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  1. stormountainman

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    Maybe he has knowledge of Chick Filet dealerships being handed out to right wing people?
  2. Judge grants sanctions against DOJ over citizenship question

    I will reread the article. Right now, I'm not sure what 'sanctions' mean.
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    Trump's Department of Justice couldn't manage to produce the documents the court needed and blamed it on a technical error.

    Judge grants sanctions against DOJ over citizenship question
    By MIKE SCHNEIDER, Associated Press
    Associated Press
    May 21, 2020

    Judge grants sanctions against DOJ over citizenship question


    The Department of Justice had blamed its failure to produce the documents on a technical error during its document-search process. Furman described the error as “a lapse that would make a first-year litigation associate wince."

    A citizenship question is not on the 2020 census, which started in March and will continue through October. But President Donald Trump instead has ordered the Department of Commerce to collect citizenship information through administration records.

    The judge's decision finally ends the two-year litigation over the citizenship question, said Dale Ho, director of the ACLU’s Voting Rights Project, one of the advocacy groups that challenged the question.

    “The court has reaffirmed that the Trump administration’s ‘official story concealed their true reasons’ for attempting to add a citizenship question to the census," Ho said in a statement.
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  5. egger

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    'So much winning'
  6. erofant

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    You know ………………….. actual thinking people should see some of these attempts at defending Rump's corrupt actions as just silly. And they are ……………………. just silly.

    X still = X. One side can't condemn the other for doing things that they themselves are guilty of. X = X. But some try to say X isn't the same as X ………………. it's different and OK if we do X - but not if you guys do X.

    Silly. Juvenile. Childish. And once again …………………………………. S-I-L-L-Y.
  7. Flagme15

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    so trump didn't want the press to see him wearing a facemask. what a petulant, and insecure bastard.
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    It would mean he's not in control. That would very upsetting to him and his voters. A mask is a confirmation that he bows to some authority and is incorrect. The same thing happens in a ER. A male patient is much more likely to fall trying to get to the toilet vs a lady. Asking for help is for women and communists.
  9. unfocusedanakin

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    What a weak leader falling for a hoax lol
    This pic shows who is right and who is using the virus as a political tool for their own gain,
  10. erofant

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    You hit the nail right on the head, unfocusedanakin !! Rump has to be seen as ALWAYS being in total control and always having the last word. In his demented mind he CAN NOT EVER BE WRONG !!! Rump and his LEMMING followers think he's perfect.

    Well bless their little hearts!!! The poor things.
  11. egger

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    A massive study found that coronavirus patients who took the malaria drug touted by Trump had a higher risk of death
    Lydia Ramsey
    May 22, 2020

    A massive study found that coronavirus patients who took the malaria drug touted by Trump had a higher risk of death


    "A massive new study found that the treatments didn't appear to help patients hospitalized with the novel coronavirus and instead were associated with heart complications and an increased risk of death.

    The analysis looked at the hospital outcomes of 96,032 hospitalized patients, 14,888 of whom got some form of the antimalarial treatments chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine over the course of four months.

    The patients came from 671 hospitals from six continents, and the study was led by researchers at the Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. It was published Friday in the journal Lancet. Though it was not a randomized controlled trial, it's the largest study of its kind in patients with COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus."
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  13. egger

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    Trump also didn't gain any traction on his alleged 3 million fraudulent votes that he claims went to Hillary instead of him. The group headed by Kobach quietly disbanded.

    The 3 million vote fraud allegation was another one of Trump's mental masturbations of trying to prove a fantasy, similar to his trying to defend his faulty hurricane prediction statements by coercing an unnamed NOAA official to agree with him.

    His pathological perception of supposedly having a larger crowd size than Obama at his inauguration is another example.

    Trying to prove to Vanity Fair that his hands aren't small for his stature is still another example. His hand size is in the 15% range for his stature, meaning only about 15% of the population has hands as small as his.

    Trump has a history of psychological issues related to trying to correct his mistakes and shortcomings, which usually results in more mistakes and further embarassing himself which itself is another one of his shortcomings.
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  14. stormountainman

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  15. egger

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    Fauci went quiet for about two weeks, right after Trump switched back to campaign mode.

    At an event shown in the following pic, Birx and Fauci didn't say anything. The photo of them with face masks standing behind gives the impression that Trump gagged them.

  16. unfocusedanakin

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    Ironic that these people fear Democrats so much but their protests are doing so much to help them. Dead people can't vote. We would not want of that oh so preventable fraud would we? All the dead people vote for Democrats anyway I guess.

    Coronavirus is spiking disproportionately in counties that voted for Trump in 2016
    The 2016 election may help map the next coronavirus hotspots.

    While COVID-19 is finally beginning to wane in some of the U.S. cities it hit hardest and earliest, coronavirus spread is still far from its peak in most small cities and rural areas across the country. And over the past four weeks, it's been more likely that counties will show a high prevalence of coronavirus next if they voted for President Trump in 2016, an analysis by the Brookings Institution reveals.

    A high prevalence of coronavirus means a county saw coronavirus case rates of 100 or more per 100,000 people. Hundreds of counties have gained high-prevelance status over the past few weeks, and 176 new counties joined that list from May 10 to May 17 alone. Those 176 counties voted for Trump by a 12 percent margin in 2016 — Trump outright won 151 of them — and are also less urban and less racially diverse than areas where coronavirus spread in March and April, Brookings notes.

    COVID-19 obviously doesn't discriminate based on politics, so there is no definitive reason why these counties are seeing coronavirus spikes now. It's likely just because rural counties are more spread out than urban areas and have seen slower coronavirus spread, and also coincidentally went for Trump in 2016. But Trump has also been eager to reopen businesses, especially in less populous areas that didn't see as many coronavirus cases. And if his supporters were more likely to follow his lead and get back to normal, that could be aiding the spread as well. Find the whole study at the Brookings Institution
  17. scratcho

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    It was May 21st or 22nd.
  18. Tishomingo

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  19. erofant

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    Tishomingo ^^^ -
    Rump only cares about his "ratings" and he's pulling out all the stops to rev up the economy so he looks good. It matters not to him that people may die because of all the close social gatherings like packing into churches, crowds at beaches, malls, restaurants, etc. He's even said more people will die, but he's accepted that fact. HE'S accepted that fact?????????? !!!!!!!!!! The proof can be seen all around the world that the way to cut Covid-19 cases down is to isolate to prevent the spread. Countries that have done so slowed the spread significantly. But some of the countries that have begun to "open up" again are seeing an increase in case numbers again.

    REMEMBER ………….. this is against the backdrop of Rump's own history, when he said braggingly and self-assuredly, "It's only one person. They came in from China. Everything will be fine - nothing to worry about." and then, "It's only 15 people. We have it all under control. They'll get better, and this will all magically disappear."

    Now with almost 100,000 dead and cases on the rise in Mid-Western states and the South, Rump is at peace with more people dying. The arrogant, under-educated, "tough guy" dim bulbs are already throwing big Covid-19 parties, crowding into bars elbow-to-elbow & even clinking beer bottles as they drink - no masks of course - big, tough "he-men" don't wear those sissy masks. Beaches are shoulder-to-shoulder with crowds, and some mental mutations are even spitting on and coughing in the faces of other people. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. No doubt all good, church-going, "godly", "Christian" folk. Maybe a number of them will be dying out of the gene pool from their lack of concern for the safety of their fellow man & woman.

    Full disclosure: I'm a Christian and I find these people's behavior un-Christian, un-caring, indifferent to others, and selfishly concerned with only what THEY want to do. Good, sound medical advice by bona fide infectious disease experts has been ridiculed by the likes of Rump, Rand Paul and many others who've turned a global pandemic into a divisive, politicized tool for votes. Lives are at stake with a brand new virus that has no cure and no vaccine. I have a strong feeling God doesn't like that behavior. (see the parable of the Good Samaritan for how to care for one's fellow man).

    I had a Pastor tell me several years ago way before the corona virus, that God doesn't want any of us to come to church sick and spread our germs to other people in church and then they get sick. He said get over your illness, then come back to church - God doesn't spurn you because you're sick. Kinda makes sense, doesn't it?? Does a human father punish his child for being sick?? How much more perfect and LOVING is our Heavenly Father than a human father!!! If a sinful, imperfect human father wouldn't punish or be angry with his child for being sick, how much more will God - our perfect Heavenly Father - NOT be angry or want to punish any of us for trying to prevent the spread of disease and not put others at risk in church???
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  20. egger

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    Trump might as well round up a group of consevative white male protestors with assault weapons to storm the churches and demand that they open.

    Matt Gaetz can lead the pack. He's the one who stormed the House in violation to try to obstruct a military official from testifying about Trump during his impeachment hearings.

    Gaetz also wore a gas mask on the House floor to belittle what he, like Trump. mistakenly thought at that time was a virus no more harmful than the common cold.
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