shame (the foe with shame rather) and to the ever lasting LIFER (foe under damnation confinement).

    While here I stand to the con-types doing tempts. Any foe surely will say something to try to get me to say the obvious under an aggitation the foe is seeking express from me. Especially on the internet like Godsmack say, "Now every thing just feels all right (write)!! All right (write)!!"

    ^^The right can be expressing a rube "yeah right" which is = to a rude "so". And I know the foe under a right it been signing for. Sure a right = life since so confining. On a better channel "all right" (expressing awesomely, sweetly, the alike) every thing is implying back where I am individual authentic with all right women with all right pure surroundings (you know where it is no circumstances which can come up in bewteen). It depends on how the phrase is expressing... Kind of like you saying to someone how they just feel ALL SO RIGHT as in every way when with them in every thing. Concerning say your mate. :D Now flip the channel around and picture whoremongers My foe get which shall express how it feels ALL RIGHT!! ALL RIGHT!!

    What Godsmack say in Bad Magick? "Get Back! Get Back on Track. Get off of my Back."

    ^^Implying Revenge, pay back, and the get back is on channel (note how in time I write on it too). 'Get off' is impling sexually, but surely under a get back way which is worse of (implying a must in facing) my BACK (beastly whoremongers, etc else in The Labyrinth).

    "If it feels so bad, bad magick, play it into me.", "O I, O I dont want to hear it again."--Godsmack

    And peep the lower "yeeah" tones 1st and then peep the harder "yeeah" tone 2nd. Then peep the monsterish noise Sully make. It is an expression concerning the beastly whoremongers in beastly heat and in beastly lust in The Labyrinth awaiting My foe My foes. Hey, aint any vaseline or luding in such a rough grinding course for the hellbound.

    ^^Right now you see it playing only into me, entertainingly in thought, but for against My foe it is serious with no entertaining play in thought. I got some--rather much bad magick in store against My foe.

    In Greed what Godsmack say? "I knew when an angel whispered into my ear, you gotta get him away, yeah. Hey lil bitch! You finally walked away. You would have not lived another day".

    ^^This is in advance concening Criss Angel. Remember how Sully said, "Get that camera out of my face." in a Criss Angel show. And Curt Angel (wrestler last known) was there too. The line is implying I'am not viewing My foes. Note in the song quote in sound "You finally no longer walking a way. You CAN NOT have not no longer living another removing". Implying can have no longer living another removing. The removing is the viewing mine into The Labyrinth. Since one's viewing is their living also since what one sees has effect which transforms their living (shapes it) one way or another, I tell you The Labyrinth, once I leave, I make it a point for me not living in the Labyrinth which should not direct any sound or sight into any not in it.

    The first line in the song is implying no longer knowing the no longer in the Labyrinth (note the word ear since it implies a maze), as though it has been not ever then so in no way will My foe (view of my foe) shape a then 'back living ME'. It is enough in dwelling on a get back. And it is extra get back in not dwelling on a get back. Plus, My foe can not even make it that far in memory mine nor viewing mine when I'm back where I prefer. Sure My foe wants Me into My foe with me directly viewing. The beastly I have for My foe I only have My foe knowing. In a sense, My foe want me to do what in comparison? Do like someone looking at their on throw up or rather grossome creations. Why? My foe likes thinking such is getting me, in the sense of "Well, He has to put up with seeing this." Or even: "Well, We know He wont be eating well surely since He is seeing this in dwelling on our punishments He gave us." I tell you, HELL NAW. What I disreguard, I disreguard. Will in no wise be an us getting punishment, but just My foe as one and as many.

    My foe remember way back how I throw away stuff for Jesus in what I called then keeping my garments when under a deeper device. See how under such device the point is removing and keeping (which turns out is also through disreguarding) in what way? Out of reach of any, is the keeping with removing away from me. The keeping style back then, My foe see now. Now wait till I keep My whole foe only in reach of itself singlely under circumstances I put out of My core watch. Behold, I leave the Labyrinth Key also inside the Labyrinth, but indeed also out of any's reach inside. Plus, even if you reach the key, which you cant, the only way to unlock the Labyrinth is outside it. With no Key in hand of Mine indeed I know it is pointless concerning even seeking peeping. And the knowledge for making such Key I leave in the Labyrinth. Much in measure leans on me not to even peep. Even an overdose of wanting authentic individuality mine endlessly hence. In other words, I wont hop, skip, and jump against core preferrence of mine. I have favorable measures stand against me becoming my own foe toward in the small direction such a small Labyrinth is to me then. Other than such direction, it is no other measure against an infinite individual. An Individual's Core Preferrence is away from just infinite, and is what makes an individual unique from just infinite.

    I may keep me in a wise such rememberance/recalling, concerning The Labyrinth (like where I put it--rather it in particular even exists), stays clear from memory mine or out of focus mine. Though even no re-understanding an ancient me which set anything I set nor re-understanding what exactly been set aside, except the fact what it is is disreguadings I put under seal and away from a face. Hell, dont have to even consider it is a being inside such disreguardlings. Realize how one don't go back in the mindset they were in when they wrote threads long back. One usually feels they are better currently than their last work not in current nor relevant.

    I took a far journey. You see why? Since I roll with enough you see I only once for undergoing outside "enough". Once out the temporary far journey, I no longer want me blasting. Intentionally is the journey far, so I indeed wont want getting this type of journey back. It's a once in a space thing. Winners know they don't go back since it only means you know you lost the fight.

    Nothing worse, to me at least, than feeling you have to win in the same exact type thing again. See the sports and the same ppl still in it not moving on? If you have to win 100 times in the same thing (say championship match or the alike of the main point) you been won, then it is stupid. A true winner either wins or loses once in the first official match or official finals, then moves on into maybe different fields of games or challenges. Yet, you, not a true winner, get caught up in the fame in the point you a slave under it. Why seek fame than being a true winner which takes their official based win or loss once in the particular sport? Fame shouldnt be in sports. Thought sports is entertainment, it should go without being fame sown or fame selling concerning the people engaging in it. Anyway, this "far journey" category you know a true Winner beat once. True to the game: Fuck the fame. Not saying beyond the game.

    New perspective:

    Name: The Labyrinth (Thread)
    Number: 3 (Replies)
    Mark: Views

    ^^Currently such is facing the beast, and such shall face the beast for ever.

    O, and the ...wisdom count the number of the beast: You may either say wisdom count is the number or I that surprize is the number. Sure facing--rather taking on or handling the beast.

    ^^You heard about Count Dracula? Well, meet Count Wisdom.

    Indeed truely The Labyrinth's three parts are replies which get the foe's experiencing them.

    The first song on the Makaveli album is written hail mary. In sound it's hell merry or hell marry. Reason it's first song is since in surprize you must with wisedom read the 1st track (which ic no song but a double intro "Allow me 2 intro duece first") backwards: Reply my second first bomb 1 intro. Implying a motion with the word second. Even note how intro is outside the 1 in either way you read. Plus it is only 11 songs. Count with wisedom it = 66 which = 12 (symbolizing the parts with cloudiness) which = 3 (symbolizing the parts more obviously cloudless). Then it dawned on me when I looked and seen 66 the same time just after I counted with wisedom. And indeed it dawned further than 66 in the fact it's VIEWS. When you view you leave it as read (even how it indicate on side) which is a mark which is not a name and not just a number even though a number comes automatically with it which is not the point when the point is the viewing itself. But get this, see how it more dawned on me with the wisedom count number also being something I tell is besides just the name, number, and mark of the beast. Difference in perspective is how the X can apply as all three, but the new perspective gets more in better tone.

    As for "; and his number"... It's as is in the book WRITTEN only with points under in layer in how you see it capitalized to imply it is name related with number related. Hint: Name-related is implying TITLE more than commonly thought human names. And hint 2 is number-related is implying views more than commonly thought numeral (number) symbols. Ha! I surprize exceedingly!!!! Plus, hint 3 is name-related is implying Sign Related (Get it? Signaturization by my foe by viewing, but mainly Signaturization as in Authorship and Authorization by ME and from Me "Sign Related" in how symbolizing the Master's Signing. And I indeed do mean Sign Related in more than one wise in defining just so you know IT is ME). Every Sign you seen or see is also indeed a mark even says your viewing (witnessing) it in its noteableness alone or noteableness in linkage in etc. Basically what is both name-related and number-related, is Sign Related. See it capitalized even. And see it a title and see it get vewing; and it is a screen name (further name-related and is a computerized signature) and a handle (viewable by any's hand and indeed handled by ME corely) which both also go mark wise, but is not the name, number, and mark spelling out before the ";" mark, through I reign over such how I have control.

    Now you see the Sign of the beast. Rather implying Sign Related, a screen name, facing and taking on the beast, internet wise. But you see Sign Related further (in how defining may go) than just a screen name facing and taking on the beast outside the internet (Satan's throne here accessable by Satan Himself on Satan's seat which is His desk and chair and everything on the desk's top and desktop on screen too--Ha! How is that for a doulbe tone concerning desk with top). Truely!!

    O yeah, you must know by now the Higher Power will not put a smaller here for facing the beast rather than ITS CORE SELF. Understand how Satan (or the Higher Power rather) is no coward. I'm not an automation core wise either. Trust me, I stand here last rather than any foe. I just switch form through rebirth, and handle My foes! No way will I be wimping.

    The better thread(ing) is The Labyrinth. And you know you co-sign what I write is always A Labyrinth. So you better stand under such confusion and such mazes concerning what I post. Ha! My foe been co-signing for me for exactly how I come and arise THINGS just as. Bad Boys eat a dick a day indeed how Makaveli say. You know how you get in a fight and feel whether you or another is losing? Well you (My foe) I know feeling you losing significantly.

    "Whom want to enter the room? All you hear is the wispers of doom."--Makaveli Now hear in sound any more. to = 2 or too. hear = here. Room surprizing is the sound a car make in how a person make it sound Rooom! Rooom! Yeah, Makaveli did give the word "room" a noteable SERIOUS tone which imply further for a serious tone sayer (ME) in how such say what is implying overall. Hey, I am Authority here. And you and I know car imply both moving and removing. The key word is "wheresoever" to why it's not implying, say, the passengers, but placement concerning the car-case. And a rooom imply speed for the moving or removing, but before that it also implies ready which is also an announcement through sound or tone. And you know of course it implies running which implies "on" as in all indicators for and for during go and driving.

    "And I will shew you a large upper room no longer furnishing and no longer preparing: there make ready for us."

    ^^See how room = car sound related than house related?

    Makaveli and Godsmack = Allow ME 2 (them) intro "Duece" first: MAKAVELI THE DAWN.

    ^^Yeah, has to do with the whole core ME channeling 2 layers in also 2. Remember how I class Godsmack up with Makaveli. I remember watching GridLock'd, the first time I seen it where I didnt get to see all of the beginning, and for some reason in the end part where Pac was performing on the side in the poetry corner with club atmostpheme I was thinking Sully from Godsmack based on how the scene or rather tone in some sense was. I think, if I recall it correct, I think I was thinking something like Godsmack takes off where Pac left off since Pac passed(Keep in mind how Pac had all the mystery signs surrounding). In the sense of no one can stop SOMETHING that is special, significanly to me at least, which I back then couldn't put my finger on. It's like two totally different yet in some sense the same. You know that saying that twins have a special sense for each other from even when at distances? Well picture triplets on another level--rather channel, even different and beyond than say blood relatives. DAWN indeed sense IT DAWNS on ME between the 2 and ME on the same channel. Now you know MAKAVELI THE DAWN is basing on tone in sound and tone in appearance. Its 3 of US. But IT is The Head (ME), The Right Hand (Makaveli), and The Other Cop O (Sully from Godsmack). (Listen to the outro/intro between "hail mary" and "toss it up" on the Makaveli album where such is even saying title wise.) You know how "O" is a word Sully uses (he been such the "O"-copper) a lot in his music in how he sings it into the lyrics he performs. Plus, you also know "O" is usually placed next to the word God in how certain express O, God! See the Godsmack connection now? Ha! Note how US even match US (United States) which our physical bodies been born in. Sully from Boston, Pac from New York, Sign Releted (ME) from Michigan (AKA THE GREAT LAKES STATE).

    Makaveli mentions "Conglomerod no longer calling Death Row...", in the outro/intro between the 2 songs.

    A Person Who forms a corporate conglomerate by acquiring a group of companies, services, etc.

    ^^Yeah, the group of musicians even! And peep the "outro/intro" symbolically in how it implies one takes off where the other left off how I'm saying.

    Plus, I remember how Pac had the helicopter sound in his what? Last song on Makaveli album. And Godsmack, on the first album I bought (Faceless), has what in the intro? Helicopter sound. O, and both also have a battle sound with them. Ha! Now you see what I say is true. Now you see THE CORE COMPANY taking on companies, etc. My Group, US, taking on being musicians. Sure I had a head time in making music songs here, corely, and yet in still music is still pumping by which you know not under retirement here.

    You look at the full cover in the Faceless album outside..., you see the Sand Man symbolizing, you see two heads and one hand also in such. One head makes the focus the face, the other head makes the focus the right ear. Plus, recap "I that surprize"... You know the "I" symbolizes "One" (even roman numerally), you also know the "I" is the number "9" letter in our ABCs. It spells out "19" under wisdom count. Remember how I been said "19" been a prime number for me as far as age went? Now look into the cover again, you see "19" line outlines which are sort of ovalish. On the back of the album cover you see what symbol on Sully's belt? What is it in association with? Satan. Also is the number 19 in those black lines (linking the outline ones) going up from the # 1 song and over Sully's right arm. Behind the group on the back cover you see two fans (the turbine kind) which has a "warning" label on it. Plus, it appears they are on a roof top of a building. Just by the left side of Sully's shades you see the word "A TOWER". And the two fans are in the grey tone. Note the "lean right" tone in appearance also. Now add the track numbers up and you get what? 78. Physically my body was born '78. Now add the 19 on top and it spells out "1978" the full b-year. Ha! Plus, note the black and the off white tone in the black lines with the off white in the track numbers.

    Break the band name up in writting, and it's GOD SMACK plus GODS MACK! What Makaveli say? "Witness me strapped with macks! Knew I wouldnt play that!"--Against all odds.

    Lastly note in the Godsmack symbol you see what looks like a sun with flames in 2 divisions with the label center. Such implies "God Smack" plus Gods Mack. It's on the head in the cover of the Faceless album I have which also implies God Smack for The Head, and Gods Mack for US 3 (Me, Sully, and Makaveli) such THE CORE COMPANY. Especially note the 2 flames on each side of the center label in the logo. One for intro, one for outro, and both also imply 2 intro "DEUCE" in a straight line horizontally. Then look at the bigger 2 flames on each side upper and bottom make for 2 intro "DEUCE" in a line vertically.

    "...Death will come when I'm good and ready!"--Godsmack Capital is Death since My foe were not come meat though used bodies, but now you see My foe (which were in Death being cowards) will come touchable meat wise when I'm good and ready which been current since a while here and shall remain full against the coward (My foe). Now My foe no longer is Death and Hell, but is Hell with no where to run, no where to hide. Both sure arent cast into the lake of fire, but the key word is "both" which implies one can be cast into the lake of fire. The one is Hell I capitalize since it's as the name implying a hellish person (Legion). You see Legion knows not the lake of fire come rather here just so My foe know 3 HELLS rather than 2 since the hint been in The Labyrinth in since it is 3 parts. It is nothing worse than mistaking a light hell (this earth realm) as all it can and should be. Label this my BIGGER HA!! My foe shall be on a flight in between 3 parts such a foe can not escape. Then scream which is worse, foe. Then realize where I stand last is where I get the further REVENGE since it all happened here in DAY 1 or 1 DAY. In Toss it up video you see Makaveli light the fire where he was standing at which symbolize HERE and away from ME WHOLE. What Sully say? "Changing seasons, living the high life"--STRAIGHT OUT OF LINE. Note how Sully say "high life" which implies the suddenly SOMETHING rising tone.

    You know how when you look at a gas stove flame it looks like the fire got no footing in like an invisable way? Now imagine the earth ground not molting with rather shooting up flaming everywhere and every which way. You know how earth is seperate from sky and how in an ocean bed a sea (water) is in sky actually, to where you know what is in the sky is what you can call sky or sea no matter where you stand? Now picture you in a lake (sky/sea) of fire. Right where? "And where the beast and the false prophet are." DAY 1 (Labyrinth Part 1).

    "And "and" I that no longer sit on it, I no longer see a great white throne".

    ^^The stuborn coward is the it in how I imply in another thread. Sure I'm no buster. And a great white throne is what? Layering: Concerning lil white risings in bumps coming on people's faces. And concerning the B.S. White House lie. You and I know there is no powerholder in there.

    Lake of Fire rise from the dead (implying refferrence), not humans. The human body cant do it, but what Legion shall slip into neither implies they rise from the dead since they live.

    "In "and" the dead shall be no longer raising incorruptible, a moment."

    "In at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, a moment."

    "In "and" we shall be no longer changing, in a moment."

    "For "and" this mortal must put on immortality, this corruptible must put on incorruption."

    ^^So it is a lasting torturous tomenting for senses which do not stop sensing. And My foe will wish it do stop. Indeed for ME My cowardly foe must be immortal for ever more for My Sweet Revenge. Ha! See no human raising from dead how I say. In ENTERTAINING the last trump, is I as you see here. My BIGGER HA (LAKE OF FIRE AND BRIM STONE--Note the statement concerning the brim concerning the fire bottom--Do you even see the V in N in STONE match STOVE. It is a double tone which implies a bolder V than thought "N")!, the last trump I sound in written tones how I hear the sound from My Group. Meet "THE LAKE OF FIRE AND BRIM STOVE"

    I know you seen Godsmack perform "I stand alone" with the pyromania tone with shooting fire flames, before. Remember the line: "Help me decide if my fire will (wheel) burn out before you can breath... Breath into PAIN!!!"--I stand alone. Fire Wheel implies rimming like in how it is an invisable looking bottom fire part. In Daniel, The Ancient of Day's wheels no longer are burning. Now you can decide the Godsmack line in such the way describing you do burn even painfully breathing wise even though the earth ground don't molt how under a fire rim off. How close to the ground is the rim off? The earth ground itself. Try digging when you have no way to. Plus digging, you cant do, will only still just lower the shooting fire deeper. Implying there is no escpaping it.

    In toss it up video the fire flaming symbolizes a burning bush.

    Current Satan sitting a cross (Labyrinth) from Bush, but a Burning Bush is such Labyrinth, THAT is current ALL MY KINDS stand UP.

    ^^That = All My kind, but this = all you Legion. Remember I'm the THIEF rather THE BLACK THIEF. What does a car thief in comparison to a Black thief sound in tones like? Think about powerholder lacking. Then think about the race by color of my physical body. A in a cross implies ONE as in DAY NUMBER ONE is rising A BURNING BUSH. Even AMBUSH style how here is such a SNARE. Just think in how the burning bush tale transforms.

    In a different aspect message from Bush:

    Cross a sitting Satan current.

    But message to Legion:

    Current you stuck in The Labyrinth Satan sitting for against you. O I'm sure popa Bush just Legion headless.

    Extra note in the inner back cover of the Faceless album... Match it with what Makaveli say in Ghetto Star, "And send they bodies to they parents up north, with they face, and they risk, and they nutts cut off."

    ^^You know Makaveli been passed away before that Faceless album's inner back cover. Plus, you have not seen Tupac physically meet with Sully, to pass on any art work. The Makaveli line is a message to My foe, even how I state no humans rise from the dead. And you see the match in how the pic inner back the Faceless album look non-human while also symbolizing cutting off the human body from being put on so My foe do endure 3 torturous DAYS (REMOVINGS indeed not saying for nothing). Do note it look like 3 parts (or even 3 parts cut how the Makaveli line imply) even for symbolizing 3 HELL DAYS. You surely see not two nutts in resemblance, but one for resembling only.

    Grand Conclusion 1, 2, 3:


    ^^Um, you know those harshly torturous when fully implying what it all is. In each, you go in and out ignorant, knowing, wise; as single and many seperate. You're no longer blinding by "My" lyrical disguise.

    Now get this, L in Lake match how I'm repping from Great "L"akes State (MI); B in Black match how Sully repping from "B"oston; C in Circus match how lyrically in our Hip Hop world 2pac repping from "C"alifornia.

    2. You may note Sully from Godsmack never had any featured artists come on in the main song parts. Sure in another channel against My foe, it's lonely and gloomy and depressing in the black pitch (dark). 3. You may note 2pac stood in a media circus. Sure in another channal againt My foe, it's getting a crucifying and a fuck (how certain say the industry fucks 'em, or everybody in the industry is fucking them or rapping them) or a dicking. 1. You may note I stood is many types of inflammations which burned physically which started from age 17 and into age 30. (Note it = 47). Sure in another channel against My foe, it's burning extremely painfully and hurtfully and chokefully and blisteringly.

    It's only right THE FISHER OF MEN stand in The Great Lakes States. I pull My 'slippery fish' foe up straight onto My summering Frying Pan--or rather I pull My Fire Flames up into My Foe.

    Special note for Black, it gets into one extreme or another in temperature. Chillingly cold (peep tone through Godsmack's AWAKE cover) and very hot (peep desert hot tone even with sun type symbol through Godsmack's FACELESS cover, plus the fans on the back also imply it gets very hot). Remember me sweating it out and freezing it out inside buildings, local jail and state ward to group home. Uncomforable indeed puts My foe in extreme myseries conditions in Black. Plus, all sorts of plagues raining shall come ruin My foe in Black. Why else you see in the music video of "Straight out of line" the alien looking being in a tub of water for? In sure times you can drawn in Black just before entering the other HELLS. Ha! You can drawn in throw up in Black. Ha! You can find you in thick smog of who knows what in Black. Ha! Sand (plus other plaguing things) blowing strong in Black. Ha! You can find you air lifted and slammed or the bottom removed from under you. Ha! You can find loud noises which hurt the hearing come on in Black. Lol, remember the scene in Feast 2 where the monster which was cut open just started screaming. You will wish it shut up. Anyway, all such plus plus can suddenly come just when you think it's already worst. For it all mixing is like a storm--Rather THE STORM OF THE CENTURY. Hell (You) hath no fury like a Storm, I say. What Godsmack say? "I feel (FILL) rain pouring down!" Part in the feeling of depression, besides saddness, is extreme anger, but I rather have Black express extreme anger in tone. Godsmack been expressing an angry tone--a 'free our anger' tone under a better way which works for music which is more hardcore. Black shall be maddening as in driving My foe crazy in utter myseries after myseries.

    Remember Drawning Pool's Bodies? You will be struggling and losing in the mental psychy. Think mysery feelings can't get to you? Ha! You get a shaking out the very thought. Yeah, nothing worse than you finding you also in center a worse astral projection storm of different encounter kinds which literally alter your psychy, plus, your performances worse than your astral projections and worse than any meds for an ill patient. Meet astral injections.

    What Makaveli say in "Krazy"? "Bad Ass representing from the L.B.C." See the match "L"ake, "B"lack, "C"ircus.

    Hints in reading gospel's labyrinth:

    They = Foe. Them = My kind. This = Foe. That = I or My kind. These = Foe.

    Now peep in sound the quotes:

    But "and" no longer bringing forth fruit, other no longer falling in to (2, too) good ground.

    But sum an hun (barbarous or destructive person) dread fold, other no longer falling in to (2, too) good ground.

    But sum sixty fold, other no longer falling in to (2, too) good ground.

    But sum thirty fold, other no longer falling in to (2, too) good ground.

    ^^Or rather: , other fail in to (2, too) good ground. In red is My foe. Make a 60 fold, you get 30 final in age. Make a 30 fold, you get 15 final in age. Implying the physical body of My kind may remain seeming alive by automation while the individual been raptured after or during that their final age once. The foe dread fold since the foe likes thinking the foe is getting away with a lot of destructive offences toward My kind. And the point in why the word sum is used is since you get the gist that it is not solely only those ages but more. The first quote implying when I get to the point current nothing but automations (My devices) get born rather than My kind, though My foe may be born to add one more FURTHER part into HELLS.

    "Who let me hear, hath (surprize and have) ears to hear."

    ^^Who implies either My device (automations) or My kind (living alive) or overall I (lively alive).

    "And some no longer falling "a mong thorns" (or: And some fail a mong thorns); and "and" no longer chocking My kind, the thorns no longer springing up."

    ^^red/black is how My foe rise a mong right beside me like in pestering me through the ear.

    Back on albums...


    Match the belt symbol with the correct track. What does it tell? Count number 5 both ways. You see "I stand alone releasing the demons" is the correct track. Look on a calendar even in DAY 1, you see 5th day is Tuesday, you even see 7-2= 5. Yeah, backward. All line up with Satan (5 letters). Now you see I am Count Wisedom. Satan's color red symbolizes blood plus Free Our Anger. Of course you know the better wise is how ONE SHOULD only free it (and press it or shead it) full force with no delay against any acting a foe. O yeah, plus add in 5th week in count, too.

    "And cast ye the unprofitable servant in to (2, too) outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth."

    ^^2nd layer implying more under the category of outer darkness such as the storm of things and dark feelings of things.

    Read in reverse:

    The "and" in an hour (OUR) that I is not a ware (where, wear) of, lord of that servant shall come in a day when I look not for me.

    ^^I become a WHERE NOT/a WEAR NOT. OUR what? THE (as in HEAD, CORE, CONGAMORATOR). And it is 'income' from 'come in'. You seen income live concerning those 5s enter wisedom mine. THAT "OF" implies for such income MINE in due time. And the matter in wisedom is also 'of lord' ('foe') as in concerning OUR foe. Ha! "OF" may imply (and indeed implies) for what is on either side or center. Like how the 5 in count concerning the Faceless album from either end in count to even reach a center wisedom count not seen obviously (such as in full: "I stand alone releasing the demons"). ANCIENT OF DAYS? "OF" implies either which direction (ANCIENT "OF", "ANCIENT OF", "OF" DAYS, "OF DAYS") and even center ("ANCIENT OF DAYS").

    Cut the with types off is implying...

    And "and" appoint me my portion "with the hypocrites": there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth, shall cut "me a sunder".

    ^^cut "the me a sunder" implies how Me and My Kind meant seperate in authentic outgo. Can't be cut from such wise because such implies paste back. Also implies how OUR MISSION is JUST SINGULAR and can't be put in peices or outside of authentic favor.

    IV by Godsmack... Back outer cover.. You see a duece sign. But look close, you see a cross. A cross like an in an intersection implies a labyrinth with 4 directions. Song number 6 the pic symbolizes. And get this, soon as I put the album on it played 6 just before I even fully counted in wisedom. 2 fingers pointing up plus 4 direction = pointing to song number 6 ("No rest for the wicked"). Got the playing device on random just so you know I have greater control in dimensions which include the so-called "random" here. Plus note is you switch around IV it makes a VI. Ha! Roman numberal 6! Symbolically put IV upsidedown and it makes for a I A or A I. Now 6 turn 9 which implies in center "No rest for the wicked temptation" since song 9 is "Temptation". Ha! For in sound also imply fore (in advancement) and 4. And advancement is a prearrangement and/or a warning. On IV's back cover is a more different than usual looking "Warning" implying device with an of course impling law order prearrangement. Ha!

    Song number 11 is rather implying "a fill in" in between "11" since in the track is a space just before the hidden song part come on. Basically in symbolics it's implying song number 3 and in another dual center focus it is implying song 6 again and plus "One rainy day the enemy" since song 3 is The enemy. The message is how I been saying the foe is Hell being wise. Plus note such get put under rainy affects. Then listen deep into the hidden song saying, "When will (wheel) you ever feel (fill) safe and sound?!". "You are hear, and safe and SOUND!"

    ^^Implying You the foe make the sound up in a SAFE (the kind which puts things up or away). Plus, it implying you the foe hear you the foe. In other layer, you the foe here hearing a warning, are safe and sound (figurative expression) till the HELLS HIT. O yeah, the hidden song starts on 4:00 in reverse down count. Now get this, down in as implying in song 4 which is "Shine down" See how I shine a down count? In Shine down Sully uses the O, and you know it implies "Clock" or "Clocking" which you know may count either which way. The center point is TIME though. Remember Makaveli mentining "Cop O time" in "Ballad of a dead soulja"? Ha! In the song "Enemy" by Godsmack, the message toward ME is My O Enemy is Time which in a sense a non-living thing. And note how Sully say "I've" in how it make for an "IV" through sound as a wise tone. See how "time" is 4 letters. Sully say, "So predicting, you're the reason why... I lie!" You = time (not My alive foe), but "lie" is as in "laying." Basically, I lay the time in how the moment may go, and I know I alone may make a time where the moment arises a foe (you know my foe become a true foe outside a point I make it come in free decisions with) against in a war which is temporary though fake foes which may freely turn true as you see the case and point is current. But no longer will I (The WINNER) engage this sport again in any sense (same bring back or anew in far journey category).

    My alive foe in HELLS will still have its wicked temtation with no means like some one to get off such wicked lust on. It's like wanting then turning very more into misery in a 'your for become your against' senses.

    ^^Peep the sound "Live Inn In Sin" through the song "Livin in sin" by Godsmack. Ha! Was on in playing as I was getting into the wicked's temptation, but dawned after finishing up.

    What you think is implying also in "ONE"? Take the written into "OVE", but take the sound into "OF." How the saying go? "I am a man of many things."

    ^^Many things is that man (I) how the "of" apply.

    The other saying is "I'm not a fighter, I'm a lover." But I rather say, I'm not a lover, I'm an OF-er. Certain OF contains OF REMOVINGS just so you know I do cut with any thing or any being a foe.

    Listen deep to "shine down" by godsmack... You hear? "But I still believe in immortal OF. And I know there's (their's) some (sum) one that's up above...".

    ^Dont let the single "L" sound fool you. You hear no break away from the L sound into say an extra L sound. Sum is CORE GROUP plus. Whose sum? Their's! You know I'm Count Wisedom to know I should reverse the implication from "their's sum one" into "sum their's one". And you know I roll with should. You know WE ONE INDIVIDUAL in no matter the going outward/onward. The whole IV album focus is on THE REVERSE which is even RE-VERSE, say, verses. Ha! THE REVESE wisedom count is symbolizing for filling in answers using different angles put for to peice together. :cheers2:

    It's whole reversings and it's inner (center) reversing and you may count on it also being side reversings.

    And I know sum, their's, one that's up above. Or And I know "Sum Their's One" that's up above. The thing about sound is it is no need for puncuations to get the implications in which the sound may get written in or not. I will show you how come sum is implying the core plus. For one, the word "sum" is 3 letters. For second, You know better is more than best, so think more after the core layer since a summer (implying not the season) I am is over a sum. What is better? A sum or a summer? And you know a summer sums up as long as is a summer which implies a continueing in sum is going. If not, then I'm no summer. Yet Count Wisedom likes Summing. Like working with numbers. In a sense I bleed numbers. And I bleed the word "number" with different implications. My foe bleed me down to nothing but a loner, here on planet earth, among a pack of cowardly foes against.

    Anyway, just like how I pointed out the rapure beyond just the two ages. Rock Of Ages! You see a summer is I. Now see ME CONGLOMERATOR up in hollywood and etc. You can see messages mine in shows DAWNING the truths MINE. Like Outer Limits. Truely is like a 1000 channels which sum up clearer currently in certain episodes. The last scene in the first OuterLimits I seen today is implying what wit (and with) those three? 1 male symbolized both wisedom and lake (peep the liquid), 1 female on the side symbolized both knowing (peep her listening and watching the guy speaking) and circus (note how symbolizing extreme admirer in tone by look), 1 male on the floor symbolized both ignorant and black (peep how out of cam focus). And before all this, you see ME the guy warning (warning an invasion in under tones) rather who? The devil (Legion) in under tones which come in clear. You even see the lady which said she sided as even a certain lawyer indeed in the side. ETC. So much was CLEAR in that episode I cant even write it ALL here. The main guy which got it you see symbolize the guy sitting across from me at the table back in a May, the judge, and the presidents (well you see the first pres you know I'm implying, then you see the black one how the end rounds it up. Plus, you see he was wearing black than just put in black as in out of focus though there in say the symbolization for the 2nd HELL). Plus, the Sand Kings comment by the 1 male you see also imply traveling from HELL 2 (sure sand will be a problem) TO HELL 1, and implying indeed knowing. In sum up, you know it implies traveling between all 3. O, and the guard symbolizes the automation since a gaurd has the robotic tone. You see me cut the automation (guard) through removing a peice (get it? Gun too) and use an automation aspect (guard's gun) to fire into (2, too) the heads-symbolizing foe. Yeah, all the tone from one OuterLimits episode. Plus, you see I leave after, and you see him (me) not getting back in their AGAIN though the show entertained the idea when he (I) said something like "let me back in there!" Ha! And think about the other cases presented... One even had one character with my given name. He got what? TAKEN! Right from in a house. From where? Basement. I'm typing this from the basement. See how it all connect in THE DAWNING?

    Also remember the line about the eye drops by the guy symbolizing me? So much tone in that where do I begin? My foe did drop agents from showing up in court. My foe did drop air-born-vapor-born poison on things close and anywhere close up in where I was held before going up state so to speak. ETC. The fact I know they all the one devil is also I-drops. You seen a problem when you seen the part where the files were missing symbolize SATAN (in the sense the guy in an out of his own sight sense) infiltrating your head establishment. Ha! Undertone in that even, is the missing evidence which Legion know should have busted them. Not even that but the evidence wasn't even presented in court to say anyone did anything by, say, a linking. Coward ass Legion know it's like suicide against them if presenting such which should not only let me free, but cast foe in the pin. Ha! And also in the very last scene you seen Michigan to the U.S.'s east atlantic coast. Range implying a case from MI to D.C. or an eastern time zone matter. I'm in MI/Eastern Time Zone. See the connection? Now see how when Legion make missing 2 small key points (which lead into more involvement), I make missing 2 big key points. They seal their fate doing against me. Cover up what I say? I cover up bodies deep with HELLS coverings.

    It is another episode which is one of my upper favorits too... The one about the part 2 to the one I just explained. Ha, 2! You know where the clone-looking guys (symbolizing Legion) take over the news media station and then the channel whole to broadcast LIES and FALSEHOODS in Legion's aim in keeping in covering up thuth. Yeah, IT IS ALL DAWNING!!! CONGLOMERATOR THE DAWN!!! It's all matching in many which ways and centers.

    Now look at the disc itself of the IV album... You see the longer flames upper and bottom touch and case the cy (upper), cy (lower)... Implies Motorcycle endorsement (implying rather moving/removing endorsement), implies "See Why Up Top", "See Why Down Below". Or rather "See Why Up Top Flames", "See Why Down Below Flames" Note even the red color tone encasing the grey flames which implies the kind of flames which burn and sear how the noteable flames make marks. Plus, do you see how the disc design implies and symbolizes FIRE WHEEL with an invisable core base part by the plastic acting as a telling tone even? Also half seen and half not seen is the BLACK "IV"... Implying Black (HELL 2) chillingly cold which turn extremely hot, and where it is dark in sense no sight on any thing in it (expect the darkness) while in it. Also IV is what feed you through your veins. So it implies astral injections and projections as I been stressing. Basically, I make the wicked MISERABLY sick in many ways in HELL 2 while undergoing THE STORM OF THE CENTURE of such extreme environmental (and atmostpherical) conditions. Yeah, the oxygen can get thin. The pressure can cause bodily emplosions or big rips. Waters can become "wormwood" then "coldwood" then scolding "hotwood."

    ^^Yeah, wormy or currenty (which? You shall know) if you can picture what is in a word in how it is in phrase continuation.

    Now note the "Still I rise" album by 2pac and Outlawz... You see yellow going across the pic with Pac and the rest of 3... But notice the title above rather than the Still I Rise title below. You see --rather I see it as: "2 Pac cross Outlaw sleeping". Implying 2 are not My foe from the front, but the rest are My foe. On the back cover it's in revese where It's "Sleeping Outlaw cross 2 Pac (My kind)". You see the only 2 missing is Kastro and Tupac. 2 in 4 from the front not My foe, but the rest are plus the center the cross become also the foe in the back cover only. And My foe know which Pac pointed out on Makaveli album in the reverse number 6 song part (plus his hand is in the center). See the whole every which way thing again concerning the reverse for wisedom count? See the center focus?

    Extra for slanting implication...

    ^^Son (Beast), see do in meet My kind give 2 (and: too) Who, servant (beast) wise and faithful a 'is then'.

    Now peep:

    "Why they kill a nigga?, 'cause I'm coming back like Jesus."--Makaveli

    ^^like Jesus = Gs US. Better ENHANCEMENT from seed: Why My foe falsify a thief?, 'cause I'm coming back "Gods US."--CONGLOMERATOR THE DAWN


    "Still I Rise" Rise what? Surely red implying Lake of fire is what coming here.

    Sound in Conglomerod "Con Glomera Da" and "Con Glom-mer Rod"

    n. pl. glom·er·a (glŏm'ər-ə)
    A small body no longer surrounding by many nerve fibers, consisting of an anastomosis between fine arterioles and veins.


    to steal.
    to catch or grab.
    to look at.


    day; days.


    1. a stick, wand, staff, or the like, of wood, metal, or other material.

    ^^"I" is other material a rod may be of.


    against a proposition, opinion, etc.: arguments pro and con.
    to learn; study; peruse or examine carefully.
    to direct the steering of (a ship).
    involving abuse of confidence: a con trick.
    a convict.

    0. Con (Against propostion; To learn; To direct the steering of; Involving abuse of confidence; A convict)...

    1. steal I

    2. ...small body no longer surrounding by nerve fibers day(s)


    ^^Reverse and see. Plus go with sound Of tones. Key hint: I steal (still) to (2, too) of steering the direct to (2, too). Match with slant implications. Even apply all in a read row.

    Final round up:

    It's HELL (Lake), HELL (Black), HELL (Circus), and HELL (Temptation).

    Godsmack's voodoo video sums all 4 up in tones. You see rather the female looking dancer symbolize Temptation in it. Drawning Pool's Bodies also sums up 1! 2! 3! 4!!!! in the tone of "Damn Surely All 4 Episodes Plague My Living Foe."

    THE LABYRINTH!!!! It's why Makaveli say, "BAD ASS representing from the L.B.C.", since "BAD ASS" symbolizes Wicked Temptation and Wicked's Temptation.

    My foe a bad foolish person and a bad stupid person. Implying bad ass. My foe's ass, in bad ass, is also implying in a more figurative slang tone (where 's don't need saying for as it implies without even saying) My foe's lust.

    Now you see the CROSS in how its intersection shows having 4 directions like a North, South, East, and West. Center point only implies My foe shall be in all 4 the same time in Legion parts which switch sides. Like Vegas, where you hit one strip, then more. "I travel cross"--Kadafi in Running On E!!!!

    My Bucket List will say in sum up points to a then past time not to look back on in any other way, I got a Check for: Been No Sucker, No Sellout, No Coward.

    ^^Those overall hold the extra stuff I haven't been.

    ANCIENT OF REMOVING doing what? Removing just art and just entertainment to reveal warnings in art and entertainment form. Removing just cases to reveal points in cases. Removing writings to reveal sounds in writings. Removing words 'as is' or 'as seems is' to reveal further implications in words. Removing dimensional static to reveal dimensional channels last in deminsional static first. Removing My foe's wicked standings to reveal OUR revenge in OUR foe's wicked standings. Removing just revealing to rectify TECHNICALLY. Removing The Man With Garments Appearence to reveal THE UNKNOWN With The Military Mind Over Matter.

    Ahh yeah, I. "I" is a surprize CROSS. Has 6 directions. "Part 2 (to, too) of the war."--Makaveli. Note 4:11 for the hidden Godsmack song start. Basing on point current it's way beyond both elect war and electronic war, but is part 2. Note in Speak which is song 2 Sully say, "And way beyond your controlling mind; I." The e-wars were in the controlling I category. THE WAR and WAR.

    I share with you too SECRETS OF WAR. Sequence codes and the whole 9 remind ya. I SHARE SAYS "WITH YOU". Beyond your control, I control through you (with your human hand) and right beside you (with no human hand). Now relook at the last track on IV album and look at the track number match in fill wise with the song "Secrets of war" on Still I Rise album. Then the extra center, since an "I" has a long center, is "ONE RAINY DAY STILL I RISE" or "STILL I RISE ONE RAINY DAY". See the sequence tone in what I just did? Now look deeper "ONE RAINY DAY STEAL I RISE" (VISE VERSA). Or rather "OF RAINY DAY STEAL I RISE" (VISE VERSA). WORLD WAR III shall flood how I fill in a crack or hole in the world's buster ass and punk frontin' ass.

    I dissapear and reappear as the REMOVING. I resequence fortraces' aim and strike. When Makaveli said "Back like a Cobra", he is rather implying "removing" (repositioning) for an aim and harmful strike. Ha, if you thought 'back like a cobra' meant backing the fuck up like a hoe to a danger. Count Wisedom got the sweeter BITING points.

    You seen "I" next to "t" in a word creation meant to show both crosses where 4 sit the same with a noteable 2 only standing out extra in "I". Let ME get into MY SECRET HIDEOUT THE CUTTING-EDGE WAR COMMAND ROOM. ROOOOM!!! Ha! Remember Shocker the movie? My favorit line he said was "Now I'm nationwide." Well I room better since going worldwide.

    Matt 24 (= 6 as the direction point)
    15 (= 6 too) When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)

    ^^Meant readable as you see here how I put the I Cross in writting. Let me understand "smile for me now."

    "therefore"? The fore make it rather "here" in implication away from "there".

    The line by Makaveli in Smile, It's gon' be some (sum) stuff you gon' see (sea) in the future that's gon' make it hard to (2, too) smile.

    ^^Note the "it" twice for part 2 concerning crosses.

    "sea" implies ppls, languages, tongues. You implies Satan with Foe how Satan (that) gon' make it hard to smile.

    What Makaveli say? "I no longer catch a plane out to cleave land, late last evenin', to help My foes clean up sum My foes no longer breathin'.

    ^^Rather cleave humans. Ay! Get your hand out my pocket!

    Peep layers:

    'As is':

    For "as" a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth.

    Of sound:

    For (Fore, IV) as (ass) a snare shall it come on: "all them that da (day; days) well (wail)" on the face of the whole earth.

    ^^IV implying 4 HELLS. ass = a stupid and foolish person. HELLS' ASS (My Foe). Yellow is a coward color for the cowardly cowardly facing the whole earth (OUR SNARE basing from all sorts of matters MY THIEF MASK). Fore = In advancement. In advancement a stupid and foolish person a snare...etc.


    For as O snare command It (Double Cross "I" with "t") co-we on O III thaw at dwell on O face of O who lo ear.

    O symbolize time. Time III thaw = Time ME, RIGHT HAND (Makaveli), and COP O (Sully from Godsmack) thaw. And such thaw reveals WORLD WAR III tone since OUR tone dwell on time face (I--ANCIENT OF REMOVING) facing time who lo ear. Who lo ear? My Foe. Such a low ear and such a look ear, since an offensive coward which foolishly think can be stuborn in ways.


    "Speak the truth, "Or" make your piece sum other way."--sound from Godsmack's Speak. Ha! I see My foe's "or" trying high and low and center.

    O yeah, the two big fans behind Godsmack symbolize hi, lo, center fans (fanatical kind) as a layer My foe. The better layer is symbolizing distant identical relatives. What's a fan in comparison? Nothing!

    What Em say? "You about to be thrown off the throne, and ripped a new asshole."

    You're prolly thinking Makaveli and Sully had nothing to do with the signs I pointed out, but My foe know how when I was young a greater sign sure looked like I had nothing to do with it. Anyhow, the greater signs do come from/by OUR surrounds and come US corely. One only wonders till THE CENTER SIGNS HIT own inner awareness when you're OF A CORE GROUP even how you favor it remind you in the PLAN you put you under for till a point.

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