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Discussion in 'Hip Comics' started by autophobe2e, Jul 26, 2013.

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    finally scraped together enough money to get a copy of the invisibles omnibus, massively looking forward to it, heard amazing things about its creation (Katmandu, aliens, acid, lsd, san francisco, hypersigil wankathon etc) i'm a huge fan of grant morrison's personal projects, especially flex mentallo, and some of this mainstream shit as well (all star superman is awesome) can't wait to get my hands on a massive heavy tome of his magnum opus.

    anyone read it? what did you think to it?

    any morrison fans in?
  2. I remember reading the Inivisbles comics from the library a few years ago, I loved it! The characters are fun, and very likeable and you care what happens to them. They are Vibrant, larger than life. They have fun ways of living and saving the day, and I love that they are kind of like a close-knit family. You should enjoy it! :gorgeous:

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