the essence of life was achieved today!

Discussion in 'Communal Living' started by willpower, May 25, 2004.

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    today my brother (in spirit) and i returned to the earth and was given all that we asked to just a run of difficult circumstances we found ourselves low on money and needed to get by till the nesxt payday...having 5 members currently in our family (multiplying by 3 this weekend) food goes rather quickly...

    today an investment in number eleven percussion caps for my shotguns was the answer...through extrodinary circumstances this great (but small) piece of land provided us with a rabbit,wild onions and sweet potatoes needed for an excellent rabbit stew... leaving only a bread swiped pan in its wake!

    many of us wish we could find a nitch in a place where things work so harmonious with nature... it only requires effort and a slight commitment... i read about these places that want to change who you are in order to make you be who they think you should be! not here noone prospers or fails as a sole we are family and i am a hunter... so we ate. and i didn"t share in thre pleasures half as much as julie whom wasnt even present but in the realization of the essence of life... we (people of the world) work to provide a home,food clothing and a few of the simple luxuries so that we can say we ahve arrived... we take notice... i have arrived and not in a fancy car but instead my arrival is upon this earth and appreciating it for what its worth!

    i dont have a nice house/ apt. instead i have a tent that tends to leak when it rains... but most important i have friends and a wonderful family here that accepts me rich or poor cute or ugly but accepts me(and you) regardless!
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    Trying to get where you are.
    Had those feeling all my life, trouble is trying to ditch what others think..
    But working my way there slowly...
    47 from UK now in Idaho and getting closer to it...............
    Any guidance appreciated, but please do not say "just go for it", I know it's that easy, but somehow I've got tangled in knots and right now it aint...
    Lovely to hear from you, put my faith in humanity again, keeps me plodding towards the goal...

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