The Enemy Of The Religious Is...

Discussion in 'Philosophy and Religion' started by bourne1978, Oct 9, 2016.

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    Oden is the Old Norse spelling. :)
  3. Irminsul

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    "In German, Odin is named Wotan. In older English, Odin is named Woden. It is from that name the weekday Wednesday in English comes from "Wodens day". In old Norse he is named Oden and the weekday Wednesday is today, in Scandinavia, "Onsdag", from "Odens day". Odin sacrificed his eye for wisdom. He threw his eye into a well of wisdom. He also impaled himself to a tree for many days, driving a spear through himself, and discovered runes. He got his wish, wisdom."

    I've always spelled it "Oden". I've never emphasized the IN in Odin, so I've never spelled it like that. Oh-Den.
  4. Michael Phelps

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    The religious are probably their own worst enemy. They just want money most of the time. They come across as such stupid assholes that no-one in their right mind would ever contribute to such idiocy.
    However, it does seem to work great for "Them".
    I wish I had as good of a scam.
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    Well from experience, they aren't banking on those collection plates.
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    The enemy of religion is reason.
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    Imho, the enemy of the religious is relative understanding of good and evil, due to programming of the mind by a conditioned society. Consequently , all thought is conditioned, and it is with the cessation of thought, with its consequent likes and dislikes, will we able to stop interpreting every experience on the basis of the conditioned memory, and perceive reality as it is.
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    More often as not religion is actually about a relative understanding of good and evil

    Not an enemy of it. But that depends on which religious people we would exactly be talking about of course.
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    If religion is actually a relative understanding of good and evil, then the orthodox Brahmins, Rabbis and Mullahs were right in condemning Buddha, Jesus and Mansur Al-Hallaj for blasphemy.
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    Friedrich Nietzsche
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    He was stuck in the thinking mind with its dualities trying to find truth and consequently went nuts at a young age.
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    There is a link between creativity and mental illness. Ah well, the flame which burned twice as bright burned half as long.
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    Nietzche was much into the Indian scriptures and got his conception of 'beyond good and evil' from that. But it was just an intellectual conception, not an experiential one.

    He never understood meditation or practiced it, which would have helped him to transcend the finite mind and grasp the Infinite, and which would have been the answer and antidote for his nihilism. The finite mind can never grasp the Absolute and it is not the proper instrument for that due to its inherent limitations.
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    If that were the real reason for his mental breakdown, probably most of the population would be insane.

    I suppose that you could argue that they are so, and in truth I'd find it hard to completely disagree.

    There have been many rationalist philosophers who were likewise stuck in the thinking mind, and seeking to discover truth - many of them to my mind of more interest than Nietzsche, yet few of them went insane.
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    Nietzche was ruthless in his search for truth through thought and which was the only instrument he knew due to the limitations of western philosophy which still uses the finite mind as the instrument for the realization of truth. He wanted to anchor himself in the Absolute, and craved to do so, because with his nihilistic philosophy, all relative values had become superficial without any substance. It is like a man walking on quicksand seeking solid ground.

    Hence he had more reason than the others in stretching himself beyond his limits, burning himself out in the process.
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    Syphilis helped it along.
  17. Total Darkness

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    There is no enemy except that which they create in their mind.
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    Richard Dawkins :D
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    it's a stupid thought
    but not because you are a stupid person
    it's just because you'e not beginning with any reasonable proposition which can be considered
    thus anything said is just more supposition and idiocy

    you're like someone picking up a violin and making a bunch of shitty noise then saying - who's my enemy and why

    learn something first then come back

    the enemy of religion is religion
  20. StellarCoon

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    Christopher Hitchens. <3

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