The crushed Rose

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Free as a bird, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. I loved with all that I could give,
    and danced upon the crooked highways,
    with roses at my feet.
    I laughed with Mercury and Jupiter
    and fully gave my heart.
    Dreams held no constrictions,
    when love was in my palm.
    Memories return to haunt me,
    I shall grow old, and bitter,
    as the petals fall crushed to the floor.

    Why must I cry, when All the world is speeding by?
    Why must I cry, when Angels sing in syphonies?
    Why must I cry, when blood is rushing freely?
    Why must I cry, when all i have to give is...


    It seems religion is a game, of black and white,
    and all the kings recieve the grace.
    Politics, once intruiged me, the shallow games
    of greedy hands.
    A swan can sail the sea unburdened,
    and glide through icy air,
    But I am halted at the door,
    where darkness never threads.

    All I know is what I am, and even this I cannot see,
    You may mock that i survive, though nothing could percieve
    how I die each and every night, under the burning sky.

    Philosophy, did i not once hear it sighed?
    Under the bright of our new moon.
    But truely I cannot lie, and tell you that I care,
    Because I am just a dying rose, whos silken red is worn.

    Beautiful and winding, love did tell its tale,
    in this lonely game of life,
    but the devil had his vengance where waterfalls collide.
    I walked each and every milestone that circumstance threw my way,
    But nothing can ever really save us, if we have fallen from grace.
  2. *peace*child*

    *peace*child* Member

    I loved this poem! You're a great writer. You've kind of inspired me for a poem I'm gonna write now. So thanks. Keep writing. Peace and love!
  3. Thanks Peace Child, im glad i could help you
  4. oh,yeah....... this poem has power to give inspiration,it is very good song,it has strong feelings......hmmm,i think i will write too.....
    thanx to2
  5. :) iM so glad i could be of help to you guys, its never happened before lol, im sure what u will write will be much better

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