The Fabulous EM Drive

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    A German Team Is Now Trying to Make the ‘Impossible’ EmDrive Engine

    They act like it's impossible because it violates the law of conservation of momentum. But they also say it has a sensor that detects the slightest movement. If it does this without interfering with its environment too much, then isn't it receiving a force generated by the slightest movements? Maybe it's turning the force generated by the movement of the microwaves into thrust. If it's of such a make that it repels the waves of force generated by movement, it would create an energy field within the chamber. So much energy would be created that it would take the nearest available exit. It is enough energy to keep the microwaves pulsing, too.

    Everything is potential energy. If you put a pop tart in a toaster you can consume it and transform it into energy. Same basic principal. A pop tart isn't just energy all on its own. It requires a human being to put it in the toaster and transform it into energy to keep it moving. The pop tart is nothing. At some point it's free energy, because you have the resources to utilize it and nothing can stop you. The box of pop tarts might as well have been lying in the street, and sometimes it is.

    I wonder if they've tried different kinds of waves in it to see what kind of power is generated. Maybe you could make a soundproof sensor, sensitive to any phonon movement, and bombard it with radio waves in an echo chamber.
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