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Discussion in 'Florida' started by KyndVeggie4Peace, May 10, 2004.

  1. KyndVeggie4Peace

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    Hey there everyone!
    I was just wonding if anybody has been down there? I was just down 2 weeks ago and I loved it! It was the best place I have ever been. The water was beautiful, the palm trees were great, and best of all everyone was kind! Everywhere I went there was a smiling face :) and someone saying "hello". I live in Pennsylvania so i'm not used to that! lol My favorite parts of the keys would be the Mallory square sunset celebration ... that was great! I also loved the beaches ... fort zachary taylor, and smathers were my favorite. plus there was a great campsite that I stayed at ... right next to the gulf of mexico! Anyway ... whos been to the keys? how much did you like it? whats your favorite part about the keys?
  2. graven

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    Yep, I love Key West. I'm planning on goin back down there for the winter this year. By chance when you were down there did you meet a guy named Pete who has a dog named Ladyhawke? He's a friend and I was hoping he's alright.

    I love Duval St. for people watching, higgs beach, and simonton st beach...

    Hm. Wish I was down there now.
  3. dont be fooled into thinking that its just like that in key west. Its not. I live in florida, the west coast near tampa, and there are some awsome beaches and places over here too. Check out some of the west coast beaches. You will love em. Seisata key, sarasota, boca grande island, fort myers, clearwater beach, st pete beaches, all are awsome. Florida does have alot of beatiful places.
  4. Key west was awesome...there was this gorgeous snorkel instructor named would I have banged him if I had been older when I went down there...but the sunset was beautiful and the cat guy was cool.
  5. GlowingStorm

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    hey there, im from berks co. PA (your next door neigbhor) and my bro lives in Ft. Lauderdale. I've takin trips down to the keys before..., its really nice. VEry quiet and peaceful..., I dont believe we made it all the way to key west, but one of the best restarants I've ever ate in was in Key Largo..., so in short it was great! I remember going to a perserve somewhere in the keys and seeing all the crazy water colors, i can imagine if someone was on a psychdelic what that water must look like :) It was a fun trip, im glad u enjoyed urself also pece :)
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    I was in Key West a couple years ago. I didn't really like it, not my cup of tea-I don't really like any area of Florida. I only go there to visit family. I prefer cooler climates. Also Florida is way too crowded! The population increases by like 900 people a day![​IMG] yuck

    GHOSTCRAB Banned

    Robbie's Marina is at Mile Marker 77 under the Lignumvitae Bridge in Islamorada.The main attraction are tarpon that swim beneath the docks.
  8. polecat

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    My family has stayed at Bahia Honda (State?) Park. I love it. Best water in the world!

    And BO's in Key West is awesome!
  9. Fawkes

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    Key West is the coolest place in Florida. This is true. I love Duval Street. It's so tacky and touristy and chitzy. It's just great. I used to work for Carnival Cruise Lines on the Ecstasy. We went to Key West, got in at 8AM and left at 2PM. How much does that suck? Key West is one of the greatest drinking towns in the United States, and we left at 2PM. People are stupid, why would you go to Key West unless you can get legless.
  10. The park offers excellent snorkeling and scuba diving sites. Sea turtles, including the Hawksbill, Loggerhead, Green and Atlantic Ridley, are seen in the clear shallow water. Stay on your vessel or bring camping equipment and all provisions including water. Considered a highlight of any birding trip to south Florida. Overnight anchoring can only occur on sand bottoms within 1 nautical mile of the Harbor Light at Fort Jefferson.

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