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Discussion in 'Show Your Piece' started by makesmomcry420, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. makesmomcry420

    makesmomcry420 shlimazl

    so last week i was REALLY bored and i was thinking of my childhoodand the things i liked then. so i started playing with my legos (i was blazed dont make fun of me!) and i found some floor pieces and got to thinking. and i ended up making a MASSIVE smoking device out of legos. i put tape around the cracks and viola it hits like a champ. ill post pics later
  2. sounds weird
  3. killswitchjd

    killswitchjd Senior Member

    useless without pics. I really wanna c it. I used to love legos. If I still had them I probably would use them still lol
  4. ghost of rat

    ghost of rat Senior Member

    Dude, lego is the most entertaining thing ever.
  5. BudBill

    BudBill Dark Helmet

    I was always partial to Lincoln Logs :)
  6. douley01

    douley01 Member

    i was always more of a k-nex fan
  7. darkain

    darkain Member

    Constructs and Legos were definatly my blocks of choice. I also played with Mechano sometimes.
  8. young_deadhead

    young_deadhead I Love Lucy

    i was playing with my legos a couple of weeks ago when i was really bored and stoned.
  9. mr.greenxxx

    mr.greenxxx Not an Average Bear

    haha makesmomcry420 i used to play with legos for a looong time too. allthough i dont think its safe to be toking out of it, im sure plastic gives off nasty shit when heated :/
  10. wonderboy

    wonderboy the secret of your power!

    dude that sounds sweet. i use to have the big boxes of random legos, none of this build-your-own-spaceship shit :p
  11. Jack_Straw2208

    Jack_Straw2208 Senior Member

    mmm plastic
  12. makesmomcry420

    makesmomcry420 shlimazl

    sorry for the delay. i took these with my phone

    the whole thing
    the bowl piece

    whadda ya think?
  13. haha! That's sweet. :) I was expecting something much smaller and shittier looking, but that's quite a piece of work!
  14. CK420

    CK420 Member

    wow very nice
  15. snoopdoggg

    snoopdoggg Member

    lol nice man.... but.. u were playing with legos? lol
  16. killswitchjd

    killswitchjd Senior Member

    ya, like i said i would
  17. swazo

    swazo i am amazing.

    legos fucking rule

    props bro.
  18. that is crazy! i can tell by looking at it that it would hit realy good
  19. TopNotchStoner

    TopNotchStoner Georgia Homegrown

    The word is "GANJAnuity".
  20. red_eye

    red_eye Member

    legos kick ass

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