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Discussion in 'Camping/Outdoor Living' started by Barbuchon, Sep 4, 2005.

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    Hey, a lot people here showed interests in giving up their life in the society for a free life. We see all those people ''THINKING'' or ''DREAMING'' about getting away with few packages.

    I taught it would be a good idea to have a topic for people who are REALLY about to leave soon to meet, give'em hope, tell their plan, and maybe form groups or new ideas.

    For myself, I've been dreaming of leaving forever for so long now and since the last few mounths I really started to build a solid idea. I'm from Montreal (Canada / Quebec) and I plan to get to Puerto Rico and join Caribbean getaway community ( I give myself 1-2 years MAXIMUM to sell everything and save up enought money for the transportation and I want to buy a dog when I'll get there. Having this shitty job right now is getting loud on my mind. I just wanna get away.
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    I'm in the money raising stage and I hope to be all set within 2 years. It's not something you would want to rush into, only to find out you've not enough money or made some other oversight, and then have to abandon the whole project! That said, I realise many projects operate on a shoe string budget and with most of what they need being taken from nature.

    I intend to live fairly locally, but no longer in a mainstream house. I will live alone for a while before taking in new peeps (unless I meet somebody who shares my vision in the interim). Obviously there will be increased work load being alone, but to me it's real important that it can work with just one person if it has to - and at any rate I will be able to commit my full time and attention to it.

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