The Garden

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Imagine17, Aug 30, 2005.

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    I was high before and did some meditating to some trance music and was inspired to write this poem. Why? I dont know. It just kind of came to be. Let my know what you think and mind the mispelling erros here and in the poem cause I am sstill pretty high. I edited as best as I could.

    The Garden

    Free we begin as one single plant in a vast garden,
    A never ending ocean of soil to the horizon
    Two we become the friendliest of foes
    Our peaceful leaves take their repose in the ever lasting sunshine as our friendship grows
    Three and four and five are grown
    The enticing plains of our earth become dense

    No longer do our leaves take repose amongst the embracing sun
    We are a dear speck in a now forest of others, no longer one
    Peace fades away as the fierce parasites crawl out of the once sterile soil
    A past bright forest of friends is foiled
    Green turns to brown, the color of the very skin of the community eaten away
    Limp are our stems, droopy are our leaves
    No longer able to extend their arms into the peaceful breeze

    The Icy wind of a forgone season sinks in its deadly breath
    Right into the heart of the garden bringing in the aura of a black death
    Once green and always blue
    Now gray, it is growth they rue
    The foremost ataraxis we first knew now dissipates
    into the ebony cloud of hate
    Innate was the greed that crept in through the curious spores of our roots
    The laughing wind now weeps in the brisk air
    Optimism turns to malevolence, the greedy seed grows
    Shadow engulfs land that used to be fair

    A beautiful mother that gave nurture to a garden of peace and love becomes the covetous whore
    A garden of beauty that once grew….
    Once grew…..
    Will grow peacefully no more.​
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    I love it. Very tranquil and calming. :D I would like to listen to someone saying that while I meditate.

    Turned out very well. :D
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    theres so much in there, i dont think i've ever read a poem with so much to take in but it just kinda goes though with such ease. very very nice poem man
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    The first stanza was so positive and uplifting.
    I really enjoyed the vibe of growth and beauty.
    All of it is well written.

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