The Dying Perspective

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by yyyesiam2, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. yyyesiam2

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    As his defenses left him,
    And regret beset him,
    There came an urgent need-
    A pull to plead.

    But not for forgiveness,
    For something more.
    A wave that would impact
    The steady shore.

    No crowd was in reach,
    No group to hear,
    His last revelation,
    His last verbal tear.

    He desperately flailed,
    His motor skills failed.
    His control slipped away,
    No time left to stay.

    A hand grasped his own.
    A scream filled his ears.
    "Don't leave me behind!"
    Was all he could hear.

    No memory left
    To compare the voice to.
    No sense of difference,
    No "me", or "you".

    Just pain and compassion,
    Perhaps the same thing.
    The fire of action,
    The crown of the king.

    Was all he could say.
    As his body relaxed,
    His life slipped away.

    His kin sat and stared
    At the flesh without soul.
    Through this last word,
    His mind was made whole.

    He could do nothing else,
    But grant this request.
    This purity of purpose
    Overshadowed the rest.

    He loved all that he could,
    More than most thought he should.
    He loved those who confused him,
    And those who abused him.

    He loved for love's sake.
    His heart could not break.
    And when the day came,
    That his fate met the same,

    As all of ours do,
    He began to experience
    What we call "Deja Vu".

    He flailed as always,
    Just as before.
    Now all he could utter,
    Was "love a bit more".
  2. Thanks i really liked it!
  3. Old Hippy

    Old Hippy Member


    If each & every one of us could leave the message of love in our short time here; it would be enough.
  4. yyyesiam2

    yyyesiam2 Senior Member

    thanks. i guess i've always been interested in the dying perspective. seems like it puts one's priorities in a much more realistic order.

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