The Da Vinci Code..

Discussion in 'New Movies' started by TheMoroccan, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. TheMoroccan

    TheMoroccan Super Un known

    Seen it yet?
    What do you think?

    I like the novel better..
  2. yachi

    yachi Member

    It was... Amazing. Really. It really was. by the way, i've found this awesome site that gives cool reviews on recent movies. check it out if yah like..
  3. wildflowereyes

    wildflowereyes Senior Member

    I loved it.

    I havent read the book yet though. .. which sucks. I didnt want to see the movie first, but I was dragged along.
  4. ilario

    ilario Member

    More entertaining than the novel...
  5. Suzane

    Suzane Member

    I didn't like the movie.
    And it's not a surprise for me,because i always prefer the books,they has more details,but it's just my opinion.
    Some movies are as good as the books,like The Lord Of The Rings. But i think that in general,the books are better. Many things of the history need to change when you're producing a movie,and sometimes it is bad.
  6. zerokool280

    zerokool280 Member

    i havent seen it yet, but would u reccomend for me to watch it or did it suck.
  7. I really enjoyed it... but I think a lot has to do with Ian McKellen's performance.
    I swear the sun shines out that guys ass.
  8. abiku

    abiku Member

    Wach it. Jesus was fake, and made love to some random white woman. It really made me want to read the bible, then look deeper into the Paganism religion. [cuz thats how the bible was made, by man, feeding off the Pagans.]
  9. sheeprooter

    sheeprooter Member

    I thought it was a waste of time. Granted, I did not read the book, but I think a movie should function on its own. A lot of it just didn't make any sense, and I felt they were throwing too much out there at once (perhaps in the effort to cram a full length novel into one film). Parts were not believable. and the parts that were enjoyable, I felt a bit nostaligic watching. Why? I couldn't pinpoint it at first, but then....Indiana Jones! Chris, what a rip. Stick to the classics, this film had nothing original to offer.
  10. Brand New Soul

    Brand New Soul Senior Member

    I could not get through the novel. I did not like the way it was writen. But I liked the movie I thought it was pretty good.
  11. Zoomie

    Zoomie My mom is dead, ok?

    All of this fuss made by the Catholic Church over a work of fiction and what comes of it?

    A mediocre film that will no doubt never break even. Oh the irony...
  12. Apples+Oranjes

    Apples+Oranjes Bekkasaur

    I really liked both, the movie and the book, but of course books are always better in my opinion.

    However, everything was exactly how I pictured it while reading [except some of the characters] so it was really cool to see it come to life.

    Tom Hanks really surprised me, because I did NOT expect him to play a good Langdon. And he wasn't really what I imagined while reading, but he pulled it off.
  13. Dösbaddel

    Dösbaddel Member

    I didn`t like the film and I haven`t read the book, but all people who had already read it told me that it was much better. I think I`ll read it sometime....
  14. e-Chill

    e-Chill Member

    Right on brothers and sisters..

    The book was genuisly written, the movie kinda sucks.. It doesn't even offer the suspence the book brought..
  15. WoodstockChild

    WoodstockChild Intrepid Traveler!

    I loved it! Was curious about what the Christians thought about it though.
  16. taffex

    taffex Member

    The book was really good but unfortunately the movie was just... mediocre. It could have been a lot better.
  17. Laura-the-flowergirl

    Laura-the-flowergirl Long haired child

    I haven't read the book yet, but I didn't think the movie was that special. I knew already all about the Jesus/Maria Magdalena theories (there've been lots of docu's on it) so I didn't have to watch it for that. But they could've made it a better movie, though, with much more suspence. Now it was just mediocre, like taffex already said. The best thing about the movie was Paul Bettany, he was amazing as Silas!
  18. pinkytoes

    pinkytoes Member

    I really want to watch it again o DVD since I could not understand many parts. I loved it but I want to see it again.
  19. srinivasan

    srinivasan Member

    I spent a whole night read the book and when I watched the movie, I found it was not so good as the book. There are more details and description in the book. I like the book better!

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