The Discordian haiku

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by hailtothekingbaby, Jan 20, 2005.

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    Right, a new or not new, who cares, style of haiku: one line of 5 syllables, one of 23 *the word "twentythree" ominously echoes around the room for several minutes onward*, and one of five again. The middle line makes for a nice and hurried pace when reading, also when being chased by something dangerous. Not difficult to write I think. It doesn't have to be about anything, but best results result if it isn't about anything. Like this:

    Hey mister Santa
    If I pull at your beard will you kick me or will you just cry and run away to your mother
    Ha ha ha loser

    Okay that was pretty good don't you think? But I'm sure you can do better. If you think this whole idea is crap, don't blame me, blame you mother for not having aborted you. If she DID abort you, still don't blame me cause I didn't make this shit up, okay? Right.
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    Surfing on the web,
    My ass hurts my stomach is growling my sister is bugging me to get off the silly thing

    Download kinky porn
    Oh my Goddess don't let the boss see your nasty homosexual bondage pornography
    The screen is frozen.

    I love family
    Even though my fucking half sister is a damned insane moron from the soft bowels of hell
    Just feel the love.

    Star Wars is so cool
    Luke Skywalker I am your enemy and your father you stinking, no good, rotten brat shit
    Go boff your sister.

    Playground is silent,
    Children are our most important natural resources – more important than fresh water is.
    Billy ate the glue.

    Food is delicious;
    The beans have stopped and therefore there is nothing for me to do but eat them all with abandon.
    I have to go now.

    Chaotic Blessings;

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