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Discussion in 'Politics' started by ZenKarma, Oct 7, 2020.

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    I don't think his lackeys are capable of commanding the military support needed to pull off #2. This would really be a high stakes gamble in which he'd probably lose, although his redncek militia following might rally to his banner. (For all their bravado, I doubt that they could cut the mustard either). #1. maybe, but I doubt it. To do this between now and January would be a tall order. Fat chance of getting the UAE to start something with Iran (Which side would Russia be on?) Surely the Saudis would have to be involved. Plus the problem that his base is isolationist. And there's the little matter of the Constitution, which would prevent Congress from deciding to keep him on, since he lost the election. I see the possibility of a third scenario: leave as much of a mess for the Dems as possible, and play the role of his favorite past President Andy Jackson, claiming the election was stolen. In four years, people will be tired of the paralysis in Washington from a president and House blocked by the Senate at every turn, and his loyal MAGA hatters will sweep him back into office. Republicans have a knack for leaving messes for Democrat successors. G.H.W. Bush invaded Somalia as his parting shot in 1992. G.W. left behind the recession of 2008.
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  2. wrat1

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    In light of your 3rd scenario trump would be 78+ and surely the dems could find SOMEONE worthwhile to soundly beat him in 2024...

    I however am not as confident as you trump is going to attempt a coup he has quite a bit of military and police backing on the grunt side this is NOT GOOD
  3. Vladimir Illich

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    The Democrats may have lots of choices for President in 2024. Firstly, there's Bernie Sanders, but he too is perhaps too old now, but there is Kamala Harris or something I mentioned only t'other day - Michele Obama !!!
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  4. Tishomingo

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    And there would go our democracy! And our public health! And the legitimacy of our proud tradition of subordination of the military to civilian rule. Our republic would go the way of Rome. The legions and the Praetorian guard will be deciding our leadership. Hail Caesar!
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  7. hotwater

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    Biden wins Arizona, boosting margin of victory over Trump

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democrat Joe Biden defeated U.S. President Donald Trump in Arizona, Edison Research projected on Thursday, increasing his margin of victory over the Republican incumbent
    by 11 Electoral College votes following the Nov. 3 presidential election.

    Trump has yet to concede five days after Edison Research and major media outlets said Biden had surpassed the 270 Electoral College votes needed to capture the presidency.
  8. Bilby

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    One of Donald Trump's favourite phrases is,
    "You're fired!"
    How ironic.
    I wonder if he will stage a sit in the White House and refuse to budge.
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  9. hotwater

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    This is one reason why it was so important to defeat Donald Trump

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    Bob is veering around between crankiness because his little tin God can't win (Donald is a loser!) and insisting that Trump won't let the election stop his plan to stay in the White House.
    The plan, according to the Q freaks, is that a Trump dynasty will be set up.
    Eight more years of Forrest Trump., then maybe a dozen of Donald Jr.
    After that Ivanka will become our first woman president or maybe Queen!
    I think it will just be 8 years of Joe.

    Who knows; maybe after that it will be 8 years of Michelle Obama.
    But he says she's really a fellow named Michael...
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  11. erofant

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    This is why I've referred to them in many posts here as LEMMINGS. (Lemmings - small rodents - follow their leader as they all run over a cliff to their demise .................. for those who don't know what lemmings do in nature).
  12. erofant

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    The silliest - saddest - most ironic - sight I saw this fall before the election was a Central Pa. roadside property that looked - literally - really - like a landfill dump. Junked vehicles, trash of all sorts, shingles off on the roof, boarded window, and broken front door of the mobile home trailer (which was in VERY SAD shape), scrap metal, tree limbs & scrap wood on the ground ........... a total mess.

    But in the front - along the road - were Trump signs saying "Keep America Great." He had a big Trump flag on his home(?) trailer, and one on a telephone pole in front of his property. Several signs touted "Drain the Swamp." (maybe the swamp he was living in?)

    Seems the "great" part didn't quite reach him. I wonder how he'll fare if/when the REPUBLICAN PARTY slashes his Social Security and his checks get reduced or eliminated and his Medicare & Medicaid get slashed.
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    Once you get outside of Harrisburg, you see that stuff everywhere.
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  15. Lawn signage was one reason why it was so important to get rid of Trump?
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    whats ironic is this exact attitude is WHY so many people voted for him they dont feel judged by him (whether they are or not does not matter) the above described person COULD be perfectly happy
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    i dont care what nobody say its mental illness his followers and himself
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  19. newo

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    I just got back from a road trip going from Portland down through central California and back. Along the way I saw several Trump signs posted in farm country. Yes, farmers support Trump despite his trade wars with China, Mexico and Canada which have cut into farmers' profits. They believe a Biden presidency will bring stricter environmental regulations and higher taxes.

    In 2018, the Trump administration created a subsidy program intended to mitigate farmers’ losses related to the trade war. Breaking from tradition, the administration let the U.S. Department of Agriculture spend the money without first getting approval from Congress.

    Under the program, farmers and ranchers received $8.5 billion for 2018 losses and $14.3 billion for 2019. No trade-related subsidies have been distributed for 2020 except for the remaining third tranche of the 2019 payments.

    This would account for farmers supporting Trump, but personally I'd rather see Biden negotiate an end to the trade wars so they can make money that way.
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  20. MeAgain

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    Sounds like SOCIALISM!
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