The Frank Zappa Thread

Discussion in 'UK Music Forum' started by Iago2, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. Iago2

    Iago2 Member

    As those few that have seen my wretched bones will know and be advisedly cautious of, I love Frank Zappa. His music, films and ideologies are the single most important influence on my life to date. Nothing beats some passion for a bit of Frank, which is good because it seems an element lacking in society these days (Although not so in these digital forums).

    So hey, the Frank Zappa thread. Zapski. The big FZ. Any of you guys ever seen him live? (Me being born two years before he stopped live touring put a stop to that ambition) Got any bootlegs? Met the guy? Favourite album? Hate his guts?

    Frank talk has been instigated.
  2. Iago2

    Iago2 Member

    Hot rats is an incredible bit of frank, have you tried its sequels? Waka Jawaka and The Grand Wazoo?
  3. jesikhaviolet

    jesikhaviolet Member

    frank zappa is a god

  4. all_rhodesian_reject

    all_rhodesian_reject Sonskyn Elvis

  5. jesikhaviolet

    jesikhaviolet Member


    leave, little boy!
  6. rainbowkid

    rainbowkid Member

    He's not my favourite artist but I love Him and His Music. But I need to buy a couple of good albums. Any recommendations?
    Thank You.
    Peace, Love.
  7. Koolaid

    Koolaid Member

    Frank is a genius.....

    Joe's garage is my favourite......

    He was so prolific and wrote some amazing stuff....He is another person on a sadly long list of people I miss...
  8. Claire

    Claire Senior Member

    There's a woman in Pauls mental ward that looks like Frank Zapper... she has the beard too..:D

    Yeh Frank Zappa rocks my socks:p
  9. monosphere

    monosphere Holly's Hubby

    I'm a bit of a fan of Zappa and the Mothers of Invention myself. I'd probably recommend "We're Only In It For the Money" or "Freak Out!". Hard to pick just a couple since he has 60 or so albums.
  10. bedlam

    bedlam Senior Member

    l was devastated when he died..
  11. tulip

    tulip Member

    Hmm I haven't heard any Zappa for a while... I think I've only ever listened to two of his albums, Apostrophe and Sleep Dirt. I remember liking them. Hmm maybe it's time to have a listen again. :)
  12. jesikhaviolet

    jesikhaviolet Member

    he died? = o

    = p
  13. Sanjak_of_Novi_Pazar

    Sanjak_of_Novi_Pazar Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Was lucky to see Frank Zappa in I think 87 at Wembley, fantastic gig but shite venue wished I had seen him in roughly 84 with Vai at Earls Court but wasn't a big fan then.

    Although seeing him in the 60's and 70's would have been awesome especially with the Captain. Hence Bongo Fury best Album.

    Was a big shame he died as I doubt that there will be another musical genius like him for a very long time.
  14. Iago2

    Iago2 Member

    Wow! Seeing frank on his last tour! If only I could steal your memories...what was it like? Gimmie details!
  15. Sanjak_of_Novi_Pazar

    Sanjak_of_Novi_Pazar Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I was working with an American Boss at the time and we went to different gigs as he played I think 2 nights but he told me he was at school with Ike Willis. I believed him as he was not the type to Brag.

    My friends basically booked up an entire row of Wembley and I was in the middle of the row.

    We arrived early as FZ was on early and did about 1.5 hours set before we had 1/2 hour break before another 1.5 hours set ending at basically FZ without a support group.

    He would play and then all of a sudden face the band and conduct as well as go into some long guitar solos (although I play guitar I do not like very much his long spontaneous solos.) and he also did not necessarily sing all of his songs.

    FZ, Ike Willis, Mike Keneally, Scott Thunes, Chad Wackerman, Ed Mann,
    [size=-1]Bobby Martin, Bruce Fowler, Walt Fowler, Paul Carman, Albert Wing, Kurt McGettrick

    Were the band who I have never seen any other band play such difficult music and so tightly,

    The songs I remember distinctly were Easy meat, Dont eat the Yellow Snow. Bolero, A reggae version of Stairway to Heaven and I am the Walrus with Dweezel.

    The sound at Wembley Arena not Stadium was absolutely crap due to excessive reverb caused by solid walls and I never much like sitting down to watch a band.

    FZ was marketing something about do not waste your right to vote.

    Overall it was a great gig for the music made bad by the venue made better for the fact it was the only time I would see FZ.
  16. andcrs2

    andcrs2 Senior Member

    His Death prolly could have been prevented from this cause.
  17. celeste

    celeste Member

    "Cheap thrills in the back of my car..I like it, I like it 'cause it feels so good!Oh baby!"Zappa. My anthem as a horny,hippie chick hitchhikin' across the states.HA! precious memories. This was way before AIDS,life was gentle,sweet,crazy,wild &wonderful!
  18. dhARmaMiLlO

    dhARmaMiLlO Member

  19. AreYouExperienced

    AreYouExperienced American Victim

    I'm a huge Frank Zappa fan, I have just about all of his albums. My favorite album is probably Freak Out! or Apostrophe'. My favorite Zappa song is probably "Trouble Every Day", although it's pretty bland melodically, the lyrics are impressive and the format is ground-breaking for 1966. Also, I love the tounge-in-cheek guitar solo before the last verse.

    There must not be as many Zappa fans here in the states (esp. in the south), I've worn my Zappa shirt like 100 times and only one person so far has ever said anything about it.
  20. Jim

    Jim Senior Member

    Frank was a very under rated guitarist.

    Everything from Hot Rats onward I can dig.

    Why does it hurt when I pee!?! :eek:

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