The End of Barack Obama

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rjhangover, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. rjhangover

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    The news media has gotten so ridiculous, it's impossible to find anything other than influence peddlers trying to make the public believe it's news. NBC nightly news, CBS world news, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, ABC, they're all bullshit artists! So I went to United Press International to try to get something unbiased. PFT!

    Here's what was on their news page....I know this is going to make the con conspirators just giddy...If you can watch all of this, you are a true blue(er, I mean red) con....let me know how it ends...

    The end of Barack Obama?
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  4. odonII

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    It's's gonna be a humdinger... :D
  5. Sig

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    Looks like he finally figured it out.
  6. odonII

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    Yeah, it's so tricky posting an internet link on a forum... still a fail, though...
  7. Sig

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    I am sure it was all just a conservative conspiracy to keep him from posting his link though. Luckily, for us, he fought on and defeated those evil cons, eventually posting his link.
  8. odonII

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  9. rjhangover

    rjhangover Senior Member

    The moron that put this shit together is such a con, he's gotta be a FUX NEWS journalist. He blames the the whole $15 trillion national debt on Obama, like the U.S. didn't even have a national debt before he took office. He blames the economic collapse on on Obama, even though it happened when Shrub Jr. and the republicans were running the country. He blames everything that has happened on Obama, like there's no such thing as congress or the GOP. He blames the Wall Street collapse on Obama. He blames Fannie and Freddie collapse on Obama. Be blames the Federal Reserve on Obama.


    Raygun tripled the national debt.
    Shrub daddy doubled it again in only four years.
    Bubba Clinton balanced the budget, and Shrub Jr. destroyed it in six months!
    Then Shrub Jr. doubled the national debt again, adding more than all presidents before him added together, and destroyed the U.S. and global economy BEFORE Obama even thought about running for president.

  10. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?


    You really are a fucking stooge.
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  12. LetLovinTakeHold

    LetLovinTakeHold Cuz it will if you let it

    All I have to add is that Clinton did not balance the budget. And why do you leave out the debt that Obama has added?
  13. StpLSD25

    StpLSD25 Senior Member

    All news is Bias. Ted Turner (Liberal) and Rupert Murdoch (Conservative,) are who's controlling the media today. That's why CNN used to be "non-bias" to Liberals, but suddenly they're "bias," for actually getting into reality and pointing out Obama's faults. Yep, totally biased. :rolleyes:

    I wonder if you'll ever wake up, to the cold harsh reality that Obama is a continuation of The Bush Doctrine; Actually peddling the same crap, he claimed to be against while he was a candidate. That he is a war monger and a criminal who kills kids, then, kills dictators he don't like for killing kids. Then, kills their kids, cause they may someday grow up to be bad, "They should've had better parents."

    You're so brainwashed by a lie it is insane.. Obama promised all this great stuff, and delivered NOTHING but Politics As Usual. It's not likely you will realize that though.
  14. rjhangover

    rjhangover Senior Member

    Fact Check: Who was president the last time the budget was balanced?
    – The U.S. government suffered budget deficits every year from 1970 through 1997.
    – Democrat Bill Clinton was president in 1998, when the government finally recorded a surplus.
    – There also were budget surpluses in 1999, 2000 and in 2001. 2001 was the last year the Clinton administration proposed the budget.
    – Republican George W. Bush succeeded Clinton in 2001. The United States had a budget deficit in 2002, and it has recorded budget deficits every year since.

    You really are proud to be stupid, aren't you.
  15. scratcho

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    PBS is about the only news I see that is somewhat balanced.
  16. odonII

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  17. Sig

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  18. rjhangover

    rjhangover Senior Member

    You're really buying that con job, eh.
    Here in the United States, it's the president that submits the budget to the congress. It was his budget proposal that the congress excepted. It was the only one ever submitted to congress that was a BALANCED budget. Shrub Jr.'s first budget was $300 billion in red ink. Raygun promised to balance the budget in his first four years as president. All eight years he submitted deficits of $300 billion or more.

    Here's some graphs for you....

    Note that every year Raygun was president his deficits were all over$300 billion. All four years of Shrub daddy's were $400 billion. The last four years of Clinton were all surpluses. Shrub Jr.'s first year 2002 was $205 billion, his last year was the 2009 budget $1.5 trillion. The budget for fiscal year 2009 is made in September of 2008, the last budget Shrub Jr. submitted.
    Obama was left with a crashed economy on the level of the Great depression. Note that his deficits have been coming down EVERY YEAR.

    Here's another graph

    Budget Deficits by Fiscal Year :

    President Barack Obama: First Term = $5.073 trillion.
    • FY 2013 - $901 billion.
    • FY 2012 - $1.327 trillion.
    • FY 2011 - $1.299 trillion.
    • FY 2010 - $1.546 ($1.293 trillion plus $253 billion from the Obama Stimulus Act that was attached to the FY 2009 budget).
    President George W. Bush: First Term = $1.267 trillion. Second Term = $2.027 trillion. Total = $3.294.
    • FY 2009 - $1.16 trillion. ($1.416 trillion minus $253 billion from Obama's Stimulus Act)
    • FY 2008 - $458 billion.
    • FY 2007 - $161 billion.
    • FY 2006 - $248 billion.
    • FY 2005 - $318 billion.
    • FY 2004 - $413 billion.
    • FY 2003 - $378 billion.
    • FY 2002 - $158 billion.
    President Bill Clinton: First Term = $496 billion. Second Term = ($559 billion surplus). Total = ($63 billion surplus).
    • FY 2001 - $128 billion surplus.
    • FY 2000 - $236 billion surplus.
    • FY 1999 - $126 billion surplus.
    • FY 1998 - $69 billion surplus.
    • FY 1997 - $22 billion.
    • FY 1996 - $107 billion.
    • FY 1995 - $164 billion.
    • FY 1994 - $203 billion.
    President George H.W. Bush: First Term = $1.03 trillion.
    • FY 1993 - $255 billion.
    • FY 1992 - $290 billion.
    • FY 1991 - $269 billion.
    • FY 1990 - $221 billion.
    President Ronald Reagan: First Term = $733 billion. Second Term = $679 billion. Total = $1.412 trillion.
    • FY 1989 - $153 billion.
    • FY 1988 - $155 billion.
    • FY 1987 - $150 billion.
    • FY 1986 - $221 billion.
    • FY 1985 - $212 billion.
    • FY 1984 - $185 billion.
    • FY 1983 - $208 billion.
    • FY 1982 - $128 billion.
    President Jimmy Carter: First Term = $253 billion
    • FY 1981 - $79 billion.
    • FY 1980 - $74 billion.
    • FY 1979 - $41 billion.
    • FY 1978 - $59 billion.

    The republicans have succeeded in making the whole world stupid.
  19. deviate

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    Those damn cons.
  20. monkjr

    monkjr Senior Member

    I have to side with rjhangover on this, in terms of the facts he's cited.

    And the CATO institute isn't exactly an unbiased source...

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