The Dimethyltryptamine Experience

Discussion in 'DMT' started by drew92johns, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. drew92johns

    drew92johns Guest

    I haven't met many people who have experienced the FULL breakthrough. I have used dmt as a tool for a while now and have seen some profound and beautiful shit. I would love to hear about some other peoples experiences.
    Thoughts? Trips? Ideas?

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  2. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    Here is a Trip Report from me on DMT...

    DMT is the most intricate, awe inspiring visual psychedelic I have explored. There is a sense of directness to the experience. (perhaps some of which can be attributed to the ROA of smoking/vaping) As a generalization, I get a paradoxical sensation of encountering archaic symbolism and motifs with hyper geometric futuristic alien structures. The breakthrough space feels slightly adjacent to the current dimensional frequency my mind resides in, yet light years away in its construction, processes and 'laws'.

    I don't find DMT very beneficial in regards to exploring one's own inner psychological processes and responses in which they utilize in the routine day to day like some other Psychedelics, however it may help, strengthen, persuade various existential and spiritual notions one may or may not hold or be struggling with.

    The ferocity and pace of the DMT experience and the ineffable and otherworldly visual intricacies of the trip certainly make it worth exploring for those brazen enough to part from their sembelance Of reality for a few minutes.
  3. pouya_uk

    pouya_uk Member

    Ye DMT is amazing, Ive had some good experiences on it too and it has really changed my life in so many positive ways. Here is a link to my trip report too if you have time take a read :)

    Do you have any reports written of your experiences? i wouldnt mind reading them

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