The Hippie thing on the History Channel

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by crummyrummy, May 13, 2007.

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    I missed the last 15 minutes. Last thing I saw was Woodstock.
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    Since I missed the mid sixties, because I was still in high school, I was glad by some of the details about many things like,,,Manson hanged with Neil Young..he entered the Haight as a Pseudo hippie, tourists annoyed the hell out of the local hippies, and the place became like a zoo for them, the movement was intended to be a national political change with Utopian dreams backed up by poets, ex-professors, and well-intentioned wanderers. The hanged out with bands like the dead where everyone was given acid seemed like a new religion and something that must've been intense.

    I experienced similar things back east like the electric circus, CBGB, the Fillmore east and some clubs at Bleeker st, but they were far from that Frisco spirit.

    Reagan was the turning point, in more ways that even was exposed there, but I'm glad that the segment about him was not ommited completely. Had it not been for "enter the cowboy to the governor's seat" , who knows how the world would be even now.

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