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Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by Mabster, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. Mabster

    Mabster Member

    Hey there.
    I feel I shall start a time line thread for my Younglins as they are now a week old...
    In that time they has been waxed, palm rolled to hell and back, fused, twisted, etc etc.. The other night I saw sense thanks to all you fine people on here..
    I Stopped waxing the tips, bein obsessive etc etc..
    I now know what dreads are meant to be..
    A beautiful journey, ups, downs.. but beauty..
    So the rubber bands came off yesterday.

    I did my first deep clean today..
    WHAT A DIFFERENCE... Yes a lot are falling apart, but most don't feel waxy anymore!! I LOVE IT!!!

    So the following are a few photographs leading up to tonight.

    Cheers all

  2. whitemarley90

    whitemarley90 Member

    Where R The Pics???
  3. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    u forgot the pics........
  4. Mabster

    Mabster Member

    So not used to tis internet malarky...
    Phtobucket time for me!!
    I'll be back in ten mins!!

  5. Glacius

    Glacius Member

    let me introduce you to my friend, the statue of liberty
  6. Smelly D

    Smelly D The Dreaded Plumber

    whats in the cage?
  7. Mabster

    Mabster Member

    Cheddar And Cheese....
    My two beautiful rats =]
  8. Mabster

    Mabster Member

    Hello there and happy sunday.
    It's wet! Very wet, i've been out practicing my driving (my test is in March) and got some pics of my hair.

    Here they are a week on.. Had one deep clean and many are coming undone which i suspected they would as some of the back combing was rather the poop!!

    There are two/three bits on the back i have taken apart completely due do it being rather the block of wax!

    Here they are



    Another From Yesterday (Note band and wax:()


    Quite a change already.
    I'm not even sure if i will get the back, back combed again... rather just leave it :)
  9. Mabster

    Mabster Member

    Today - Back Of Head.


    I have named my head Mr Fluffy.


    From today.

    I shall update in a week I think =]
  10. oshinn

    oshinn Member

    your hair is stellar!
    i love rats... i used to own them all the time... i miss them, they're great pets.
  11. Mabster

    Mabster Member

    Rats certainly are incredible.
    Two females so blooming crazy the whole time!
    NEVER bite.. only chew through everything... Used to let the have free reign of my room when I was in... Baaad idea... took the wallpaper off all the corners, destroyed a £50 duvet, power cables (which i touched ) etc etc...,

    Now they roam around their cage and outside it and get walkies time each day :D

    Love em.

    Cheers for the comment about my hair... i'm really looking forward to seeing how it comes out
  12. Smelly D

    Smelly D The Dreaded Plumber

    thought they might be =] my sister had the exact same cage for her ratties a while ago
  13. Glacius

    Glacius Member

    you are making progress that is for sure.
  14. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    i hgad 4 rats that had the run of my room, untill they were enslaved by the rat that will forever be known as the rat from hell (there was a rap song made about this rat)
    the rat from hell was a sewer rat that lived inside my wall, it was much bigger then any of our cats and we'd tried killing it many times many ways (we had a newboern babie in ther house 1/2 the size of the rat) we soaked an entire bottle of bleach into a loaf of bread and fed it to him through the hole in the wall, anmd everytime it reached for the bleach soaked bread wed tried pinning its foot down with a loved thge bleach soaked bread and ate thye entire loaf
    for weeks before it moved into my wall we'd been walking around the house with swords bats crutches anything we could find to use as a weapon
    this was a seriusly scary rat
    after it moved into my wall it ate a hole through into my room that was just big enough for its paws and the very tip of its nose to fit through so it enslaved my pet rats to bring it food
    id never seen rats behave like this 90% of the food id give them they'd take throuygh the hole in the wall and feed to the rat from hell (he was so big the hole that only his nose fiit through was big enough for 2 of my rats to go through at once)
    sorry bout the rast rant
    i still love rats, just not monstor rats

    btw a whole bottle of blewach didnt even affect his appetite and he lived at least 6 monthsd longer before i guess moiving on
    i think my houysemates had an exhorcism to get rid of it
  15. Smelly D

    Smelly D The Dreaded Plumber

    hahaha, demon ratty! sounds like a wild one, as opposed to a pet one.

    ive been bitten on the nose by a rat, that wasnt fun =[
  16. Mabster

    Mabster Member

    Well that's my second deep cleans out the way. Certainly getting closer to being wax free. There are one or two that are solid and the wax will take a while to come out of them.. Super back combed... will be interesting when they unravel haha..

    There was grit in the bottom of the bowl! Been tree felling at work so a lot o stuff flying around!!

    Time to rinse!

    Take it easy folks

  17. amybird

    amybird Senior Member

    Mabster, I want that room you are standing in. (Yes I do mean the greenhouse one lol...spring is coming and my greenhouse is my windowsills, but this year I have kittens *Marge Simpson grumble noise* so I'm designing special seed tray stands to go in the windows but still enabling the little treasures to cavort around on the sill without killing everything. I know that had nothing to do with your dreads, again, so now I will go away :p)
  18. amybird

    amybird Senior Member

    Did the big rat wear a robe and hang out with four bandanna-wearing ninja-trained turtles with artistic names and a penchant for pizza? :p
  19. Dragonvine

    Dragonvine I do Glass

    Sounds like a party to me xD
  20. Hey, everyone. I joined this forum today so I could look around and find out how to start some dreads. I have read several threads and the only talk about how to maintain them. So, I was just wondering if anyone could direct me to a thread that talks about how to get started. Thanks.

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