The Jerusalem Syndrome

Discussion in 'Philosophy and Religion' started by Aerianne, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Aerianne

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    I'd never heard of this before reading an article this morning. Upon searching the internet, I find numerous articles about it.

    “Jerusalem syndrome is a phenomenon aware of people, pilgrims, tourists who come to Jerusalem are so overwhelmed by the sense of holiness here that something happens to them. And certain fantasies, redemption fantasies of making the world a better place overcome them, and they believe they have a messianic mission which they must fulfill,"
  2. Aerianne

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    People will take the hotel bed sheets and wear them as robes.

    on the second day of their stay inJerusalem, when they began to feel an inexplicable nervousness and anxiety. If they came with a group or family they suddenly felt a need to be on their own and left the others. They would often begin to perform acts of purification, or cleansing, such as immersion in a mikva (ritual bath). Often the patients changed their clothes in an effort to resemble biblical figures, for example dressing in white robes, because most of them chose to identify themselves with a character from the New or Old Testament.
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    Psychologists have already documented that their patents tend to switch from telling stories about being abducted by aliens to ones about devil worshiping occults roughly every eight years as Hollywood changes from emphasizing one genre over another. I would be shocked and amazed if every major religious cite in the world did not experience the same thing.
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  4. Aerianne

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  5. Aerianne

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    They say that David Koresh, cult leader, may have had Jerusalem Syndrome.

    David Koresh, who spent time in Jerusalem, may have been affected by the Syndrome, but its effect was protracted, since only after he returned to the U.S. did he proclaim himself the messiah and found his sect at Waco, Texas.
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    This is a doctor in Jerusalem. Good talk.
  7. BirdFlu

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    Whoaaaa.. wonder why???
  8. Aerianne

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    Religious Hysteria would be my guess.

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  9. Ged

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    I get religion. Then I lose it. Then I get it again. It's a perennial.
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    Omg yes lol
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    i have a form of that, but i don't have to go anywhere to do so, nor to hate anything either.
    i call it the universal wonder of strangeness, and if people would just love that, instead of trying to make everything an excuse to hate something,
    we could all live in a world everyone would have a chance to get the most out of living in.

    places do have a kind of spiritness.
    the best kinds of places that have the best kind of spiritness
    are those that are not infested with the baggage of human ego.

    any place out in the wilderness where your own experiencing of your surroundings is unlikely to be interrupted by the presence, thoughts and interpretations of other people,
    is where there is the most positive kind of spiritness to be found.

    humans come up with this idea, that anything greater then themselves would have to wish to be feared.
    this is the kind of thought humans are much more likely to come up with,
    then anything that actually is.

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