The Enemy Of The Religious Is...

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    their own fanatacism. that of those who call themselves its name as an excuse for it.
    when two people oppose each other over their beliefs, they are both wrong.
    whatever they may think the letter of their writings says,
    conflict between them, is never the intent nor purpose of any.

    of course i have my own strong opinions,
    but what is not known is not known.

    we don't have to believe any one thing, to experience the universal wonder of strangeness.
    no to behave in such a way, as to statistically create the kind of world that can be enjoyed by all who live in it.

    belief is part pretending, part emotion, and part the wonder of the unknown.
    fanatics deny admitting any part of that to themselves,
    and by doing so, are the real antithesis of every belief of any kind.
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