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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Meagain, Nov 15, 2016.

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    I think a second reaction will also take place in the Middle East pursuant to the Trump recognition of Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. I think the Muslim people will go after the "Guardians" of the Muslim places for doing nothing, or even being collaborators with the enemy. The Muslim people will turn on the Saudi Royals. This one has been simmering for a long time.
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    Oh it will be a great recruiting sergeant for Muslim fundamentalists and violent radicals but as i say is that the point....
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    Which point? The political correctness of the move, or the issue of rightful ownership of the land based on religious belief?
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    Casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson donated at least $35 million to Trump's presidential campaign. During the 2016 presidential campaign Trump accused Rubio of being a puppet of Adelson if he took Adelson's money. In the end, Trump took Adelson's money. Adelson is known for his staunch support of Netanyahu.

    Adelson said to hail Trump as likely ‘best president for Israel ever’
    Jewish billionaire casino magnate and staunch supporter of Netanyahu reportedly makes remark in front of Dick Cheney
    By TOI staff
    24 February 2017, 12:14 pm

    Adelson said to hail Trump as likely ‘best president for Israel ever’


    "Adelson did not commit to a candidate until May 2016. He endorsed Trump after it became apparent the real estate mogul would be the Republican nominee.

    He subsequently donated tens of millions to Trump’s election campaign and to his inauguration; he and his wife were on the dais for Trump’s inaugural oath-taking, a rare honor for campaign funders."

    "Adelson, 83, a staunch supporter of Netanyahu, is noted for his right-wing views. In November 2014, he told the Israeli American Council in Washington that “the Palestinians are an invented people” and that “the purpose of the existence of Palestinians is to destroy Israel.”"
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    During Trump's inauguration speech Flynn texted a business partner that they were "good to go."
    Flynn sent a text to Alex Copson saying that the plan to build two dozen nuclear plants in Russia was moving ahead and that the sanctions imposed by Obama in response to Russia's' meddling in the elections would be "ripped up".
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    Donny Trump Junior refuses to answer questions put to him by the House intelligence committee in regards to discussions he had with his father.
    The questions concerned the secret June 9 meeting he had with a Russian lawyer to get "dirt" on Hillary Clinton.
    But he refuses to say what he discussed with daddy, claiming attorney client privilege...which is bullshit.

    Unfortunately the Republicans appear to be giving him a pass on this by not forcing him to reveal what was said.
    More Trump transparency.
    Lock them up!
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    The claim of attorney-client privilege because there was a lawyer on board is patently absurd. The privilege is between lawyer and client. Neither Trump nor his son is a lawyer, and cannot claim privilege about communications with each other. For the committee to let this pass shows what a partisan farce it is. Trump Jr invents a 'privilege' to avoid Russia scandal questions
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    What's the difference between The Grimace and Donald Trump?

    One is an over-grown, dumpy, stupid character on TV. The other is a mascot for McDonald's.

    TV commercial from 2002.

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    The Trump team is making up excuses as it goes along. The crown jewel is the claim that Trump can't be guilty of obstruction of justice simply because he is the president. That claim makes everything moot.
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    Donald Trump Jr.’s brazen claim of attorney-client privilege suggests Trump team desperation — again
    By Aaron Blake
    December 7 at 1:04 PM

    Analysis | Donald Trump Jr.’s brazen claim of attorney-client privilege suggests Trump team desperation — again

    "Perhaps the biggest takeaway here is that Trump Jr. even sought to make the claim. It's certainly not an admission of guilt or anything like that, but during a week in which the Trump legal team made a big stretch by arguing that a president can't legally obstruct justice, reaching for an attorney-client protection in this case suggests they aren't exactly fighting from a position of legal strength here. They are now both a) trying to knock down the idea that one of two major pillars of the Russia investigation -- one being obstruction and the other being collusion -- would even be a crime and b) floating the possibility of invoking an attorney-client privilege that legal experts say simply doesn't exist.

    In the latter case, the reason Trump Jr. wouldn't want to dish is pretty clear: The Washington Post reported in late July that the president had dictated Trump Jr.'s misleading response to reports about the Trump Tower meeting. Trump's advisers admitted anonymously that it was a serious misstep that risked implicating the president in an appearance of a coverup."
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    Franken and Conyers have to quit their job; but, Farenhold, Moore, and Trump get to keep their job? People, we need equal application of the law!
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    Why Is Trump Intent on Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem?
    By Jonah Shepp
    December 5, 2017 6:39 am

    Why Is Trump Intent on Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem?

    "Even more puzzling is that there is no clear constituency for this, other than Netanyahu himself, the Israeli right, and a few Israel-obsessed Jewish-American billionaires, such as casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. The cause of moving the U.S. embassy has some traction among evangelicals and far-right members of Congress, but this isn’t exactly a vote-winning issue. Most American Jews don’t care; most Christian Zionists will vote for the Republicans anyway. Just like the Republican tax cuts, the only Americans who benefit from the U.S moving our embassy to Jerusalem are a few hyperideological Republican donors."
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    Big Sheldon has given Trump over 125 million to move the embassy to Jerusalem...about 14 miles from its current location in Tel Aviv. 196 nations are opposed to this unilateral move by Trump.
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  16. MeAgain

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    Trump Jr. caught in another lie.
    Emails have surfaced of follow up communications after the Trump Tower meeting with the Russians to get dirt on Hillary Clinton.

    One suggested that Trump get a page on the Russian Facebook site, VK, a popular site among right wing wing nuts in the U.S.
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    The top Republican on the House Oversight Committee, Trey Gowdy, is refusing to meet with the whistle blower who reported on Flynn's texts about ripping up the Russian sanctions.
    Representative Elijah Cummings, the top Democrat:
    Cummings believes this is an effort to protect Trump.
  18. I think it's going to come out with the Intel Committee despite the Oversight Committee's oversight. But that is a shame. If you ask me the Oversight Committee should have taken the initiative, though I don't know much about their bureaucracy. It could be that if Oversight so much as touched it it would be inadmissible or some such nonsense.

    But, it looks bad. :)
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    Well I suppose both Crooks want to stay out of jail.
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    Trump can't find the limo at the bottom of the steps. Walks off to nowhere. Forgets about his wife again, which is nothing new.


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