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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by givepeaceachance, May 15, 2004.

  1. People of the World

    The Give Peace a Chance Movement is trying to spread the word about a new way of thinking; we're not the same, but who cares. Instead of constantly guarding what we say so as not to offend anyone with a "non-P.C." term, instead of hiding or forcing our differences on society so that we don't exclude anyone or so that we don't confine anyone; simply agree to be different. As a society we cannot hide behind the idea that "everyone is the same," because it's not true. The G.P.C. movement is trying to change this way of thinking. We are different, but why should it matter. After all, differences make our lives more interesting.

    For more info email us at or visit the website (in progress)
  2. We can change things. We can change the World. What are we waiting for. If we take baby steps then anything is possible. The G.P.C. movement is only one outlet. Start your own movement. Do something. Help to make the world a better place. Speak your mind, tell people the truth. SPREAD THE WORD!!!

    Peace and Love
  3. sonik

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    Good Luck!

  4. Crush

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    I've got some questions.

    You say like:"everyone is not the same" and we should accept that.
    But the goverment or society says:"everyone IS the same." Here comes the part I don't understand. English is not my standerd language so I might have misunderstood it, but in what way do you mean the everyone is the same part. In like: everyone is the same, so we're all equils. That's a good thing right, because then everybody would treat everybody as an equil and doesn't say like: I'm the boss, so you do what I say!

    Or like in society makes/wants you to be the same as others (which is true, people don't like people that are differant/interesting) and doesn't alow you to be differant.

    If the last case is true, I support you! Because I get sick of people strarring at you just because you have long hair or dress a bit differant or have other ideas and thoughts:mad:!
  5. I mean that society tries to tell us that we're all the same. And that being "politically correct" inforces that. I am trying to get people to see that we can never be the same and that is what makes us beautiful. Our unique qualities. Thanks for offering to support. or for more questions
  6. Crush

    Crush Member

    Everyone being the same sux! The world would be a boring place then.
  7. Here I am still trying to crusade for what may seem like a lost cause to some. BUT I have decided not to give up! I want to be an influence to others to start working to make their beliefs heard. I want lots of people to start a movement, if everyone starts something, what would happen?!?!?! Mass hysteria!?!?!?! WORLD PEACE!?!?!?!?! who knows!!! That is what the GPC movement is all about. Sure it is focused on political correctness right now, but it is really about all sorts of things. Peace covers many topics! The main idea is to start others standing up for their rights!!! the GPC movement needs supporters! SO WHOS WITH ME!?!?!?!

    email at for more info on how to help out!

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